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* khoR wanted to ascend today
<jonadab> khoR: So you're playing slex?
<khoR> No
<khoR> I'm playing BugHack
<khoR> Im ready to enter gehennom but can't because charging scrolls are bugged
<khoR> I know them and have even used them before
<khoR> but it doesnt let me write them
<khoR> so im sitting here with a marker and a wand of wishing to charge
<khoR> and wasted charges on the marker too because I was suposed to be able to write charging but it didnt work
<khoR> I guess I can go hoard more items
<khoR> ...
<khoR> nevermind
<khoR> game crashed again
<khoR> fuck this

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