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<rikersan> fiq, why does mines 8 have a vampire lord near the stairs
<rikersan> I think your fiqhack monster difficulty thing is a bit off
<Beholder> [fh] easy mode activate (rikersan) (Val Dwa Fem Law), 38860 points, T:2536, killed by a watch captain
<FIQ> rikersan: bones..?
<rikersan> I didn't see a gravestone, and he would've been pretty close to where the guy was killed?
<FIQ> I am pretty sure this is variant paranoia, sorry
<FIQ> I didn't touch difficulty of vampire lords and no other person has complained
<rikersan> :/
-!- rikersan has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
<FIQ> that was apparently too much

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