#3761 (14) X December 12, 2021
<arahael> It's insane, but I've been altar-camping for thousands of turns... Hoping for a... pickaxe.
<qt> there wasn't anything in the mines?
<arahael> I need a pickaxe to get there!
<qt> oh, how so?
<qt> is it a corner you can't fit through?
<arahael> qt: There's boulder blocking an important corridor on dlvl 4.
<qt> ooh
<aosdict> ah so you COULD get there if you just divested yourself of all your worldly possessions
<arahael> Why would I do that!?
<aosdict> to attain enlightenment, duh
<qt> it's easier to get a camel through an eye of a needle than to get a rich man into Minetown
<arahael> Heh.

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