#2437 (8) X June 30, 2018
[Junethack: Luxidream ascended about 30 parked characters in a row]
<@K2> @luxidream goddamn dude... well played
<@K2> i counted 30 rapid fire ascensions
<[Demo][srn]1> yes its insane
<[Demo][srn]1> 30 in a whole month wow
<[Demo][srn]1> + all the other ones
<@K2> i want to say congrats... but that seems inadequate
<[Demo][srn]1> right yeah
<@K2> i want to ask 'who was your sponsor so i dont have to work for an entire month and just play nethack'
<stenno\ito> i would also be interested in that sponsor
<greqrg> haha
<stenno\ito> i'd offer to name the account after the sponsor
<stenno\ito> professional nethacking might finally become a thing
<greqrg> [hdf-us] [dyn] FORD TOUGH (stenno) (Pri Hum Mal Neu), 115200 points, T:52763, ascended
<greqrg> lol
<greqrg> That would be great
<@K2> [hdf-us] [dyn] Depends undergarment protection sponsorship (Luxidream) (Arc Dwa Fem Law), 108246 points, T:49482, ascended
<Muad> haha

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