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#3828 (4) X March 20, 2022
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [xnh] qt (Mon Hum Mal Neu) tasted meat for the first time, by eating an iguana corpse, on T:5077
<qt> oops
<qt> stupid iguana, it didn't even taste good
#3827 (19) X March 19, 2022
Beholder: [hdf-eu] [nh370] Gandelf (Mon Hum Mal Neu) hit with a wielded weapon for the first time, on T:4139
Beholder: [hdf-eu] [nh370] Gandelf (Mon Hum Mal Neu) hit with a wielded weapon for the first time, on T:4141


Beholder: [hdf-eu] [nh370] Gandelf (Mon Hum Mal Neu) hit with a wielded weapon for the first time, on T:4225
Beholder: [hdf-eu] [nh370] Gandelf (Mon Hum Mal Neu) hit with a wielded weapon for the first time, on T:4226

Demo: hmm i have a feeling it wasnt his first time
nabru: just between friends, let's pretend it was his first time
#3826 (14) X March 13, 2022
<aosdict> lol I enter a throne room, the elvenqueen on the throne is surrounded by orcs, which when I wake them up begin to pummel her
<aosdict> there must have been some delicate diplomacy I interrupted
#3825 (8) X March 13, 2022
<Rodney> n2 (Hea Hum Fem Neu), 1430 points, T:3310, killed by a giant ant, while frozen by a monster's gaze
<perryprog> Go team diphthong!
#3824 (6) X March 13, 2022
<qt> paxed: add the ability to hurtle yourself please
<qt> it's so much fun
<qt> just caroming off walls and beating yourself to death
<qt> it's like bumper cars but the bumper is your thin, fragile skull
#3823 (4) X March 13, 2022
<mobileuser> cubes are fire resistant
<mobileuser> do they have any elemental weakness...
<mobileuser> @e?gelatinous cube
<Hecubus> gelatinous cube (b) | Lvl: 6 | Diff: 10 | Spd: 8 | Res: fire cold sleep shock poison acid petrification | Confers: fire cold sleep shock | MR: 0 | Generates: gehennom dungeons | AC: 8 | Attacks: 2d4 touch paralyze, 1d4 engulf wrap, 1d4 passive paralyze | Alignment: 0 | Flags: genocidable, omnivore, mindless, vegan
<mobileuser> not really :-)
<amateurhour> rip
<aosdict> they have a weakness to spoons wielded by people hungry for jello
#3822 (7) X March 9, 2022
<krm26> Evilhack definitely hits that sweet spot of ascension likelihood where I can *probably* do it but I'm going to having multiple heart attacks the whole time anyway
#3821 (8) X March 9, 2022
<krm26> i hate those games where you just slowly fade without any offensive capability
<krm26> would have been dead 10x over if i didn't have the sleazy psionic wave spell
<K2> sleazy?
<K2> what kind of illithid are you?
<krm26> I'M AN INFIDEL
<K2> you probably eat food like a *gasp* HUMAN
#3820 (6) X March 9, 2022
<krm26> jeez if only my cool GoP hadn't been insta-rusted away things would be different...then my daggers would do more than 1 damage
<K2> protect that investment
<krm26> or if my stupid god hadn't given me a CORNUTHAUM for my gift
<K2> i know i read the back scroll hah
<krm26> or a k2ornathaum as i call it
<K2> krm26plaint duly noted
#3819 (4) X March 9, 2022
<ChrisANG> Re: callandor: there was supposed to be a second Wheel of Time artifact. Vora's sa'angreal seems like the obvious candidate, but I haven't actually read that book series beyond the first book.
<riker> yeah I just never got around to coming up with a good and more importantly original stat set for the second one that fit anything
<riker> but also I think it's probably a good idea to drop initgend, since it's both annoying and insensitive
<lapis> If you wanted to keep them in you might be able to rig it up so that wielding one of those two prevents you from wielding the other
<riker> that's a good idea lapis
<riker> another idea I've jokingly considered in the past is having a callandor assigned gender (shuffling which gender it / the paired arti works with each game lol)
<riker> ACSAB (assigned crystal sword at birth)

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