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<stenno> i finally got accepted by atties cats so i just try to hang out and vibe with them
<Umbire> atties cats?
<stenno> the cats who belong to attie
<spicyCebolla> cats of attie's household. the cats specifically correlated to that person. attie's cats.
<aoei> incase there is still any doubt, Umbire
<aoei> there is an entity, name of attie
<aoei> this entity is closely related in kind with some other entities
<aoei> these are feline entities
<aoei> those feline entities have accepted the entity known to us as 'stenno'
<aoei> accepted means that they are comfortable around the 'stenno' and do not hide or engage for potential attack
<hothraxxa> i wished for an attie cat once but there were already too many in the game so it slipped between my fingers

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