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#49 (-13) X February 28, 2013
<dwangoAC> bcode: What's really complicating this is conflict
<dwangoAC> The nymphs keep smiling engagingly at one another
<dwangoAC> It's obnoxious
<bcode> You shout at the mountain nymphs: "Get a room!"
#48 (-23) X February 28, 2013
<greyooze> Jupelius, how's jupehack?
<Jupelius> I already made one version of it
<Jupelius> There was a room with # walls and . floors
<Jupelius> and @ you could move with hjkl
<greyooze> \o/
<Jupelius> Now I'm making a new one
<Jupelius> Better one!
<Jupelius> Changed language from C to C++
<greyooze> Next stop, monsters? :-)
<Jupelius> greyooze: I'm still deciding how to do things in general
<Jupelius> My coding skill aren't expert level yet
<ChrisE> Jupelius: #enhance
<Jupelius> ChrisE: I was just typing that I hope could #enhance during this :P
<Jupelius> Actually quite good practice
<greyooze> You are now expert in C++. You feel like you could be more dangerous!
#47 (-26) X February 28, 2013
<clemux> Your wielded cockatrice corpse rots away!
<clemux> :(
<clemux> now what
<GreyKnight> Now you don't turn things to stone with the power of a foul fowl
<clemux> oh
<clemux> just when I say that
<clemux> I stumble upon a cockatrice nest
<GreyKnight> "perfect"
#46 (-7) X February 28, 2013
<GreyKnight> You think *you* have problems, what if you were Pac-man and got a milky power pellet??
#45 (0) X February 28, 2013
<GreyKnight> Playing nethack and complaining about dying to silly things is like playing rugby and complaining that people keep trying to run into you
#44 (-41) X February 28, 2013
<Snipufin> so I polymorphed a crossaligned priest, am I allowed to attack him now?
<ChrisS67> Snipufin- well, you won't get murder penalties now, if that's what you mean
<ChrisS67> whether it's a good idea...that depends on what he polyed into...
<Snipufin> well, I'm chaotic anyways
<Snipufin> he's a straw golem atm
<PsyMar> well he's angry from the poly anyways
<intx15> You'll still get struck by lightening
<Snipufin> how about if I convert the altar before attacking him?
<GreyKnight> Snipufin, hm, so you're in an argument with a straw man, eh?
#43 (-37) X February 28, 2013
<luken> hooray! reunited with archie
<luken> and he's not trying to kill me
<GreyKnight> !gift luken a fidgety archon and
* Rodney gives luken a fidgety archon and a knife
<GreyKnight> Uh-oh... bad combination
<GreyKnight> Keep your eye on him O_O
#42 (24) X February 28, 2013
<Malpercio> !gift Death_Below a blessed greased figurine of a succubus and a can of grease and
* Rodney gives Death_Below a blessed greased figurine of a succubus and a can of grease and a scroll of genocide
<Death_Below> It is just what I wanted!
<Death_Below> This is going to be magical Christmas. :D
<Snipufin> Malpercio: you forgot the saddle
<GreyKnight> !gift Malpercio a style guide, an Oxford comma, and
* Rodney throws Malpercio a style guide, an Oxford comma, and an oil lamp
<bcode> !gift GreyKnight the absence of an Oxford comma, a headache and
* Rodney gives GreyKnight the absence of an Oxford comma, a headache and a blessed orcish short sword
<GreyKnight> But wait! GreyKnight already has a headache! A headache falls to the floor.
<Malpercio> GreyKnight's head suddenly aches very painfully!
<GreyKnight> Nothing sudden about it, it's been one of those days -_-
<Death_Below> "A trap door opens up under GreyKnight! A headache falls through!"
<GreyKnight> Bedtime for me I think
<Death_Below> !gift GreyKnight a bedtime story and a glass of warm milk and
* Rodney gives GreyKnight a bedtime story and a glass of warm milk and a blessed potion of speed
<Death_Below> Because you want to fall asleep quickly.
<GreyKnight> A trap door in the ceiling opens up and a headache falls on Malpercio's head!
<GreyKnight> Luckily, he is wearing a tin foil hat.
<Death_Below> "You hear the studio audience applaud!"
#41 (-8) X February 28, 2013
<Death_Below> Embarassing thing to have on a tomb stone: "Killed by a pony."
<GreyKnight> What, more embarassing than the knight killed by a *kitten* earlier?
<Death_Below> The kitten won? I would have lost money on that bet.
<GreyKnight> I can just imagine a child raised on nethack who is getting his first real pet
<ais523> Death_Below: clearly you don't understand the NetHack foodchain
<ais523> ant > horse > cat > human
<Death_Below> He would be scared out of his mind of going to a pet store. :)
<GreyKnight> "Oh boy, a kitten! We're gonna go out and kill people and rob all the shops!"
<Death_Below> Ah, yes, of course.
<GreyKnight> Death_Below: especially if they have an ant farm O_O;
<Death_Below> "Son we just bought you the kitten today... I am so sorry, officer."
<Death_Below> "It is probably going to happen again; we are very bad parents."
<GreyKnight> Dad is wearing a T-shirt with a big "+3" scrawled on the front in marker pen
<GreyKnight> And mum is busy in the kitchen making dinner. "Black pudding again tonight, we still have leftovers"
<Death_Below> "And there is more coming up from the sink! Stop quaffing from there!"
<GreyKnight> Shut up or you won't get any slime mold and ice cream for afters!
<Malpercio> Death_Below: But... It's kicking sinks that summons puddings...
<Death_Below> "Stop kicking the sink, you little bastard child!" LD
<Death_Below> :D
<GreyKnight> Also, nobody is wearing trousers
<BlastHardcheese> they have to be wearing something, since you can sit on a cockatrice corpse without turning to stone
<BlastHardcheese> either that or they're very careful sitters
<Death_Below> They are wearing robes.
<GreyKnight> BlastHardcheese, they've got underwear on. They're not *savages*
<GreyKnight> (Apart from the barbarians)
#40 (-36) X February 28, 2013
<GreyKnight> Real question is, how does the alchemy get the djinni into the bottle??
<Wooble> GreyKnight: a wizard did it.
<GreyKnight> Wooble: since this is NetHack, we can say *the* Wizard did it

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