#54 + (-50) - X February 28, 2013
<Rodney> yhelothar3 (Bar Hum Mal Cha), 1148 points, quit
<GreyKnight> yhelothar is quitting again >:-(
<yhelothar> what do you mean again
<yhelothar> i accidentally #prayed when i meant #offer
<yhelothar> messed up the game
<ChrisS67> so?
<yhelothar> so?
<yhelothar> good question
<yhelothar> you just hit me square in the heart with a reflective soul-searching question
<yhelothar> because it's easier to just reroll
<GreyKnight> Absent fouling up the Quest, every game is ascendable
<GreyKnight> (Well, you can get yourself into certain doom with no means of escape too, but in that case it's better to let nature take its course)
<yhelothar> not if you're cornered by an angry archon with nothing but a pair of kicking boots it isn't
<yhelothar> that archon really fucked up my day
<ChrisS67> you mean, the Archon that you wished for?
<ChrisS67> that Archon?
<yhelothar> yea
<GreyKnight> Well, good luck figuring out the statistics of which sort of situation kills you the most, if all records just read "quit"
<yhelothar> i don't quit that much
<yhelothar> where you gettin' that anyway
<ChrisS67> !gamesby yhelothar
<Rodney> yhelothar has played 326 games, between 20081127 and 20111102, highest score 444917, died 249, quit 23, escaped 54 times
<yhelothar> !gamesby yhelothar2
<Rodney> yhelothar2 has played 120 games, between 20121014 and 20121019, highest score 259439, died 46, lifesaved 2, quit 73, escaped 1 times
<yhelothar> !gamesby yhelothar3
<Rodney> yhelothar3 has played 42 games, between 20121021 and 20121022, highest score 19948, died 37, lifesaved 1, quit 5 times
<yhelothar> !gamesby yhelothar4
<Rodney> yhelothar4 has played 3 games, on 20121021, highest score 1777, died 1, quit 2 times
<GreyKnight> -_-
<yhelothar> see my record ain't so bad
<ChrisS67> hmm this doesn't look good
<GreyKnight> ...you've quit over a hundred times and it "ain't so bad"?
<yhelothar> in my defense, most of those quits were when i rolled a wizard and didn't get a spellbook of identify
<yhelothar> ain't so f-in way i'm playing wizard without my identify
<ChrisS67> not much of a defense
<GreyKnight> Startscumming is a "defense" now

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