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#3686 (0) X October 14, 2021
<cbus> can anyone help finding my gnomish entrance? :P
<qt> wow, i didn't know you were gnomish
<qt> but i'd be happy to help
<spicyCebolla> it helps if you use a mirror
#3685 (0) X October 12, 2021
* VaderFLAG crams an eight-foot lance into the magic bag with a flourish
<K2> :)
<aosdict> The real mystery is how you can do that with a plain ordinary sack.
#3684 (-1) X October 12, 2021
<qt> i like some of these comments in 3.0.0
<qt> "Moreover, there are traps in the stronghold, that can send the player to hell (gnark, gnark)!"
<qt> gnark, gnark
<qt> bhaak: why don't your comments have this sort of stylishness and elan
<bhaak> qt: it's most likely due to never having done LSD myself
#3683 (2) X October 12, 2021
<cathartes> is something wrong with the server? it seems dumplogs are not accessible
<ChrisE> cathartes: It is a known issue.
<ChrisE> They are being created with the wrong file permissions.
<ChrisE> I think there may be a script running regularly now to fix them every few hours.
<cathartes> the dumplogs get moved to s3 in a few hours anyway, not much point to such a script
<ChrisE> That thought has also occurred to me, so I'm not sure what's really going on.
<derekt75> I tagged the admin here a few times over the last week, so I feel like I've reached my limit on nagging.
<ChrisE> They probably have amulets versus nagging anyway.
#3682 (3) X October 12, 2021
<spicyCebolla> Demo: would you feel ripped off if splice replaced 2a and 2b with lokoban?
<Demo> no
<Demo> lokoban is meant as an middle finger to sokoban worldwide
<Demo> even something that stupid is better than soko
#3681 (11) X October 9, 2021
<Doesnt> an uruk-hai just threw a potion of sleeping at me while a succubus was near me
<Doesnt> she tried to strip me but my healer's brain is so big he could tell her no three times while asleep
#3680 (5) X October 9, 2021
<K2> qt do you want to see shield bashing in 0.7.1
<qt> nah I am not working on it rn or anything
<amateurhour> shields r bad
<amateurhour> ^got your shield bashing here
#3679 (2) X October 9, 2021
<Hecubus> [hdf-us] [evil] VaderFLAG (Kni Cen Mal Neu) wished for "blessed fixed +4200000000000000 silver lance of lightning", on T:33730
<K2> losing the 'bonus freebie' for not having to worry about how many artifacts exist is a fair trade
<K2> lol +42^12
<VaderFLAG> I don't have any scrolls of identification to check and see whether I got the enchantment :P
<K2> your weapon does so much damage, it kills everything dungeon wide when you hit something with it
<K2> including yourself
<K2> and anyone else playing on the server at that time
#3678 (4) X October 9, 2021
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [evil] qt (Sam Hum Mal Law), 24540 points, T:7679, choked on a Grey-elf corpse
<qt> whoops
<qt> lol i have died so many times to sleep rays my mindset was "gotta eat all these damn elves even if it kills me"
<qt> and so it did..... so it did...
#3677 (8) X October 6, 2021
<Hecubus> [hdf-us] [evil] qt (Wiz Ith Mal Cha), 1226 points, T:1657, killed by an ancient pseudodragon
<qt> lol wtf just happened
<qt> arahael / arahael / orion bones, I guess all on the stairs?
<K2> oh damn
<K2> mega bones
<qt> as soon as I entered the level I was stuffed with goodies like a pinata, then brutally beaten to death, also like a pinata

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