#3120 (13) X July 31, 2020
<NeilH90> Lol what is the point in the watchmen in Gnome town? It seems to be a battle royale there every time I go
<NeilH90> Unless you dip for excalibur then they yeet you out of existance
<riker> they keep it Safe(TM)
<riker> from people like nefarious fountain quaffers
<aosdict> the watch look after their own
<IceBox> and shopkeeps
<aosdict> the powerful humans look out for each other and don't care one whit about the gnomes who they see as lessers
<aosdict> wow, there's a lot of social commentary in minetown when you think about it
<NeilH90> Also they protect the racket shopkeepers have going
<NeilH90> Selling cursed goods, allowing mimics to hide in their stock so they can loot your corpse after the mimic finishes eating you. Bloody parasitic relationship they got going there
<bubbles> Shopkeepers are job creators!
<bubbles> Without them the zorkmids would stop flowing and then we would all be dead (Except the shopkeepers would would be on their boats on the sunless sea enjoying slime mould margaritas)
<aosdict> who exactly do shopkeepers create jobs for besides themselves
<aosdict> one-eyed sam excepted
<riker> mimics
<riker> do you know how hard it is to get PAID to sit pretending to be an item?
<riker> sure, you can just find a likely place and hope that enough food comes along - OR, you can make a bargain and both of you profit
<bubbles> It's trickle down economics. The money trickles down the dungeon.
<bubbles> That's why you get more $ at lower dungeon levels.

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