#3222 (157) X November 3, 2020
<qt_> !tell k2 i think there's a problem with this deathmatch thing in tnnt
<qt_> I went in riding a horse, got an impossible() about placing it on the map, ended up on the other side of the portal riding luxidream the Barbarian
<qt_> once I climbed off of luxidream we fought immediately
<qt_> the thing with @luxidream keeps happening
<qt_> when I take my horse through the portal the other way, back to the dungeons, I end up riding the aligned priest
<amateurhour> lololol what
<qt_> when I #chat to him while riding him he says "Pilgrim, I would speak no longer with thee"
<qt_> wtf the priest is trying to kill me now
<qt_> now I died
<qt_> wow that was some BS lol
<{Demo}> something is highly fucked
<amateurhour> turbofucked
<Muad> Who will ride me of this meddlesome priest?
[Dumplog check]
<nabru> "You've been through the dungeon on an aligned priest with no name." WTF?

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