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#3429 (6) X April 7, 2021
<aoei> if you use linux.2020 hints file run make with -WANT_WIN_CURSES=1
<ChrisE> Presumably the cursed hints file contains false rumours about your system? :P
<docpi> Gentlefolk, I have tried to play a game of nethack as a priest, and except for a decent run down to Mines End, I keep dying in corridors where floating eyes, acid blobs, puddings, and oozes either corrode my stuff away or freeze me inconveniently helpless, Is this nornmal for a non-wizard? As a wizard, I usually force bolt my way through corridor obstacles.
<aosdict> aoei: I've found that I need to specify both WANT_WIN_TTY=1 and WANT_WIN_CURSES=1 to get both ports building.
#2179 (15) X September 27, 2017
<LarienTelrunya> K2: will you introduce your cute daughter to slex too? also, I'd like to greet her with a *bundlebundlebundle*, can you tell her that from me? ;)
<K2> lol
<K2> 1) no 2) sure
<FIQ> "daddy what does bundlebundlebundle mean?"
<K2> it means run away and dont look back
<Khor> If a stranger offers you variants. Run away.
<K2> hahahah
<FIQ> "eyy kid, wanna try some variants"
<K2> i got some grunthack here in my van
<Khor> "this one has hundreds of races"
#2301 (9) X January 31, 2018
<diocletian> query: if you're playing as a range and you successfully polymorph, does that make you a mighty morphin power ranger?
<diocletian> Well I guess that joke went over like a loadstone
<Andrio> Probably, yeah.
<diocletian> why is this lame dungeon giving me so many magic whistles
<Andrio> In response to your joke.
#3127 (18) X August 6, 2020
<bubbles> what's a fun role in dnh that isn't ana or inc or binder?
<Tangles> Pirate? :)
<bubbles> Pirate is built on a house of lies
<bubbles> you start with a SHATTERPROOF obsidian cutlass
<bubbles> use it to #force a chest
<bubbles> It SHATTERS
<bubbles> !?!?!?!
#3349 (3) X February 8, 2021
<LarienTelrunya> lol I actually clicked on the ad and read the anime, and now I want to see the next chapter :P
<LarienTelrunya> dang, but it requires me to verify that I'm over 18 years old
<LarienTelrunya> do I have to put my identity card in the CD drive or something to scan it?
<luxidream> "You are the one millionth visitor to this place! Please wait 200 turns for your wand of wishing."
<Pinkbeast> "Dear friend in Tyr, I am MRS CROESUS, widow of the late King Croesus, who left me Zm 2,000,000 (TWO MILLION YENDORIAN ZORKMIDS) ..."
#1610 (4) X July 16, 2014
<Rodney> MaryHadALittle (Rog Hum Fem Cha), 10602 points, T:7209, poisoned by a giant spider
<DredNicolson> Mary had an archon pet. She's pacifist you know. And right onto a levport trap. Her pet was sure to go.
#220 (9) X March 1, 2013
< Rodney> Cooter (Hea Hum Fem Neu), 769 points, killed by a giant ant called SOME ARMOR AT SOME POINT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE HERMES YOU DICK
#127 (26) X March 1, 2013
<as-> I never use the E word
<as-> (just the F word after I should've used the E word)
#1845 (17) X January 9, 2016
<moller> i took off all of my armor to play with a nurse and she teleported away. i put a towel on my head to see where she went and there's an invisible lich like four squares away from me
<moller> naked me
<BaronVonAwesome> aw, he just wants to help you identify your possessions
#3096 (13) X July 15, 2020
<aosdict> YASI: add in spheres of annihilation from tomb of horros
<aosdict> horrors
<K2> horderves
<aosdict> wand of create horderves
<K2> :)
<K2> shambling horderve - random pate and cracker every new game
<aosdict> "The goblin zaps an oak wand! Canapes appear from nowhere!"
#3636 (4) X September 9, 2021
<amateurhour> praying works in the planes too
<Ann> "tyr im ALMOST there i swear, can you just give me a hand here please?"
<aosdict> "ok but you better not ask for any more favors"
<Ann> i'd rather "ok but just this once"
<Zefnar> tyr watching the amazon delivery guy pull up to the house and immediately trip over a garden hose, face plant into a bush, and get bitten by a snake
<aosdict> "even though you're literally carrying the thing I want most, I'm only going to help you so much. you need to do things for yourself, you know"
<Zefnar> :D
#83 (12) X February 28, 2013
< joshk> e - the blessed partly eaten Hand of Vecna
< joshk> | choked on the |
< joshk> | Hand of Vecna |
#3068 (3) X June 11, 2020
<raisse> will probably try to write a spellbook of magic mapping next time I'm at my stash and can blank a spare book.
<raisse> I'm using a room in Neferet's tower :-)
<K2> woo
<elenmirie__> I hope the rent is reasonable
<raisse> she hasn't asked me for any rent yet but I think she expects me to set an example for the apprentices
<elenmirie> is she constantly asking you how the quest for the amulet is going?
<elenmirie> anyway, time to cook
<raisse> yes, she is
<AntiGulp> *Neferet pounding on the door* “I SAID, HOW IS YOUR QUEST GOING?”
#3620 (4) X August 28, 2021
<luxidream> give me the signal
<mobileuser> the fruit bat signal
<stenno> is 'B' the bat signal?
<mobileuser> heh
#1682 (23) X February 4, 2015
< Grasshopper_> leaving poor Oscar (olog hai) behind
< ChrisE> Olog Bai :(
#3856 (6) X April 28, 2022
NetSysFire| increase towel spawn rates so theres less panics
#2077 (7) X May 30, 2017
<Rodney> walls (Wiz Gno Mal Neu), 2993232 points, T:53055, ascended
<Muad> oh, walls ascended. is the dungeon all big rooms now?
#2051 (1) X April 27, 2017
<Sabotender> i'm playing right now
* rschaff takes a peek
<Sabotender> you caaan, but im getting ready to take a break
* Sabotender is hungry
<rschaff> K
* aosdict is spectating Sabotender and can see that Sabotender is in fact Satiated
<Sabotender> lol no no, i meant IRL
#3478 (15) X May 16, 2021
<noah> holy heck
<noah> I just tried polypiling scrolls for the first time
<noah> I got a 15 stack enchant armor
<mackeyth> Noice
<mackeyth> What're you going to do with all of 'em?
<noah> welp
<noah> I evaporated my shirt
<noah> a little too excited
#3663 (5) X September 24, 2021
<Ann> YASI: the word "corpse" in any mention of the corpse of any K should be spelled "korpse"
<Ann> example: You see here a Kop Kaptain Korpse.
<jonadab> And if you had a stack of them, it could be a Korps of Kop Kaptain Korpses.
#3909 (21) X June 27, 2022
<nabru> You begin praying to Tyr. You are surrounded by a shimmering light. "Eat slime and die!" You finish your prayer.
#2197 (19) X October 24, 2017
<khoR> So the game decided that remove all your equipment means
<khoR> remove three pieces and then stop although there is nothing near to stop you from doing so
<khoR> Do I really have to check if the game actually did what I told him to do every time I do something?
<khoR> Really?
<reapersan> ping fiq if it's a bug?
<khoR> Fuck this, I'm out
<khoR> I even typed #quit
<khoR> and the game doesnt even let me do that either
<khoR> You have to input like 3 different commands now to quit
#156 (4) X March 1, 2013
<jackofclubs> Hey berry.
<jackofclubs> We get it. You figured out how to max out your score every game.
<jackofclubs> We're all proud of you.
<jackofclubs> Now then, think you can leave at least one slot on the high score tables for the rest of us?
#1572 (19) X June 1, 2014
< rchase> is it a good idea to blow up my bag of holding, or should I _not_ have done that?
< codehero> i think it's not a good idea
< rchase> I think you may be right
< bcode> studies have found that 9 out of 10 doctors advise against blowing up your bag of holding
< bcode> we are still uncertain why Dr Rodney Wz. of Yendor, MD, PhD disagreed
#3521 (10) X June 14, 2021
<aosdict> YASI: a set bonus for when you wear both gauntlets and boots of fumbling
<Hekik> "You can barely stay on your feet!"
<Hekik> I'm imagining your character turning into Mr. Bean, causing destruction through the whole dungeon as you bump and crash into things
#2426 (10) X June 21, 2018
<+rld> <@lapis/ootc> is there any problem with using cross-aligned artifact armor? like its not gonna blast me every time i get hit right?
* bhaak takes notes
<bhaak> I'm always surprised how careless players are in giving devs some bad ideas to implement
<[Demo][srn]> im surprised when devs implement them
#2149 (7) X August 6, 2017
<+hothraxxa> i also forgot to think of maud
#2772 (3) X October 10, 2019
<luxidream> can someone explain to me the difference between green elves and woodland elves and why distinguishing them is important
<{Demo}> green elves eat grass, woodland elves eat leaves
<{Demo}> grey elves eat rocks
#3295 (16) X December 25, 2020
<stenno> You begin bashing monsters with your gloved hands. You kill the newt!
<stenno> man its really painful to #quit all those games
<stenno> i guess thats the paci life
<elenmirie> barehanded newt strangling
<stenno> i think i should continue anyway
<Umbire> a - a pair of leather gloves called Dudley's revenge.
<elenmirie> lol
<luxidream> -3 orcish dagger helps
<elenmirie> wielding cream pies helps, if you have them
<aoei> some even go so far as to remap hjklyubn to m-move equivalents
<aoei> but you have to do that with tmux or screen, can't do it with nethack rcfile
<elenmirie> oh god, advanced technology
#3435 (10) X April 12, 2021
<NetSysFire> i got hit by something and i got a load of cursed items now and need to go buy some scrolls of remove curse or something and my pickaxe is welded to my hand and i cant go into the shop now lol
<Umbire> You probably ran into a caster that cursed your items
<Umbire> Prayer can uncurse your stuff dependenet on Luck
<Rodney> NetSysFire (Bar Orc Fem Cha), 34848 points, T:15997, killed by Mr. Nenagh; the shopkeeper
<Umbire> At the least if you have the right a--
<NetSysFire> well
<Umbire> yeah, see, you're not supposed to dig into the shop either
<NetSysFire> i bashed the shopkeeper with my pickaxe
<Umbire> you're especially not supposed to dig into the shopkeeper
<NetSysFire> yeah he digged me, too
<aosdict> I dig it
#3842 (2) X April 9, 2022
<ssnufd> were your shamblers a threat
<krm26> not by the time i encountered my first one
<NetSysFire> ssnufd: i read that as treat
<ssnufd> lmao
#2758 (7) X September 30, 2019
<zwihander> I play with putty at home
<zwihander> At work I used to play in the browser on nao
<zwihander> But then we got ransomware'd here at work, so they doubled down on all the blocking
<ChrisE> I can see why they block NAO...
<ChrisE> Asmodeus demands 10000 zorkmids for decryption of your files!
#651 (86) X March 15, 2013
< Zadir> is there a way to unlock a stack of boxes at the same time?
< blindcoder> /oOpening I think
< zap-zero> or spell of knock
< Zadir> ah ok thank
< Zadir> Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick!--More--
< blindcoder> o_O
< blindcoder> how many boxes do you have?
< Zadir> didn't count
#3014 (69) X April 26, 2020
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] nabru (Val Dwa Fem Law), 5 points, T:89, killed by an exploding crystal ball
<aosdict> nice unique death
<nabru> heh
<nabru> "Cool ball, let's see what happ... OW OW OW"
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] nabru (Val Dwa Fem Law), 274 points, T:1000, killed by touching Giantslayer
<nabru> "This sword looks cool, let me pick it up... NOOOOOOOOO"
#2976 (9) X April 4, 2020
<Novalith> Raising your wand of enlightenment high above your head, you break it in two! The monsters around you are now less dense.
#2058 (23) X May 4, 2017
<+hothraxxa> i entered an opulent throne room
<+hothraxxa> it was 2x2
<@Tangles> opulence is not what it used to be.
#3774 (19) X January 4, 2022
<qt> The fish hits you. The poisson was deadly...
#3799 (10) X February 2, 2022
<Wooble> tbh I think "orb of detection" is by far the least cool named quest artifact.
<perryprog> yeah it would be way cooler if it was like "orb of destruction"
<Wooble> "the heart of ahriman" sounds cool. much cooler than it actually is. :)
<Wooble> "it detects stuff... like regular crystal balls" isn't much of a selling point :)
#3606 (12) X August 18, 2021
<qt> i found a good bug that lets you get infinite markers in 3.7
<qt> well, infinite marker charges
<qt> if you engrave with an empty marker it mistakenly deducts 1 from its charges, as though you were writing in ink. if you do it repeatedly it will underflow and you get a marker (0:127). you can then do it repeatedly when the marker runs out
<stenno> oh no
<qt> im about to submit a PR to fix it
<stenno> is that a recent bug?
<qt> it's from feb this year
<aosdict> could have been used to great effect in junethack
<aosdict> actually is it my fault
<qt> yeah it is
<aosdict> I like to think that qt comes across these by reading through my commits with a good mug of tea and either the mindset of a) "ahh that aosdict what a swell guy, I just love his commits so much I reread them for fun" or b) "heh heh I'm going to meticulously pick through everything aosdict ever wrote and expose all the bugs"
<aoei> qt: how did you notice the bug
<qt> i just noticed some marker impossibles from a couple months ago in the vanilla paniclog
<qt> and then when I looked into it i realized it was also deducting a charge per engraving attempt
<qt> of course i also sometimes sit back in an easy chair and peruse aosdict's commit history, but this is an unrelated find
<stenno> i like to think that they just read through all the commits from everyone
<mobileuser> light bedside reading
<stenno> they read it for their kids to fall asleep
<stenno> 'and then nhmall said: "Guidebook date bump to reflect most recent update". And line 38 in Guidebook.mn was updated to July 21'
#2294 (15) X January 21, 2018
<aosdict> fire wands are employers' natural response to striking wands
#3120 (5) X July 31, 2020
<NeilH90> Lol what is the point in the watchmen in Gnome town? It seems to be a battle royale there every time I go
<NeilH90> Unless you dip for excalibur then they yeet you out of existance
<riker> they keep it Safe(TM)
<riker> from people like nefarious fountain quaffers
<aosdict> the watch look after their own
<IceBox> and shopkeeps
<aosdict> the powerful humans look out for each other and don't care one whit about the gnomes who they see as lessers
<aosdict> wow, there's a lot of social commentary in minetown when you think about it
<NeilH90> Also they protect the racket shopkeepers have going
<NeilH90> Selling cursed goods, allowing mimics to hide in their stock so they can loot your corpse after the mimic finishes eating you. Bloody parasitic relationship they got going there
<bubbles> Shopkeepers are job creators!
<bubbles> Without them the zorkmids would stop flowing and then we would all be dead (Except the shopkeepers would would be on their boats on the sunless sea enjoying slime mould margaritas)
<aosdict> who exactly do shopkeepers create jobs for besides themselves
<aosdict> one-eyed sam excepted
<riker> mimics
<riker> do you know how hard it is to get PAID to sit pretending to be an item?
<riker> sure, you can just find a likely place and hope that enough food comes along - OR, you can make a bargain and both of you profit
<bubbles> It's trickle down economics. The money trickles down the dungeon.
<bubbles> That's why you get more $ at lower dungeon levels.
#3389 (4) X March 6, 2021
<EvilBot> [hdf-us] [evil] qt (Sam Hum Fem Law) killed the Oracle, on T:52079
<qt> ok once again I am being framed for the murder of the Oracle
<qt> I didn't kill her, you gotta believe me
<qt> it was a tame invisible arch-lich named Silly Billy, wearing armor
#1999 (4) X February 8, 2017
<inari> will a shopkeeper get angry if I destroy his boulders?
<inari> and before you ask why would a shopkeeper stock boulders: it’s part of a bigger plan
<sproingie> you break it you bought it. whatever the price of a boulder is.
<sproingie> long as you pay, they're fine with you destroying stuff. taking, not so much.
<inari> price of a boulder: 7zm
<inari> yet, I claim he should be happy about be smashing his boulder, because
<inari> price of 47 rocks: 329zm
<sproingie> polying those rocks into a stone golem that smooshes the shopkeeper into putty: priceless
#3900 (11) X June 16, 2022
<krm26> well i just took the stairs up from the castle and a dwarven lieutenant hit me with trollsbane and then dropped an uncharged wand of wishing, so i guess we know the story of the castle wand now
<qt> it all worked out in the end since I'm sure you were going to wish for Trollsbane anyway
#3889 (11) X June 7, 2022
<NetSysFire> real nethackers dont drink coffee. they eat blessed tins of orange dragon instead.
#1329 (40) X July 15, 2013
< Tek-69> a man walks into an armor shop, he looks at the shopkeeper an says "nice mimic" the shopkeeper say's "That's no mimic, THAT'S MY WIFE!".
#3324 (15) X January 22, 2021
<qt> sort of silly that quest messages don't respect deafness
<qt> does the quest leader beam stuff directly into your brain
#3538 (15) X June 20, 2021
<Andrio> You dig a hole through the ground. You swoop down into the gaping hole! You fall down a deep shaft!
<Andrio> I'm really good at digging holes apprarently
#3585 (17) X July 30, 2021
<aosdict> K2: noticed something in evilhack which is probably a bug?
<aosdict> a dead tree created by burning up a live tree then suddenly has a raven in it
<aosdict> which you can get by kicking
<K2> not a bug
<K2> dead trees have a chance for a raven
<aosdict> yeah but this is, like, a freshly dead tree. it's not any raven's home
<K2> sure it is. they move quick
<K2> its a buyers market
<mobileuser> ravens have magical powers to appear in dead trees, well known fact
<mobileuser> dead tree appears? ravens on the dead tree waiting list are notified.
#537 (6) X March 8, 2013
< TSC> The gnome zaps herself with a balsa wand!
< TSC> That could have been bad...
< TSC> She turned into a fog cloud (:

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