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[regarding an evilhack bug where an Infidel can ascend normally on a high altar]
<K2> huh
<K2> i thought Tomsod accounted for that already
<K2> rofl
<amateurhour> you didn't see anything
<K2> i dont see the jedi hand trick being used, sooooo...
<amateurhour> these are not the bug reports you are looking for
<K2> you said it... but where's the hand wave? work with me, young padawan!
* amateurhour waves hand
<K2> hi!
<K2> i'm new to nethack... how do you play?
<amateurhour> coincidentally, it appears I have dropped 5 zorkmids on the table
<amateurhour> or did I, maybe they're not mine
<amateurhour> if you catch my drift
<K2> what's a zorkmid?

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