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#2395 (3) X May 15, 2018
<fishhoek> dtype ty for running the nao server btw. you are bringing joy to the world.
<Rodney> Aransentin (Sam Hum Mal Law), 1046 points, T:2287, killed by a blue jelly
<Elronnd> I'm sure Aransentin is feeling very joyful right now
#2843 (14) X December 29, 2019
<jabberwock> why does the chaotic artifact pool suck
<luxidream> because stormbringer is god tier
<jabberwock> strange balance though
<The Potion Seller> "The black blade draws the life from the other chaotic artis!"
#2694 (19) X May 30, 2019
<elenmirie_> slex needs more monsters like something with too much of something already needs more of that something
#2626 (5) X January 28, 2019
<Beholder> Raisse (Wiz Gno Fem Neu), 8240 points, T:7823, killed by a Green-elf
<raisse> gah, I wanted to make a snack of him
<raisse> but he made mincemeat of me
<Andrio> Om nom gnome
#699 (68) X May 11, 2013
<Tonttu2> ok, it seems that my Magicbane was delicious. that's nice. now that i ate it, does it exist in the game for wishing or even sacrificing purposes?
#1597 (52) X June 23, 2014
< Raisse\TS> You cough! The Elvenking gets angry!
< greeter> rofl awesome
< Raisse\TS> sorry, Your Majesty, I seem to have caught a cold.
< greeter> apparently they don't take kindly to lung disease
#2837 (16) X December 9, 2019
<Menche> when another devteam member dies, which is bound to happen sometime, will all of their contributions become unchangeable
<LarienTelrunya> I hope that when I die (which hopefully won't happen anytime soon), all of slex will become unchangeable
<K2> i read 'unplayable'
#2396 (4) X May 16, 2018
[Context: 2017 Junethack tournament results]
<@FIQ> looks like noty got the same amount of trophies
<@FIQ> but ascended more variants
<@FIQ> all but spork, grunt, 4k and slex
<@FIQ> LarienTelrunya did all but spork, grunt, dnh, 4k, fh, slex
<stennowork> i ascended all variants too apart from 3.6.0, spork, un, grunt, dnethack, nethack4, fourk, fiqhack, dynahack and slex
<@FIQ> stennowork: :)
#1329 (39) X July 15, 2013
< Tek-69> a man walks into an armor shop, he looks at the shopkeeper an says "nice mimic" the shopkeeper say's "That's no mimic, THAT'S MY WIFE!".
#2184 (22) X October 8, 2017
<LarienTelrunya> YANI: walking into a peaceful monster displaces it, just like a pet. There, no more annoyances on levels like the ranger quest home.
<Grasshopper> LarienTelrunya, oh God yes - the ranger quest level always makes me groan
<LarienTelrunya> :) watchmen in certain town levels are similarly annoying
<Grasshopper> especially when you are trying to run away from something trying to eat you
<Grasshopper> Hero: "Constable, help! Help, that nasty monster is trying to kill me!" Watchman: "Stop bothering me! I'm so apathetic I don't even care if you kill the local townfolk, but whatever you do - don't drink from the fountain!"
#310 (35) X March 1, 2013
<S1G> staircases for sale!
<Rodney> S1G (Wiz Elf Fem Cha), 29594 points, T:14057, killed by a giant mimic
#2382 (10) X April 25, 2018
<Rodney> goast (Wiz Orc Mal Cha), 1408 points, T:2398, killed by a hallucinogen-distorted hobgoblin, while unconscious from rotten food
<Novel> now that's thorough
<playultm8> that's why i always eat in a locked closet
<Novel> yes, but what about your nethack character?
<playultm8> he eats willy-nilly all over the damn dungeon.
#125 (25) X March 1, 2013
<ChrisS67> Welcome to NetHack! The kitten is hit by a rock! The kitten is killed!
#682 (10) X March 24, 2013
<OmegaCenti> oh nice, so I am as smart as I can possible get
#127 (16) X March 1, 2013
<as-> I never use the E word
<as-> (just the F word after I should've used the E word)
#2775 (3) X October 10, 2019
<Umby> next game, find armor immediately, but it's chain mail and likely cursed, and kitten dies to a fucking fox
<luxidream> don't get emotionally attached to your nethack pet
<Umby> who said anything about emotions
<AntiVirus> yes much like pets IRL they don't live as long as you
<Umby> I'm looking for basic fucking competence here
<Umby> see, most of my pets thus far haven't died to the first enemy they've seen though
<jonathanha> Never worry about your starting pet dying with this one easy trick! Hackers hate him!
<jonathanha> OPTIONS=nopet
#624 (3) X March 15, 2013
< Graylight> so... is Giantslayer +5 to hit against all or only against Giants?
< art> Only giants, I think.
< billnye> you'd think giants would be easy to hit no matter your weapon ;D
#1969 (10) X December 17, 2016
<+Athame_> [dnh] Siegiusjr (Pir Dro Mal Neu), 708 points, T:1498, killed by Ms. Walbrzych, the shopkeeper
<Lorskel> ... wait what
<Lorskel> Walbrzych is a Polish city
<Lorskel> wtf
<Lorskel> dnethack what are you doing
<@bhaak> Lorskel: TYL that NetHack uses city names for naming shopkeepers of the same profession
<Lorskel> Is there a shopkeeper named Mexico City
<@bhaak> no, because Mexico City is not known for anything that NetHack shopkeepers sell
<@bhaak> but there is one named "at the hole" (translated) which is weird as hell
<Lorskel> Wait what does Walbrzych sell
<Lorskel> Walbrzych is a shithole
<LarienTelrunya> Lorskel: liquor
<@kerio> lmao
<Lorskel> Yep
<Lorskel> That'll do
#2276 (11) X January 9, 2018
<LarienTelrunya> PEW PEW PEW (it continues to amaze me that when polymorphed into something like a unicorn, I can still fire my bow :D)
<rikersan> lol
<rikersan> do you really like ranged attacks or smth
<rikersan> or is it because of things like that sessile passive death monster >_>
<LarienTelrunya> well I can reach legendary bow skill with this char, so I'm mainly using a bow
<LarienTelrunya> but now it's time to get close and personal (read: I shot all my arrows away and cannot get at the ones in my bag due to lack of hands, so I need to melee stuff in the room where all my arrows are)
<rikersan> lol
#2082 (8) X June 3, 2017
<Demo_> wow
<Demo_> slex is like eating those weird flavoured jelly beans
<Demo_> but its like eating a big handful at once
<Demo_> so ur mouth tastes like peachy seafood dogshit blueberry soap vomit
#121 (8) X March 1, 2013
<stenno1> i will be online at work
<rawrmage> oh
<stenno1> my boss is at the doctor so i can do some other stuff
<rawrmage> lol
<rawrmage> i should be writing an essay as well so
<bhaak> nethack: bringing down the working power of computerized nations since 1984
#1 (11) X February 28, 2013
< mwk> I tried to fix the bug I mentioned, but I accidentally ascended the character I started for testing... hoped she'd die soon and I could get to coding, but alas I was wrong
#2498 (2) X September 22, 2018
<aosdict> tinker toys are more pleasant to step on accidentally than legos
<jonadab> Four-sided dice, whatever you've got handy that's small.
<jonadab> Jacks.
<jonadab> Marbles.
<K2> if you're being chased, those actually work
<aosdict> marbles can be quite painful to accidentally step on K2, even at low speeds
<K2> i'd throw down a combo of jacks, marbles and legos
<K2> take that ninjas chasing me
<Pinkbeast> Ninja: "Er, I was on the ceiling. Sorry."
#499 (68) X March 6, 2013
* madness hopes no-one was watching him repeatedly sit on an orcish dagger before he realised he wasn't sitting on a throne
< madness> "It's not very comfortable"
#2381 (11) X April 24, 2018
<LarienTelrunya> hi ais523_! you have the honor of having gotten an entry dedicated to you in slex's data.base encyclopedia! :)
<ais523_> LarienTelrunya: what does it say? and is it for ais523_ or just ais523?
<@FIQ> it is for ais*
<LarienTelrunya> ais523_: here's the entry: <snipped link>
<ais523_> I'm not clicking links to slex at work :-P
<NCommander> SLEX - proving you can make github NSFW
#1934 (8) X September 16, 2016
<@AmyBSOD> Heliokopis: if you were Lorskel, you could just cast acid stream at yourself to cure it :)
<@strangebot> [slex] Lorskel (Aci Ung Mal Cha), 1397 points, killed by self-genocide
<Heliokopis> He is an acid spiller? ew
<Lorskel> acid mage, thanx you very much
<Heliokopis> acid mage? Ouch
<Lorskel> basically a wizard with starting acid flavour
<@AmyBSOD> there were flame and ice mages in SLASH'EM, but no lightning, poison or acid mages for some reason.
<@AmyBSOD> So I added those. I've never seen anyone play a poison mage though, probably because everyone assumes that poison sucks (and they are right).
<Heliokopis> lol
<Lorskel> well if poison worked differently in nethack (damage over time) it might've been good
#2263 (6) X December 30, 2017
<jonadab> Hmm, if I changed my nick to thw, then I could rename my variant thwhack.
#2504 (3) X October 3, 2018
<Luxidream> q - / an uncursed wand of death (0:7)
<Luxidream> I just killed the GWTWOD
<aosdict> Or, you killed the Gnome Whose Corpse Materialized A Wand Of Death As The Life Fled From It.
<Luxidream> not sure which of the two is more likely
#264 (13) X March 1, 2013
<Keolah> ... so, from the looks of things, a goblin zapped itself with a wand of polymorph and turned into a lichen. A second goblin came up and went "Ooh! Wand!" and also turned into a lichen.
<SrsWisski> keolah - hows that? :O
<Keolah> I heard zap-clanks and found two lichens next to a couple caps.
<Keolah> With the wand in question ;p
#821 (14) X July 8, 2013
<SpeedEvil> My connection is slowed slightly because of my downloading po^h^hlinux distributions.
#1630 (15) X September 11, 2014
< Stevie-O> I must be leading a healthy lifestyle
< Stevie-O> I disagree
< Stevie-O> If I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle I would have pressed < on T:1
#2456 (9) X July 19, 2018
<picaresquieu> 33000 turns is sort of a minor achievement
<picaresquieu> I believe that was the turn on which Jesus Christ Himself ascended
<K2> heh
<Pinkbeast> Yeah, but Jesus saves so much, I reckon he's scumming
<picaresquieu> Still a pretty cool trick he does, reverse-diluting all his waters into booze
<Pinkbeast> And Calvinist predestination sounds like manipulating the initial RNG state to me
<picaresquieu> Also has the coveted water walking intrinsic
#1770 (10) X August 13, 2015
<jonadab> Nice Patch Idea: amnesia can sometimes be temporary, in which case it times out.
<Bluescreen> Yes, but the game would need to remember which items have been forgotten temporarily...
<jonadab> Yes.
<Bluescreen> "NetHack reads a scroll of amnesia! NetHack feels its memories dissolve."
#2030 (10) X March 27, 2017
== LarienTelrunya has joined #slashemextended
<TheresaMayBot> Die-Far-ben-sind-sehr-flau-schel-bau-schig!
<bug_sniper> Dierolling farlook-expanded bent see-indestructable sees-evil-hourly flaunting schedule-learner who is bau-gendered and school-ignostic-aligned
<LarienTelrunya> ...what? is that supposed to be a metaphor for a slex character? :D
<bug_sniper> it's my guess as to what whatever TheresaMayBot said stands for
<LarienTelrunya> oh. well, it's German, and means something like "The colors are very fleece-bouffant!"
#172 (50) X March 1, 2013
< GovernorRocknar> oh
< GovernorRocknar> what the hell was I thinking
< Rodney> Rocknar (Pri Hum Mal Cha), 1290 points, petrified by tasting cockatrice meat
< Wooble> haha
< GovernorRocknar> I thought it was a pancake
#1731 (14) X June 1, 2015
<raisse\splat> argh, Thoth is satisfied but doesn't fix my 2/11 HP.
<FalseLobster> that's because he's satisfied with it
<raisse\splat> but I'm not!
<greeter\deminewt> that's usually how it goes
#1831 (6) X December 20, 2015
< stenno> in my 3.6.0 win i had the force not hitting at all, but then hitting like 10 times in the last 5 levels
< ais523> the force is pretty variable
< ilbelkitty> NextVersion: The Force Awakens
< ilbelkitty> i'll see myself out.
#2144 (8) X August 5, 2017
* raisse imagines a kitten picking up a forked polearm
<raisse> I mean a KITTEN
<raisse> size of my hand
<raisse> even a grown Maine Coon couldn't do that IRL
#1929 (9) X August 29, 2016
* ChrisE thinks dragon arpeggios should be added.
< raisse> how do you do a dragon arpeggio?
< ChrisE> Play the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes of a dragon scale?
< raisse> ah right
< raisse> I thought dragon scales were to weigh dragons on
#2646 (6) X February 22, 2019
<Beholder> rebatela (Mon Hum Mal Neu) bribed Baalzebub with 1 zorkmid for safe passage, on T:35769
<ShivanHunter> economy really hitting Gehennom hard, I see
#129 (7) X March 1, 2013
<bcode> (Tooled |Unicode |Frost |Fire )horns are nice :)
<bcode> s/Unicode/Unicorn/ D:
<ChrisS67> Unicode horn?
<Utsuho_Reiuji> Unicode horn sounds useful
<blackcustard> s/y//
<Grunt> The glyphs appear scrambled. You can't read them! What do you want to apply? (f - a Unicode horn) You feel less confused now.
#843 (13) X July 8, 2013
<Shawn2> does eating a silver dragon corpse give any intrinsics?
<greycat> no
<Anden> reflection intrinisic would be nice
<ek|M> eating a silver dragon has a 70% chance of gaining the "satiated" intrinsic
#347 (36) X March 2, 2013
<sk_> You cannot escape from the lichen!
<sk_> what a powerful creature i am!
#2157 (18) X August 28, 2017
<bug_sniper> evil patch idea: pickaxes that you can't drop or put away, keeping you from entering shops until you uncurse them
<FIQ> they exist
<FIQ> they're called cursed pickaxes
<NeroOneTrueKing> they even prevent you from wielding a different weapon!
#2849 (18) X December 30, 2019
<LarienTelrunya> You see here a fluorescent potion. It explodes!
<LarienTelrunya> You are caught in a blast of kaleidoscopic light! You are freaked out.
<LarienTelrunya> probably a potion of hallucination
#1540 (5) X April 21, 2014
<Rodney> quimoniz (Tou Hum Fem Neu), 299 points, T:995, killed by a jackal
<quimoniz> !role
<Rodney> The RNG says: Tourist
#2295 (17) X January 24, 2018
<itsblah> if this was a computer program the undead exception would be dead code
* ChrisE zaps a wand of undead turning at the dead code.
<Andrio> You have summoned Skynet! You are terrified, and unable to move.
#2602 (2) X December 22, 2018
<oh6> "For you, honored dark lord; only 20 zorkmids for this tin opener."
<aosdict> Now he alters the deal, and #pray he doesn't alter it further
#2195 (7) X October 22, 2017
<LarienTelrunya> there's one line in lev_comp.l that defines the valid glyphs for a .des map, and all I need to do is add the glyphs I want to add and then it'll (probably) work :)
<@Elronnd> good luck!
<LarienTelrunya> thanks!
<GoldenIvy> @Elronnd> good luck << she'll need it ;P
<LarienTelrunya> heh, it should actually be rather easy, but with nethack code you can't really be sure, sometimes it throws error messages when you know everything should work
<GoldenIvy> well youve just described every code on the face of this planet :P
<Elronnd> GoldenIvy: lol...too true :P
#675 (89) X March 15, 2013
< SpeedEvil> I'd forgotten how much I hate mind flayers.

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