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< demogorgon> Adeon, the neutral female human Tourist, left this world in The Quest on level 15, killed by a Grey-elf, while sleeping. Her score was 42694.
<@bhaak> you know, it just occurred to me that if people see Adeon dying this easily in unnethack, people might get the wrong impression that unnethack is much harder than vanilla
< Adeon> attention everyone: I'm dying because unnethack is so hard
<@bhaak> shush!
< Adeon> I used to believe in god but now that I saw unnethack, I know god doesn't exist because he wouldn't allow a game this hard to exist
< Adeon> play this game to experience certain death
<@bhaak> hmm
<@bhaak> if this game is for people who suck, it's obviously not for you!
< Adeon> you can see from my unnethack game logs that I indeed suck
< Adeon> remember everyone, losing is fun!
< Adeon> it better be because otherwise this game would have no fun at all

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