#3435 + (10) - X April 12, 2021
<NetSysFire> i got hit by something and i got a load of cursed items now and need to go buy some scrolls of remove curse or something and my pickaxe is welded to my hand and i cant go into the shop now lol
<Umbire> You probably ran into a caster that cursed your items
<Umbire> Prayer can uncurse your stuff dependenet on Luck
<Rodney> NetSysFire (Bar Orc Fem Cha), 34848 points, T:15997, killed by Mr. Nenagh; the shopkeeper
<Umbire> At the least if you have the right a--
<NetSysFire> well
<Umbire> yeah, see, you're not supposed to dig into the shop either
<NetSysFire> i bashed the shopkeeper with my pickaxe
<Umbire> you're especially not supposed to dig into the shopkeeper
<NetSysFire> yeah he digged me, too
<aosdict> I dig it

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