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<NeilH90> God dammit then I find a lock pick in the next room
<NeilH90> I just broke my katana trying to force a lock
<jonadab> Don't force locks with your good weapon. Use a junk dagger.
<jonadab> There are plenty of orcish daggers laying around. Grab one of those (that's not cursed), #name it Locksbane, and Bob is your uncle.
<NeilH90> My junk dagger broke first XD
<jonadab> Ah, but a junk dagger can be replaced.
<NeilH90> Aha true
<NeilH90> I was feelin lucky. Lesson learned
<aosdict> Artifacts have a lower chance of breaking like that, but really that's just a trap to set you up for greater disappointment when your Excalibur splinters
<NeilH90> Ouch I bet
<Tone> Finally a use for Sting

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