#871 (-51) X July 10, 2013
<lorimer> new subject: boobies
<Eidolos> I seriously doubt Rodney would use a constant rng seed.
<`Masque> The source would doubt that too.
<Eidolos> I didn't feel like loading up the ole browser. :)
<lorimer> BOOBIES
<lorimer> firm, round boobies the size of canteloupes
<Eidolos> Lorimer makes an interesting point.
<ZenMasterJG> shouldnt it use the length of @arg in rand() instead of just @arg?
<lorimer> going bugejabugejabugejabugeja
<GreyKnight> Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to learn more.
<lorimer> ZenMasterJG: boobies
* ZenMasterJG gets distracted by boobies.

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