#1943 (10) X October 15, 2016
<+Athame> [fh] K2 (k2) (Val Hum Fem Law), 71216 points, T:20007, killed by a death field
<K2> FIQ: so soldier's spawn being automatically skilled or expert with wands? :(
<FIQ> soldiers are skilled in wands yes
<K2> FIQ: a magic-user type i could understand spawning being skilled with wands. but a grunt soldier?
<FIQ> K2: makes soldiers actually pose a threat
<K2> hah... that's not a threat. that's instakill
<FIQ> and also makes flavour sense, since they aren't magicians, they at least learned how to decently handle wands
<LarienTelrunya> K2: even more aggravating is when they spawn with lightning, because then all of your wands in open inventory are simply gone, and there is zero resistance against that.
<K2> FIQ: i have no problem with the wand balancing. but I believe the skills should fit the role. you're not going to see a gnomish wizard or orc shaman running around in full armor swinging a two-handed sword
<FIQ> K2: I do too
<FIQ> I tried to balance difficulty with flavour and balance
<FIQ> in fact I did have a "ruleset" for what skill to give what monster
<K2> what was the deciding factor in regular soldiers being skilled with a magic device such as a wand?
<FIQ> because of them being mercenaries and built to kill
<FIQ> and considering they spawn with wands
<FIQ> and use them quite often
<FIQ> my logical conclusion was that they had some proficiency with it
<K2> ok
<K2> even an LT I could see being skilled at wands
<K2> but not a soldier or even a sergeant
* K2 is an infantry sergeant in the US army. he isnt skilled at wands
<FIQ> ... because wands doesn't exist irl :P

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