#3295 (16) X December 25, 2020
<stenno> You begin bashing monsters with your gloved hands. You kill the newt!
<stenno> man its really painful to #quit all those games
<stenno> i guess thats the paci life
<elenmirie> barehanded newt strangling
<stenno> i think i should continue anyway
<Umbire> a - a pair of leather gloves called Dudley's revenge.
<elenmirie> lol
<luxidream> -3 orcish dagger helps
<elenmirie> wielding cream pies helps, if you have them
<aoei> some even go so far as to remap hjklyubn to m-move equivalents
<aoei> but you have to do that with tmux or screen, can't do it with nethack rcfile
<elenmirie> oh god, advanced technology

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