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<ledneh> ?? polished silver shield
<ledneh> finally, reflection!
<ledneh> thank GOD
<ledneh> ...now I just need MR
<ledneh> ...
<ledneh> okay
<ledneh> YASD
<ledneh> I can't believe I just did this
<Rodney> Ledneh (Val Hum Fem Neu), 265953 points, petrified by tasting Medusa meat
<ledneh> that's like four seriously good looking games screwed by sheer stupidity in the past week
<ledneh> I think the RNG is trying to tell me something ;__________;
<moussambani> don't blame the RNG for "sheer stupidity" :-P
<ledneh> ...
<ledneh> shut it mouss
<ledneh> >:(
<moussambani> note the :-P
<fontppp> tasting medusa meat ?
<ledneh> SHUT IT MOUSS >:(
<ledneh> SHUT IT

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