#2948 (9) X March 18, 2020
<bhaak> AntiGulp: Re: the non-binary gender. have you thought about letting the player select their own specific set of pronouns?
<AntiGulp> Actually, yes. I've been kicking myself for not doing that originally for a while, because it would have been way easier than what I did, while also being a lot more flexible for players.
<aosdict> how would pronouns be specified, would it be something like OPTIONS=pronouns:she/her/hers?
<AntiGulp> Pretty much, yeah. To be honest, I could still implement it without much trouble at all.
<K2> YASI: change all gender references in nethack to 'dude'
<aosdict> K2: now I want configurable pronouns
<aosdict> OPTIONS=pronouns:dude/that dude/dude's
<K2> DUDE where's my amulet??

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