#424 (91) X March 3, 2013
<madness1> jesus christ !
<madness1> bones file left a mountain nymph with about ten billion wands by the looks of it, and potion of speed
<madness1> and aggr.
<madness1> fuck
<madness1> she's struck me with a wand of striking seven times, and is now stealing my entire inventory. In this time, I haven't had a single move
<tsuteiuQ> heh
<madness1> oh
<madness1> she put me to sleep in the middle of all of that
<madness1> no wonder
<madness1> bah
<madness1> she stole my mace
<madness1> You see here a whistle. The sleep ray hits rover.--More--
<madness1> damn it, she's come back for more
<madness1> and now a third time :(
<greycat> she likes you
<madness1> and worse, she's probably wearing all the shit she's taken from me
<madness1> You are hit by a red gem.
<madness1> alright, now someone is just playing silly buggers
<madness1> 4th time now
<Rodney> madness (Pri Hum Mal Neu), 4520 points, killed by a wand
<madness1> while helpless, I should add

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