#3429 (6) X April 7, 2021
<aoei> if you use linux.2020 hints file run make with -WANT_WIN_CURSES=1
<ChrisE> Presumably the cursed hints file contains false rumours about your system? :P
<docpi> Gentlefolk, I have tried to play a game of nethack as a priest, and except for a decent run down to Mines End, I keep dying in corridors where floating eyes, acid blobs, puddings, and oozes either corrode my stuff away or freeze me inconveniently helpless, Is this nornmal for a non-wizard? As a wizard, I usually force bolt my way through corridor obstacles.
<aosdict> aoei: I've found that I need to specify both WANT_WIN_TTY=1 and WANT_WIN_CURSES=1 to get both ports building.

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