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#3666 (4) X September 29, 2021
<Kes> Old D&D was definitely much more "Haha gotcha," and not in a good way, but I generally don't count tomb of horrors as a part of that. ToH was written specifically to cheese off players who were overconfident and to make people mad.
<Kes> Mud Sorcerer's Tomb is a good example of nasty OG dungeon crawl.
<qt> it must suck to be a mud sorcerer
<qt> your parents probably tell their friends you are an accountant or something
#3665 (5) X September 24, 2021
<Dark7> I was wondering why the damn dragons are so hard to kill. next time I should try something else than a rusty pick-axe
#3664 (8) X September 24, 2021
<Dark7> Let's go visit Master Kaen then
<ChrisE> Don't underestimate him.
<ChrisE> You definitely don't want to be Burdened when you face him.
<amateurhour> Dark7 are you playing 3.6?
<Dark7> yes
<amateurhour> you can stand on a scroll of scare monster on the stairs and the whole thing will be trivial
<amateurhour> you can basically just stand there punching them and they'll just teleport around you in a circle and die
<amateurhour> doesn't work in 3.7
<ChrisE> Master Kaen drinks a potion of gain version!
#3663 (4) X September 24, 2021
<Ann> YASI: the word "corpse" in any mention of the corpse of any K should be spelled "korpse"
<Ann> example: You see here a Kop Kaptain Korpse.
<jonadab> And if you had a stack of them, it could be a Korps of Kop Kaptain Korpses.
#3662 (5) X September 24, 2021
<banonogon> Wow, gotta love when the shopkeeper just casually has the Vorpal Blade lying around amidst a bunch of random food items and potions
<banonogon> So... anyone got 20000 zorkmids they can loan me :P
<qt> attack the shopkeeper with it and pray for instakill lol
<qt> "you look hungry, asidonhopo. want a snicker snack?"
#3661 (7) X September 21, 2021
<Umbire> almost got my shit ruined by another loaded dwarf
<Umbire> blessed dragonhide hooded cloak, this fucking RNG lately
<Demo> I love loaded dwarves
<qt> you may be wondering whether my dwarf is still loaded... did he drop six cloaks or only five?
<qt> what you have to ask yourself is, do you have a luckstone, punk
#3660 (5) X September 21, 2021
<mobileuser> hmm a level with 2 queen bees...
<aosdict> perhaps the 'beehives' themed room
<mobileuser> doesn't that always contain only 1 queen?
<aosdict> Super Honeycomb is one big beehive so that has 1 queen
<aosdict> Beehives has multiple 2x2 beehives
<aosdict> yup that's Beehives
<mobileuser> ah ok!
<mobileuser> "You enter a giant beehive!" lol
<aosdict> how many walk-in beehives have YOU visited in your life
<mobileuser> yeah, I guess even 2x2 is giant ;-)
<amateurhour> if we have giants made out of hills
<amateurhour> and giants made out of fire
<amateurhour> then it only makes sense to have giants made out of beehives
#3659 (7) X September 21, 2021
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [evil] Umbire (Pri Gia Mal Law) had Ogresmasher bestowed upon him by Ilmater, on T:3829
<aosdict> og friend, og good dude, og got resmashed, og now food
#3658 (7) X September 21, 2021
<Zefnar> Uakha the Fence is killed!
<Zefnar> player monster?
<Zefnar> cant find "fence" on the wiki
<amateurhour> it's a named orc Zefnar
<amateurhour> the fence means they got some of the orctown loot or something
<rebatela> fence is someone who knows how to sell stolen goods
<rebatela> (like in real life)
* amateurhour resets the Number of Days Since Someone Got Confused By 'The Fence' counter
#3657 (12) X September 18, 2021
<Ann> whoa
<Ann> [screenshot of long worm with 41 tail segments]
<Ann> that is a Long worm
<Zefnar> 0.0 yes it is
<Todd Rafter> that's a int64 worm
<Todd Rafter> long long worm

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