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 We just deleted a couple of rape-joke quotes. They were all negatively-valued, and at least one of them was rapidly getting downvoted into the asthenosphere, so you're not missing much.

If you are thinking of submitting a rape joke, be aware that you are just encouraging GreyKnight to go on a deletion spree. >:-)

See also: #xkcd's thoughts on the matter.


 Spam problem has been tamed (for now), and the quotes have been renumbered so there are no gaps.


 We have a bit of a spam problem at the minute. We are deleting them as fast as reasonably practical, apologies for any inconvenience. It looks like we might need to turn off the publicly-visible queue in order to get these clowns off the site.

Addendum: how about a nice CAPNTHLA?


 Does anyone have the "roiling black matter" quote? GreyKnight is offering a crate of slime molds to whoever can find it!

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