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< MPR> if you genocide kittens
< MPR> you are literally the worst person
< MPR> period.
< deepy> dot.
< bcode> comma,
< deepy> hypen-
< bcode> colon:
< deepy> questionmark?
< ishanyx> interrobang‽
< bcode> ampersand&
< deepy> exclamationmark!
< bcode> semicolon;
< deepy> Inverted question¿
< bcode> ellipsis…
< Adeon> the letter s
< deepy> tilde~
< bcode> quotation mark"
< deepy> pipe|
< negion> Are you guys in the process of having some sort of protracted mutual mental breakdown?
< deepy> negion: to a certain degree°
< negion> Ah. Well, so long as you're aware... carry on.
< deepy> Well it did start to get a little tedious, maybe we should have brought it to a full stop.
< deepy> If you know what I'm getting at@
< negion> Ha. Ha Ha. Suddenly, a wild pun appears!
< bcode> For puns, this channel has no more space
< deepy> Even though you managed to make a quick dash-
< negion> Talking like Yoda, you are
< Adeon> maybe they'll stop if you give them money$
< bcode> negion: Which again the nature of this conversation underscores_
< deepy> I wonder how many percent%
< deepy> I'm hoping I won't be the first to bite the bullet°
< bcode> At this rate, soon we're going to see as quit message - Error: Broken pipe¦
< deepy> For reference※
< deepy> Should we call it a tie⁀
< Adeon> did you stop because you became nonplussed¬+
< deepy> I've run out of words, when it comes to concerns, it's my prime′
< bcode> I would continue, though I guess you wouldn't like my accent´
< deepy> Are we treading into the horrible section§
* ishanyx glares menacingly and wields a dagger†
< Adeon> ishanyx, shut up↑
< negion> why is ishanyx being told to shut up?
< deepy> Just a while ago it was silent as the grave`
< bcode> negion: Perhaps her character wasn't of the nicest division÷
< deepy> bcode: that line is a very nice addition+
< negion> Without the benefit of unicode, this conversation is very confusing and just leaves questions about why people are using so many question marks.
< Adeon> I only wanted to use the up arrow
< negion> ah, yeah... no unicode again. On my screen it came across as an impolite suggestion that she shut up :)
< bcode> negion: Clearly, your confusion so far had no equal=
< deepy> It sounded quite meanx
< deepy> oh darn you terminal, screwing up my math jokes
< deepy> Maybe I should draw a parellel||
< Cypi> Oh...never play while tired... Can (again) someone tell me if my Soko is screwed or if I can do it without a penalty?
< bcode> Cypi: do you have a method of teleportation? I am not sure about how solvable it still is
< Cypi> No :/
< Cypi> Oh, well, I guess it wille -1 luck, not a real problem.
< Cypi> s/wille/will be
< bcode> Hm. I guess solutions to that, if possible, would require thinking out of the box☐
< deepy> bcode, you are a star✧
< bcode> deepy: I wonder how you know - obscuring the view are many clouds☁
< deepy> In this matter, I have no scruples℈℈

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