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#3788 (14) X January 21, 2022
* Naeroon has joined #hardfought
<Naeroon> hello friends
<Pinkbeast> There are no friends, just people whose possessions haven't been identified yet.
<Pinkbeast> Er. Hello.
#3787 (16) X January 21, 2022
<krm26> the best thing about giants is being able to smash nymphs with boulders
<mobileuser> giant has an interesting balance between huge advantages and huge disadvantages
<aosdict> makes sense that giants would only have huge things
#3786 (8) X January 21, 2022
<Altem> ... carrot of polymorph
<Altem> The warhorse devours an uncursed carrot.  The warhorse turns into a purple worm!
<Andrio> Burrrp!
#3785 (7) X January 21, 2022
[Dagul is the balrog figurine in the Orc Temple Mines' End in EvilHack.]
<VaderFLAG> Not only was Dagul hostile, he killed my pet blue dragon :(
<aosdict> expected: 1 new pet
<aosdict> actual: -1 new pet
#3784 (17) X January 15, 2022
<jealousmonk> after rubbing a magic lamp and the djinni appearing, the lamp become an oil lamp?
<qt> yeah the djinni left so now it's a normal lamp
<qt> i wonder what that says about the source of permanent light from a magic lamp. is the djinni running on a little treadmill to power an led or something
#3783 (16) X January 15, 2022
<cbus> lol ice box with cockatrice corpse next to vibrating square
<bhaak> sure that's not a trap? sounds like an invitation for a YASD
#3782 (12) X January 15, 2022
<qt> this is sort of silly, i got a bunch of sleeping zoo ants spilling out into the hallway
<Umbire> zoo swarm generation is funny sometimes
<qt> maybe zoo monster creation should use MM_NOGRP to prevent this from happening
<qt> just make one at a time
<Croesus> [US] [D]: qt (Mon Hum Mal Neu), 24885 points, 9031 turns, killed by a hill giant, while fainted from lack of food
<qt> this is the fault of the hallway bees
<qt> or ants, whatever
<qt> pumping all these ants in is ruining the delicate balance of the zoo ecosystem
<amateurhour> couldn't pray for food qt?
<amateurhour> Chih Sung-tzu reaches down from the heavens and puts a hearty vegan meal directly into your stomach
<qt> i had food
<qt> i simply declined to eat it
<qt> i was on a hunger strike against hallway bees
<qt> i won't eat! 'til the zoos are neat!
<Demo> the only effective hunger strikes in nethack are dealt by famine
#3781 (15) X January 15, 2022
<Croesus> [US] shadowrider38 (Bar Orc Fem Cha) wished for "marker", on T:29086
<Croesus> [US] shadowrider38 (Bar Orc Fem Cha) wished for "marker", on T:29086
<Croesus> [US] shadowrider38 (Bar Orc Fem Cha) wished for "marker", on T:29087
<Croesus> [US] shadowrider38 (Bar Orc Fem Cha) wished for "marker", on T:29088
<Croesus> [US] shadowrider38 (Bar Orc Fem Cha) wished for "marker", on T:29089
<Croesus> [US] shadowrider38 (Bar Orc Fem Cha) wished for "marker", on T:29090
<Croesus> [US] shadowrider38 (Bar Orc Fem Cha) wished for "marker", on T:29384
<riker> shadow what in the world are you using all those markers for
<amateurhour> art project
<Shadow_Rider> feeling artsy
<mobileuser> studying to become a picture-painting demon
#3780 (11) X January 12, 2022
<perryprog> I want a helm of helpful dragons. When I'm about to step into water, an ice dragon first summons in and blasts me and the water with ice. Thanks, I say, as it begins attacking me.
<perryprog> Turning to stone? A helpful yellow dragon appears, blasts you, and also starts trying to kill you.
<perryprog> Actually, that's more of a homing beacon or lightning rod than a helm.
#3779 (15) X January 11, 2022
<Andrio> Rule #1 of Cleaver safety: Don't bring it into the Quest
<Andrio> Do not wield Cleaver at anything you do not intend to destroy. Always be aware of what could be hit other than the target. Always store Cleaver safely. If confusion, stunning or any mental state would make you a danger to yourself or others, stay away from Cleaver.
<Andrio> The same gun safety rules also apply to Stormbringer.
<Andrio> And any ranged weapon you can multishot with.
<K2> Four out of five dentists prefer Cleaver over other leading battle-axes

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