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#3938 (6) X July 29, 2022
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [spl] McPanther (Mon Inf Mal Law), 443 points, T:644, killed by a gnome lord's explosion
<Kes> uhhhh
<Kes> Ah, an explosive gnome lord. Classic.
<qt> You strike the explosive gnome lord! You kill the explosive gnome lord! You are caught in the gnome lord's explosion!
<qt> lol, exactly what it said on the tin
<spicyCebolla> i'm very proud of my baby
<spicyCebolla> (i *think* i wrote explosive template)
<aosdict> what is the flavor reason for why a gnome lord would both 1) explode when killed and 2) be immediately recognizable as such
<amateurhour> it's fun-flavoured
<amateurhour> that's the reason
<spicyCebolla> 1: there doesn't need to be a reason
<spicyCebolla> two: his stomach is transparent
<spicyCebolla> and it's full of boiling oil or whatever
<spicyCebolla> maybe it's ticking
#3937 (10) X July 26, 2022
<spicyChickatrice> hah, you can loosely gauge how dumb a mechanic is by how many variants change it in some way -
<aosdict> too small a sample size
<aosdict> get me 100 more variants stat
<Kes> *hack: The variant that simply adds everything from every variant
<Kes> LessHack: NetHack but the only monsters are floating eyes.
<Kes> NotHack: Real-time NetHack.
<Kes> BetHack: NetHack with gambling mechanics.
<Kes> PetHack: NetHack but Pokemon.
<Kes> SetHack: NetHack but you can only play a chaotic barbarian.
<aosdict> WetHack: the entire dungeon is submerged and you start with magical breathing on
<aosdict> JetHack: contains a fully functioning flight sim
<Kes> It's a normal flight simulator, until the Wizard of Yendor suddenly shows up and turns it into a dogfight.
<PsyMar> tethack: nethack but with korobeiniki
<PsyMar> LetsHack: nethack for wii
<PsyMar> DebtHack: nethack but a ponzi scheme
<PsyMar> FetHack: you can #ride foocubi but only if wearing leather armor and wielding a whip
<PsyMar> NutHack: joke postponed until december
<PsyMar> Rethack: nethack but you thack again
<PsyMar> NitHack: nethack but copyediting
#3936 (11) X July 26, 2022
<Kes> Spicy I need to know how you managed to get this message: "you see here a long worm tail riding a long worm tail (being worn) of a giant fly (quivered)"
#3935 (5) X July 26, 2022
[discussing xnethack limiting player names to 10 characters]
<aosdict> idea: xnethack came out in 2018. the amount of player name characters that can be recorded is (year+1 - 2018)
<aosdict> so right now you can have 4 characters
<aosdict> grasshopper will need to wait until 2028 for his full name to get recorded
<K2> unplayable
<qt> i would already have way more space than i need
<aosdict> yeah... why is K2 saying unplayable? he's fine
<aosdict> oh right, it's because his alt would be ChiefGre
<aosdict> or omgha. can't be respected with a name like omgha
<K2> heh
<K2> i was channeling amateurhou
<K2> 'totally unplayabl'
#3934 (3) X July 26, 2022
<spicyCebolla> hm, monsters are treating speed monster as a hostile action
<spicyCebolla> vanilla bug?
<spicyCebolla> ah, weird
<spicyCebolla> it's only getting helpful_gesture if they are tame
<spicyCebolla> why would a monster get angry about being buffed?
<Umbire> Yeah, that's a vanilla-ism
<Umbire> Monsters do not like being accelerated without their consent
#3933 (5) X July 25, 2022
<elenmirie> yes, but have you ever led a demon prince army to astral as an infidel?
<elenmirie> thought not
<hothraxxa> well
<hothraxxa> who wants to know?
<hothraxxa> i think i was out of town all that week
<hothraxxa> oh shit
<elenmirie> just think of me as the princess of light in dark mode
* hothraxxa peeks out from under the desk
#3932 (14) X July 23, 2022
<VIVIT> I don't know why, but I feel like I'm going to miss map/identity amnesia and BoH annihilation
<qt> i do miss amnesia :(
<qt> i mean, I don't miss it actually happening to me, but I miss the level of tension from encountering a mind flayer.
<qt> and how it encouraged you to keep your distance and come up with an actual plan
<aosdict> the problem with removing amnesia is that everyone will develop amnesia about how awful it was
#3931 (9) X July 23, 2022
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [gh] mobileuser (Bar Hum Mal Neu) wished for "blessed fixed magic harp", on T:42251
<mobileuser> suddenly the smokies start delivering
<Arseniy> why not greased harp?
<mobileuser> because it would be useless on the harp?
<qt> it would allow you to play more smoothly
<mobileuser> haha
#3930 (14) X July 23, 2022
<musicdemon> I'm going to attempt some Zen runs, so don't be puzzled if you see some deaths to weak monsters in the livelog xD
<qt> I'm going to attempt some no-conduct runs, so don't be puzzled if you see some deaths to weak monsters in the livelog
#3929 (7) X July 23, 2022
<Hecubus> [hdf-us] [evil] VaderFLAG (Rog Hum Fem Neu) had a bone helmet entrusted to her by Mog, on T:56609
<tinklebear> TFW Mog gifts you a thick skull; suggestion, compliment or insult?

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