#2625 (-6) X January 28, 2019
<aosdict> finally some time to resume looking at slicehack
<aosdict> Do you think someone should fork it and make sluicehack? See how long we can keep the chain of words going?
<aosdict> or maybe we should go slicehack -> licehack (with lots of a added) -> icehack (with lots of ice levels, sheol ported, and cold themed monsters)
<aosdict> then we can finally get nicehack
<K2> vicehack
<K2> explore all the bad habits in game
<K2> oh and micehack
<K2> monsters consist of mice and elephants only
<jonadab> Hmm, with only two kinds of monsters, you'd need to do some clever things with the AI.
<jonadab> Think: smart kobolds.
<K2> ricehack for our vegetarian players
<K2> dicehack --> lots of gambling
<K2> yeah, i feel silly
<jonadab> tricehack - all enemies can stone you
<jonadab> juicehack - you can apply fruit to create potions of fruit juice
<aosdict> twicehack - after you ascend, you are mysteriously teleported back down to DL 1 of a new dungeon
<aosdict> spicehack - a full cooking patch is implemented
<aosdict> pricehack - introducing the shopkeeper role

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