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< Khor> The turing test?
< Wooble> a test devised by Alan Turing to tell if a machine is "intelligent" by having it pretend to be a woman. (disclaimer: this *may* be too literal of an intpretation of his paper.)
< Wooble> (the "traditional" intepretation is that a machine passes the test if it is indistibguishable from a human)
< Wooble> and by "traditional" I mean "everyone except me when I'm trying to scam people in Nomic"
< Khor> Has any ai passed it? o.0
< Khor> Are you telling me that right now, I could talk to an ai and not realize it is mot human?
< Rodney> Khor: Are you saying I am not human, mortal fool?
* Rodney glares at Khor menacingly.

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