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#3746 (12) X November 26, 2021
<aosdict> remind me where hdf-us lives? virginia?
<K2> yes
<K2> same location as NAO
<aosdict> huh I thought nao was on the west coast
<aosdict> what are we going to do if a meteor hits the amazon datacenter???
<bhaak> rejoice?
<bhaak> NAO can be rebuilt, Amazon shouldn't
<aosdict> we can rebuild NAO. we have the technology. we have the capability to make the world's first true distributed nethack server. NAO will be that server. Better than it was before.
#3745 (13) X November 26, 2021
<bouquet> someone left their vampire mage in the mines ://
<bouquet> please, keep your pets on a leash people!
<spicyCebolla> but that doesn't help, right?
<K2> it doesnt
<K2> but there are leash laws in yendor
<K2> no one follows them
<K2> keystone kops are nowhere to be found, ever
#3744 (23) X November 26, 2021
<qt> what are wages?
<Disruptor> coins in gehennom and below
<Disruptor> appliable weapons
<qt> all i know is that the wages of sin is death
<Disruptor> it looks like
<Disruptor> not sure if there are negative effects
<Disruptor> haven't used the previously
<qt> is it something in dnh? it has a dnh sound to it
<Umbire> Yes
<tommo> dont worry about it
<riker> lmfao qt, now i want a hallu object for 'the wages of sin'
<nabru> The wages of sin implies the existence of "wages of cos".
<nabru> Also, wages of tan
#3743 (17) X November 20, 2021
<Looksfar> I just named Sting, and was surprised when a couple of elves showed up to claim it. I don't mind giving it up, but since I'm chaotic, if I defend myself against them and kill them, is that abusing my alignment?
<qt> actually i bet that does abuse your alignment
<qt> because they are generated peaceful, then peaceful is just set to 0
<Looksfar> Nuts. And no way to give it up peacefully?
<Looksfar> I'm not sure if there is a way to give it up. If there is, it's not obvious.
<qt> remember in the hobbit how bilbo named his dagger 'sting' and then a bunch of elves jumped out and decapitated him
<qt> i guess that was only in the secret director's cut
#3742 (9) X November 20, 2021
<Announcy> NetHack GitHub Commits: refine "next boulder"
<nhmall> october is "month of the boulder" it seems
<aosdict> hmm
<aosdict> not very thematic
<aosdict> you show kids a boulder on halloween, they won't be impressed
<qt> you're right, it would be way better for easter.
<qt> With great effort, you move the boulder from the tomb. You try to move the next boulder, but in vain.
#3741 (8) X November 20, 2021
<qt> i wonder why the devteam doesn't seem interested that type-naming your scrolls correctly is disincentivized
<qt> i'm reminded of it regularly bc in sokoban I always try and fail to come up with a way to spell 'earth' wrong that is still recognizable (like 'tele' or 'id')
<amateurhour> ear
<qt> sounds like a scroll that makes your ears bigger
<qt> if cursed it makes your ears smaller
#3740 (30) X November 20, 2021
<luxidream> !rng sleep | play video games
<Beholder> @luxidream: play video games
<luxidream> yawwn
<nabru> !rng sleep sleep sleep sleep nethack
<Beholder> nabru: sleep
* aosdict zaps a wand of nethack at nabru!
<nabru> hahaha
#3739 (10) X November 18, 2021
<@Shadow_Rider> wow theres way more people that play on than i thought
<@Shadow_Rider> its pretty popular
<spicyChickatrice> nao: it's like a flip phone
<qt> yeah, it's been around forever, I feel like it's basically the default nethack public server
<spicyChickatrice> if you don't need more features, why replace your phone?
#3738 (16) X November 16, 2021
<stenno> hmm: i have: a wand of polymorph, a magic whistle
* stenno eyes his faithful hachi
<stenno> i guess i should just have fun
<stenno> lets see if evilhack has the imbalanced-polymorph of vanilla
<stenno> Hachi turns into a green dragon!
<stenno> this will make the early game a bit more easy
<stenno> lmao
<stenno> Hachi breathes poison gas! The jackal is killed by the blast of poison gas!
<stenno> Inuvik the human shopkeeper is killed by the gas cloud!
<stenno> thanks hachi
<stenno> this is just a ridiculusly OP start
<stenno> minetown time lmao
<stenno> it wasn't me officer it was just my 20 meter pet green dragon i brought to the market
#3737 (10) X November 16, 2021
<hothraxxa> evilhack giants are loads of fun but quite limited in choice for your ascension kit
<stenno> gnome called me a peasant wtf
<stenno> Irasshaimase, maggot.
<stenno> :/
<Umbire> ah, I see you've discovered the racism setting

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