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<danirijeka> ....and right when I said it, group of uruk-hai <_<
<GreyKnight> Hmm I kind of want to make a lolorc now
<GreyKnight> "o uruk-hai"
<danirijeka> groan
<danirijeka> :P
<GreyKnight> It has the "o" and everything! Very appropriate.
<danirijeka> im in ur dungeon, poisonin ur adventurrz
<GreyKnight> invisible warhorse
<GreyKnight> nooo they be stealin mah cursed -2 orcish helm
<Rodney> kanemalakos (Wiz Elf Fem Cha), 218897 points, killed by an invisible ki-rin, while frozen by a potion
<kanemalakos> Fucking ki-rin
<danirijeka> ouch
<kanemalakos> Would have done fine if not for that potion of paralysis
<monomachos> Magic trap?
<GreyKnight> Oh man, I'd considered writing "invisible ki-rin" instead of "invisible warhorse" above, glad I didn't now

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