#70 (-21) X February 28, 2013
<intx14> I don't know.. I whistled him on literally 10 times in a row before, no change
<intx14> now i do it once, he's a red dragon
<intx14> are puddings less likely to poly up?
<BlastHardcheese> you whistled for your pet and when it came near
<GreyKnight> The license plate said "D" and it had flames in its gob
<billnye> GK: rhymes is fo suckaz
<GreyKnight> I thought about "flames from his rear" but that has unfortunate implications about dragon "breath" weapons
<billnye> yeah, smoke out its ears is the closest I came up with at a mental glance
<GreyKnight> Okay that works
<billnye> its breath was on fire and it had smoke out its ears?
<GreyKnight> If anything I could say that this mount was just fine // But I ain't got a saddle, let's go try the Mines!

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