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<GreyKnight> Have you noticed how being female (of an oviparous species) in NH automatically entitles you to lay *fertilised* eggs?
<GreyKnight> This raises all sorts of questions
<Wooble> if you could do that, nethack would have a lot less people playing male characters. or leaving lv 1.
<greycat> Immaculate conception.
<greycat> Or whatever it's called for eggs. Fertilization.
<GreyKnight> Parthenogenesis is the biological term, however it only produces female offspring for obvious reasons
<GreyKnight> Maybe you retained some sperm cells from back when you were male?
<GreyKnight> Although, hmm, you needn't've been male at any point
<greycat> A wizard did it.
<GreyKnight> In NH I prefer to say *the* Wizard did it :-U
<GreyKnight> (What do you think Rodney does all day? Interfere in the laws of nature apparently)
<ais523> well, you can fertilize eggs with a wand of turn undead
<danirijeka> ais523: "wand of turn undead" is one of the worst euphemisms that can be used
<danirijeka> "Hey baby, wanna see my wand of turn undead?"

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