#2947 (9) X March 18, 2020
<aosdict> AntiGulp: had a thought yesterday: is there a single key command for #technique?
<AntiGulp> If there is, I don't know it. I don't think there is in Slash'Em, certainly. There really, really should be a single key though, given how important they are.
<aosdict> I was going to suggest !
<aosdict> this used to be the shell escape command but is now unused
<AntiGulp> Ooh, that sounds like a good idea.
<aosdict> let this be a formal splicehack YANI then :)
<Pinkbeast> I like the idea of a formal YANI
<AntiGulp> a - a scroll of submit YANI
<Pinkbeast> Dear Ms AntiGulp, I trust you are well. I hope you will forgive the intrusion; I am writing to you to suggest ...
<AntiGulp> lol
<Pinkbeast> "So you thought you could submit an idea, fool!"

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