#2390 (15) X May 7, 2018
<aosdict> Pinkbeast: On NAO a year or two ago there was this guy who got to Air with no levitation and nothing to throw so he asked #nethack what to do
<aosdict> and everyone started logging into NAO and sending him scrolls of mail
<aosdict> which he was able to use successfully to throw one by one and cross to reach the portal
<Pinkbeast> Huh. Which are meant to have no game mechanical effect, but there's a neat loophole :-)
<MiseryMyra> That's a beautiful story
<MiseryMyra> Maybe the real amulet of yendor was the friends we made along the way
<aosdict> that means your god really just wants to know the true power of friendship? headcanon accepted
<Pinkbeast> There probably _are_ friendship ponies in SLEX already (and Noxico but the less said about that the better)
<aosdict> ... from a certain point of view, that story does read like a diabetes-inducing Power of Friendship (tm) story

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