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#3402 (5) X March 18, 2021
<{Demo}> my number one nethack speedrunning strat is to play luxidream ttyrecs and press keys really fast and pretend it is me playing
<amateurhour> that's actually a great idea Demo I shall do that on Sunday
<{Demo}> better yet, do that to ais's tas
<{Demo}> I'm actually the rightful owner of the "Stella" hardfought account and would like to claim the speedrun.com leaderboard position of it and also state that aoei has just been pretending to own that account, unknowingly to me, and stealing credit for all my runs
<{Demo}> ^another speed running strat
#1708 (2) X April 15, 2015
<Khor> Games randomly ending with nothing you can do about it is not fun, Bluescreen.
<Bluescreen> Yeah I know. But it only happens very rarely.
<Khor> One of he fun things about nethack is how you can work arround almost any situation.
<Bluescreen> The "almost" is still there in slex...
<Khor> If I die in nethack I think "What could I have done to avoid it."
<Khor> And usually find the answer.
<Khor> When I die in slex what I think is very different.
<Bluescreen> let me guess, it's like "what the effing eff was the dev woman smoking???"
#2381 (8) X April 24, 2018
<LarienTelrunya> hi ais523_! you have the honor of having gotten an entry dedicated to you in slex's data.base encyclopedia! :)
<ais523_> LarienTelrunya: what does it say? and is it for ais523_ or just ais523?
<@FIQ> it is for ais*
<LarienTelrunya> ais523_: here's the entry: <snipped link>
<ais523_> I'm not clicking links to slex at work :-P
<NCommander> SLEX - proving you can make github NSFW
#687 (3) X April 16, 2013
<ais523> however, doing one large rewrite at a time is probably the better idea
<kerio> i didn't know it was possible, but my confidence in the existance of a future nethack 4 release dropped
<ais523> kerio: who knows, maybe the 3.4.3 devteam are doing the same as us
<stenno> who knows
<kerio> i have the exact same confidence regarding a nethack 4 release as i have for a nethack release
#3026 (12) X May 10, 2020
<krm26> I've decided I don't miss magic markers at all, I just polypile for my scrolls now
<K2> there's a guaranteed one coming up
<K2> sanctum
<hackedhead> nethack dissonance: "This is the high altar of the most highest evil in these vast depths! Tremble in AWE and FEAR!"
<hackedhead> "Oh yeah? Whatcha keep in here, then?"
<hackedhead> "Crayola."
#704 (33) X May 22, 2013
< Stevko> I got Ogresmasher from altar as wizard. What to do with it?
< ChrisE> Stevko: Smash ogres?
< ChrisE> (Or possibly mash them, depending on how you parse it.)
< Stevko> No ogres around.
< ChrisE> Eat it?
< Stevko> resmash ogs
#2336 (5) X March 20, 2018
<dizzylizzy> looking through the C source is like realizing you were probably born in Greece, but moved away at the age of 6, and are trying to read Greek again after 40 years away
<zid> and nethack isn't even written in C, as an added bonus :P
<zid> It's written in a local dialect on crete
<dizzylizzy> NetHacros
#3110 (13) X July 25, 2020
<Menchers> I let my little dog become a large dog
<riker> they grow up so fast, don't they?
<Menchers> when I let it kill stuff, yeah
<riker> feels like just a minute ago Sirius was just a little dog, and that newt was still alive
<riker> went by in a blink of a (floating) eye
#1395 (25) X August 17, 2013
<Cheekio> I like to think of the dev team as jesus christ
<aaxelb> it's been more than three days
#113 (6) X March 1, 2013
<leprasmurf> hi all...just came across an item I've never seen before, and there's no reference on the wiki...is it safe to eat a soul?
#3656 (10) X September 18, 2021
<Zefnar> I’ve heard the term “impossibles” a few times - what does it mean? Like a glitch?
<amateurhour> have you ever seen 'Program in disorder!'?
<Zefnar> No don’t think so
<ais523> it's a situation where the actual state of the game doesn't match what the programmers expected could be possible at that point
<Kes> Impossible = NetHack yells at you, but continues to run. Panic = NetHack yells at you, then explodes.
#2147 (16) X August 5, 2017
<raisse> You begin to memorize the runes. The gnomish wizard points at you, then curses.
<raisse> "Damn! That's MY spellbook!"
#3590 (3) X August 2, 2021
<Ann> can i stone him?
<Umbire> ye
<Umbire> more than likely anyway
<Ann> i stoned him
<Umbire> Otherwise if you go the standard route, you need free acction
<Ann> it's ok
<Umbire> (or MC3 failing that)
<Ann> i stoned him
<Umbire> I know but I may as well expound anyway
#2706 (5) X July 24, 2019
<NCommander> K2, my first ascension had a two year time on it
<NCommander> K2, I had started a game on NAO, saved, came back two years later to play nethack, and ended up ascensing
<@K2> well thats just being lazy :P
<NCommander> K2, I go through nethack phases
<@K2> ^ kidding
<@K2> oh i do also
<@K2> they are losing, really losing, astral splat, wtf just happened, occasional win, lose really bad
#3406 (9) X March 21, 2021
<mobileuser> "The invisible vampire mage is eating noisily." lol
<aosdict> sounds like you need an inaudible vampire mage instead
#3587 (3) X July 30, 2021
<luxidream> having played cursed instruments in real life
<luxidream> they should not be able to make tonal sounds
#2846 (17) X December 30, 2019
<{Demo}> ugh wtf, i cant summon demo with an invocation candle?
<{Demo}> wtf is the point of being able to summon demons if i cant summon demo?
<aosdict> Just genocide n.
<aosdict> Then your demons will become demos.
#3400 (8) X March 18, 2021
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [seed] antigulp (Val Dwa Fem Law), 12499 points, T:5782, [0:34:51], poisoned by a quasit
* AntiGulp joined #hardfought
<AntiGulp> Allow me, if you would, a brief moment of salt.
* AntiGulp clears her throat; taps microphone
<AntiGulp> Fuck deadly poison. Thank you.
#3451 (14) X April 30, 2021
<mackeyth> OMG, there's a blue dragon. And right next to the door.
<mackeyth> I NEED BDSM
<mackeyth> Um, that came out wrong
#2921 (4) X March 5, 2020
<raisse> K2: I notice only now that in the 'j' menu on hdf every config has the same letter as the variant has to play
<raisse> this is brilliant
<@K2> that's Tangles doing. I make no claim to brilliance
<+aosdict|work> try wearing the helm of it
<@K2> i cant
<@K2> my dunce cap gets in the way
#790 (9) X July 8, 2013
< richard-> i see that both purple h and H are able to very wicked.
< itsblah> yes, they are
< itsblah> in fact, purple tends to be nasty in general
< itsblah> you have your quest nemeses, the riders, major demons, towels, archons, titans, flayers, etc
< richard-> grid bugs
< itsblah> as i said, purple tends to be nasty
#3218 (8) X November 1, 2020
<Bugpowder> Suffer infidel!
<Bugpowder> oops
<Umbire> What did you do Bugs
<Bugpowder> Tried to convert the altar in Orcus Lair
<Bugpowder> I'm rusty
<Bugpowder> thoroughly rusty
<Bugpowder> like my aklys
#1382 (10) X July 29, 2013
<zuzak> What does "x tastes terrible!" mean?
<RedFeather> zuzak: nothing
<zuzak> aw
<RedFeather> it's pure ... flavor
#3141 (7) X August 21, 2020
<bouquet> I haven't really played for, like, a month. That's about 50 years in bouquet.
<bouquet> my laptop died 3 days after the 3 year warranty ended :( Had to use a etch-a-sketch while I waited for the replacement.
<riker> nethack etch-a-sketch port when?
<aosdict> "ok, now I'll draw the @ moving one space closer to the :..."
#2615 (9) X January 8, 2019
<aosdict> raisse: YASI if confused and dipping for excalibur: "From the murky depths, a hand reaches up to bless the sword. In your confusion, you attack it! You cut it off!"
<aosdict> I can see this making a silly dudley strip actually
<[Demo]6> shouldnt you get a severed hand then?
<aosdict> f - the Hand of Elbereth
#1178 (9) X July 10, 2013
< dhalgren> You find an invisible black light posing as a statue.
< dhalgren> I wonder what that looked like
#722 (3) X June 2, 2013
<nooodl> oh right fire brand destroys stuff
<nooodl> perfect
<nooodl> i hate stuff
#2488 (7) X September 4, 2018
== ais523 [~ais523@unaffiliated/ais523] has joined #hardfought
<+raisse> argh a mind flayer
== ais523 [~ais523@unaffiliated/ais523] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
<+aosdict> after considering the matter for 7 minutes, ais523 decides that he does not, in fact, like mind flayers
== ais523 [~ais523@unaffiliated/ais523] has joined #hardfought
<+LarienTelrunya> or he's not sure whether he wants to suck raisse's brain ;)
<+raisse> the mind flayer did want to suck my brain, in fact, but I have mintc set to 15000
<ais523> ?
<+raisse> ais523: <raisse posts the backscroll>
<ais523> oh, this is just my connection being terrible
#1943 (10) X October 15, 2016
<+Athame> [fh] K2 (k2) (Val Hum Fem Law), 71216 points, T:20007, killed by a death field
<K2> FIQ: so soldier's spawn being automatically skilled or expert with wands? :(
<FIQ> soldiers are skilled in wands yes
<K2> FIQ: a magic-user type i could understand spawning being skilled with wands. but a grunt soldier?
<FIQ> K2: makes soldiers actually pose a threat
<K2> hah... that's not a threat. that's instakill
<FIQ> and also makes flavour sense, since they aren't magicians, they at least learned how to decently handle wands
<LarienTelrunya> K2: even more aggravating is when they spawn with lightning, because then all of your wands in open inventory are simply gone, and there is zero resistance against that.
<K2> FIQ: i have no problem with the wand balancing. but I believe the skills should fit the role. you're not going to see a gnomish wizard or orc shaman running around in full armor swinging a two-handed sword
<FIQ> K2: I do too
<FIQ> I tried to balance difficulty with flavour and balance
<FIQ> in fact I did have a "ruleset" for what skill to give what monster
<K2> what was the deciding factor in regular soldiers being skilled with a magic device such as a wand?
<FIQ> because of them being mercenaries and built to kill
<FIQ> and considering they spawn with wands
<FIQ> and use them quite often
<FIQ> my logical conclusion was that they had some proficiency with it
<K2> ok
<K2> even an LT I could see being skilled at wands
<K2> but not a soldier or even a sergeant
* K2 is an infantry sergeant in the US army. he isnt skilled at wands
<FIQ> ... because wands doesn't exist irl :P
#2465 (4) X July 29, 2018
<LarienTelrunya> why do I need legs to jump? apparently the lack of those means I can't jump while polymorphed into a snake :(
<PavelB> Pretty sure snakes can't jump.
#7 (124) X February 28, 2013
< aaxelb> The black unicorn catches the Heart of Ahriman. The black unicorn is not interested in your junk.
#2931 (5) X March 12, 2020
<{Demo}> wait yeah how does the time travel work
<{Demo}> like how is it powered
<{Demo}> and who figured out how to do it
<Tarmunora> magic
<ChrisANG> It works because Illsensine is changing the shape of the universe, to be toroidal.
<riker> why is she doing that?
<riker> so she can be everywhere at once?
<Tarmunora> to make it into a giant donut
<Tarmunora> and then eat the donut
<riker> makes sense
#3324 (10) X January 22, 2021
<qt> sort of silly that quest messages don't respect deafness
<qt> does the quest leader beam stuff directly into your brain
#2409 (4) X May 29, 2018
infinigon | "Take off your boots; let me rub your feet." You float gently to the floor. A trap door opens up under you! "Shall I remove your gloves, sweetheart?"
infinigon | ???
infinigon | I'm already through the floor babe
#3206 (4) X October 20, 2020
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [ndnh] amateurhour (Acu Hum Mal Law), 162 points, T:679, poisoned by a rotted newt corpse
<qt_> rotten way to go
#3054 (10) X May 31, 2020
<@microlance> oh, amulet of reflection in spawn room and frostbrand in the first shop this game. im using up all my rng
<musicdemon> wowwww
<@microlance> this healer could go places, like getting killed by a wand of fire in the mines.
#2014 (14) X February 28, 2017
<Crawldragon> No legs to kick with?
<LarienTelrunya> yep, argonians don't have legs
<LarienTelrunya> IIRC they could not wear boots in Morrowind either, which was very annoying!
<Crawldragon> Apparently my rear region feels somewhat better
<Crawldragon> That's good because I frequently abuse my rear region
<Crawldragon> or rather it is abused on a regular basis
#2453 (7) X July 18, 2018
<Wooble> I can't tell if that's something you made up, or a copy-paste from SLEX. it's like poe's law for nethack.
#3273 (4) X December 9, 2020
<stenno> i got #2
<stenno> and i am the only one apart from luxidream getting all roles in tnnt
<stenno> finally i have new bragging material
<stenno> my old material was getting a bit stale
<amateurhour> what's your new dragging material?
<stenno> bragging
<amateurhour> bragging rather yeah
<stenno> my dragging material is of course iron hook
#2437 (5) X June 30, 2018
[Junethack: Luxidream ascended about 30 parked characters in a row]
<@K2> @luxidream goddamn dude... well played
<@K2> i counted 30 rapid fire ascensions
<[Demo][srn]1> yes its insane
<[Demo][srn]1> 30 in a whole month wow
<[Demo][srn]1> + all the other ones
<@K2> i want to say congrats... but that seems inadequate
<[Demo][srn]1> right yeah
<@K2> i want to ask 'who was your sponsor so i dont have to work for an entire month and just play nethack'
<stenno\ito> i would also be interested in that sponsor
<greqrg> haha
<stenno\ito> i'd offer to name the account after the sponsor
<stenno\ito> professional nethacking might finally become a thing
<greqrg> [hdf-us] [dyn] FORD TOUGH (stenno) (Pri Hum Mal Neu), 115200 points, T:52763, ascended
<greqrg> lol
<greqrg> That would be great
<@K2> [hdf-us] [dyn] Depends undergarment protection sponsorship (Luxidream) (Arc Dwa Fem Law), 108246 points, T:49482, ascended
<Muad> haha
#2502 (4) X September 24, 2018
<aosdict> YANI: Ghosts have a reusable attack which scares you to death and paralyzes you. Maybe turn their physical touch attack into a paralyze attack.
<oh6> I dunno, you shouldn't ought to get freaked out over and over again by a ghost
<oh6> "AAAA a ghost" ... "AAAA still a ghost" ... "AAAA still still a ghost"
#129 (12) X March 1, 2013
<bcode> (Tooled |Unicode |Frost |Fire )horns are nice :)
<bcode> s/Unicode/Unicorn/ D:
<ChrisS67> Unicode horn?
<Utsuho_Reiuji> Unicode horn sounds useful
<blackcustard> s/y//
<Grunt> The glyphs appear scrambled. You can't read them! What do you want to apply? (f - a Unicode horn) You feel less confused now.
#512 (39) X March 6, 2013
< joshk> wtf is a fixed pancake
< joshk> it doesn't show up as fixed
< joshk> g - a greased pancake.
< joshk> lol
< joshk> that must taste like shit
< cbus> hehe yeah :)
< cbus> fireproof pancake ;)
< cbus> unburnable
< cbus> even the lousiest chef can't destroy it!
#3091 (2) X July 10, 2020
<KnightLite> dammit, the dreaded purple h of the gnomish mines... thankfully that ESP amulet means I can avoid it for a bit, but.... dang.
<KnightLite> I really wish mindflayers would be reassigned to a different letter
<elenmirie__> well, if they were it would stop a lot of innocent hobbits and dwarves being genocided all the time
<Rodney> klindahl (Pri Elf Fem Cha), 925 points, T:1751, killed by a dwarf
#1404 (109) X September 6, 2013
<permagreen> People may think it's too much effort to keep a pet around, but it is for precisely this moment that it's very useful to have a particularly viscous kitten on your side
<theRaisse> The kitten flows under the door!
<permagreen> Dang autocorrect...
#2316 (7) X March 2, 2018
<stennowork> whats that figurine of a gridbug, just for a stupid ascension trick?
<zid> replace with an archon if you think they're better
<zid> grid bugs op, they kill a lot of people
<zid> archons have relatively few player kills, ergo they must be weaker, qed
#2614 (14) X January 6, 2019
<Tangles> What do you want to read? [AMY or ?*]
<Tangles> Nobody can read that.
<aosdict> with lenses, I can make something out... it involves... bundles...
#3229 (3) X November 7, 2020
<AB5NI> To eat a tengu or not, is the question. One rite under me
<stenno> AB5NI: only if you have ring of teleport control
<Muad> AB5NI, i like to play tengu lottery =)
<stenno> lol angel and devil
#2176 (7) X September 27, 2017
<bug_sniper> would be nice if I could borrow the shopkeeper's shotgun
<bug_sniper> or orcus's wand of death
<FIQ> "borrow"
<LarienTelrunya> "Hey Orcus, I need to kill Rodney real quick! You'll get your wand back once I zapped him to death!"
<bug_sniper> over his dead body, he can have it back
#2201 (13) X October 30, 2017
<aosdict> If we add cyan dragons with wind powers, their scales should grant the speed + slow res
<greqrg> "The cyan dragon blows out your candle!"
<Lux> "It is the cyan dragon's birthday! The cyan dragon may wish for an object."

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