#65 (-49) X February 28, 2013
<yhelothar> yea i've been playing on and off since 2002
<yhelothar> never got around to ascending but i've read all the spoilers
<wrabbit_> 'never got around'
<yhelothar> hey
<GreyKnight> No time like the present
<yhelothar> i could if i wanted to >:O
<GreyKnight> Don't let us hold you back
<yhelothar> back in '04 i had a valkyrie that was on its way up from the sanctum and my comp crashed
<yhelothar> it was a local game and wasn't recovered
<stenno> local wouldn't have counted anyway
<yhelothar> that was my first time at near-ascending and i was so scarred that i didn't play for another 7 years
<yhelothar> also i didn't use elbereth
<yhelothar> because i thought elbereth was cheap
<yhelothar> i protection racketed tho
<yhelothar> which is kinda cheap i guess
<stenno> admit it, you pudding-farmed and got bored with it
<yhelothar> i am pretty bored with nethack
<yhelothar> my last wish was the blessed rustproof +2 Tsurugi of Muramasa
<yhelothar> i like watching more than playing
<stenno> a bad wish
<stenno> fair enough
<Malpercio> I like both
<Malpercio> but I don't tend to watch people I don't even know.
<stenno> i like playing, watching only in exceptional cases
<yhelothar> i also wished for a statue of Master Kaen once and tried to die by kicking it
<GreyKnight> I like making terrible puns and writing bits of code
<stenno> i like turtles
<yhelothar> code in what?
<GreyKnight> A computer usually

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