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#74 (-2) X February 28, 2013
< madness> stormbind: just protection racket
< madness> a jacket is body armour, yes ?
< Mucknert> yeah.. it tries to be ;)
* madness takes a risk
< paxed> hum... protection jacket for madness
#73 (4) X February 28, 2013
<GreyKnight> So, my theory: Croesus employs the leprechauns to steal gold from adventurers
<ais523> GreyKnight: I think there's actually in-game evidence of that, perhaps in past versions
<deve> then why aren't there any 'l's in ludios?
<ais523> at least, both Croesus and the leprechauns have been tied to the vaults at one time or another
<GreyKnight> Alternate theory: "Croesus" is actually just three leprechauns standing on each others' shoulders, under a trenchcoat
<ais523> perhaps the vaults used to be owned by leprechauns, but nowadays are owned by croesus instead?
<ais523> <GreyKnight> Alternate theory: "Croesus" is actually just three leprechauns standing on each others' shoulders, under a trenchcoat <-- I pretty much want to make that canon now ;)
<GreyKnight> ais523: hostile takeover?
<ais523> could be
<Rhino1005> you could make Croesus' death spawn 3 leprechauns where he died
<GreyKnight> Croesus bought up 51% shares in LepreVault Inc.
<Malpercio> 52%
<GreyKnight> ais523: simplest way seems to be to spawn three leprechaun corpses as a death drop, and leave no "Croesus" corpse?
<ais523> GreyKnight: yes
<ais523> this is not the time for frivolous changes like that, though
<ishanyx> GreyKnight, :D
<GreyKnight> "this is not the time" <-- so, remind you in late March, then? :o)
#72 (-27) X February 28, 2013
<GreyKnight> I always imagined that, when your character escapes the dungeon with a fake Amulet, the first thing he does is head to the pawn shop...
#71 (-12) X February 28, 2013
<Serel> I guess I can take my time with my Wiz though... Since a wizard is never late...
#70 (-21) X February 28, 2013
<intx14> I don't know.. I whistled him on literally 10 times in a row before, no change
<intx14> now i do it once, he's a red dragon
<intx14> are puddings less likely to poly up?
<BlastHardcheese> you whistled for your pet and when it came near
<GreyKnight> The license plate said "D" and it had flames in its gob
<billnye> GK: rhymes is fo suckaz
<GreyKnight> I thought about "flames from his rear" but that has unfortunate implications about dragon "breath" weapons
<billnye> yeah, smoke out its ears is the closest I came up with at a mental glance
<GreyKnight> Okay that works
<billnye> its breath was on fire and it had smoke out its ears?
<GreyKnight> If anything I could say that this mount was just fine // But I ain't got a saddle, let's go try the Mines!
#69 (-28) X February 28, 2013
<Rodney> Michagogo (Sam Hum Mal Law), 494 points, killed by a magic missile
<michagogo> No idea what I was doing at the end there
<GreyKnight> michagogo: being perforated, by the looks of it
#68 (-44) X February 28, 2013
<Berry>, line 156: "Sometimes "mu" is the answer."
<ishanyx> why is that a false rumor?
<ais523> ishanyx: I think the "true" and "false" files are actually organised into "contains useful spoilers" and "doesn't contain useful spoilers"
<ais523> where "useful" is a somewhat relative term
<GreyKnight> "Sometimes mu is the answer" is false because the answer is always "more splosions" :-D
<deve> but what does "mu" have to do with anything?
<GreyKnight> Deve: Q: What noise does a zen cow make?
<ishanyx> the sacred chao goes mu!
<deve> *sigh*
<deve> i mean in the context of nethack
<PsyMar> it has nothing to do with nethack, which is why it's in rumors.fal and not rumors.tru
<GreyKnight> Nothing, hence it's in the false file :-P
<PsyMar> rumors.fal also has "Help! I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory!" which only shows up from fortune cookies
<deve> a lot of rumors in the false file say exactly what NOT to do
<Guest41> Why did the cow fall off the roof? It lost its mu.
<GreyKnight> Guest41: did you hear the buddhist tale about the frozen dessert with wafers?
<GreyKnight> It is an ice-cream koan.
#67 (-16) X February 28, 2013
<Rodney> TwilightSparkle (Wiz Hum Fem Cha) wished for "blessed tinning kit named Even Trolls will know permadeath", on turn 16166
#66 (1) X February 28, 2013
<yhelothar> i almost won that game as a knight where the drawbridge fell on me
<yhelothar> fucking soldier with his wand
<GreyKnight> "I almost won if I hadn't died to a well-known cause of YASDs" :-P
<wrabbit_> :)
<yhelothar> yea the death doesn't count if it's a YASD :p
<yhelothar> so i've only died like twice in my 326 games
<GreyKnight> Lessons learned the hard way: drawbridges are high-powered atom smashers, steer clear
<xb95> haha
<GreyKnight> Oh please, if stupid deaths don't count then I've never died ever
<GreyKnight> What *does* count as dying, then? Suicide?
<yhelothar> hmmm
<yhelothar> nothing really
<Guest41> One lives one's death, one dies one's life.
<yhelothar> after you read all the spoilers all deaths are YASDs
<GreyKnight> Is it zen in here or is it just me
#65 (-44) X February 28, 2013
<yhelothar> yea i've been playing on and off since 2002
<yhelothar> never got around to ascending but i've read all the spoilers
<wrabbit_> 'never got around'
<yhelothar> hey
<GreyKnight> No time like the present
<yhelothar> i could if i wanted to >:O
<GreyKnight> Don't let us hold you back
<yhelothar> back in '04 i had a valkyrie that was on its way up from the sanctum and my comp crashed
<yhelothar> it was a local game and wasn't recovered
<stenno> local wouldn't have counted anyway
<yhelothar> that was my first time at near-ascending and i was so scarred that i didn't play for another 7 years
<yhelothar> also i didn't use elbereth
<yhelothar> because i thought elbereth was cheap
<yhelothar> i protection racketed tho
<yhelothar> which is kinda cheap i guess
<stenno> admit it, you pudding-farmed and got bored with it
<yhelothar> i am pretty bored with nethack
<yhelothar> my last wish was the blessed rustproof +2 Tsurugi of Muramasa
<yhelothar> i like watching more than playing
<stenno> a bad wish
<stenno> fair enough
<Malpercio> I like both
<Malpercio> but I don't tend to watch people I don't even know.
<stenno> i like playing, watching only in exceptional cases
<yhelothar> i also wished for a statue of Master Kaen once and tried to die by kicking it
<GreyKnight> I like making terrible puns and writing bits of code
<stenno> i like turtles
<yhelothar> code in what?
<GreyKnight> A computer usually

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