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<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [spl] McPanther (Mon Inf Mal Law), 443 points, T:644, killed by a gnome lord's explosion
<Kes> uhhhh
<Kes> Ah, an explosive gnome lord. Classic.
<qt> You strike the explosive gnome lord! You kill the explosive gnome lord! You are caught in the gnome lord's explosion!
<qt> lol, exactly what it said on the tin
<spicyCebolla> i'm very proud of my baby
<spicyCebolla> (i *think* i wrote explosive template)
<aosdict> what is the flavor reason for why a gnome lord would both 1) explode when killed and 2) be immediately recognizable as such
<amateurhour> it's fun-flavoured
<amateurhour> that's the reason
<spicyCebolla> 1: there doesn't need to be a reason
<spicyCebolla> two: his stomach is transparent
<spicyCebolla> and it's full of boiling oil or whatever
<spicyCebolla> maybe it's ticking

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