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#4128 (29) X March 28, 2023
<aosdict> What do you want to wield? [ant or ?*]
<aosdict> so this... is how I use the power of team a for my own...
<nabru> You are now wielding an ant. The ant bites your hand!
<stenno> the poison was deadly...
<magnetor> You die...
#4023 (19) X November 10, 2022
<richo> asdfah god, werecreatures are human for saccing :(
<qt> were means man
<qt> and wolf means wolf
<qt> just try to remember that they have a human form half the time (or the were->man thing), after a while you won't have to think about it
<amateurhour> actually it's the second person singular past, plural past, and past subjunctive of "be"
<amateurhour> which is one letter off "bee"
<amateurhour> so they should count as bees
<qt> you know what, that makes a lot of sense
<richo> I'm sold
#3460 (7) X May 5, 2021
<qt> oh noo
<qt> I got the bones level where Yeenoghu got me
<qt> shitttt
<qt> the good news is that there is a magic lamp and a 0:2 wand of wishing in there if I can manage to kill the monsters
<qt> plus a bunch of other goodies
<qt> I have to come up with a plan of attack... any suggestions?
<amateurhour> kill yeenoghu
<qt> good idea
<amateurhour> only good ideas here
#4179 (18) X June 3, 2023
< aosdict> You drop an uncursed dented pot. You hear loud clanging.
< aosdict> well I should think so
#3276 (22) X December 11, 2020
<aoei> i guess the thing i find most impressive
<aoei> is that [slex] has a playerbase of non-zero size
<amateurhour> lol
<amateurhour> I know I harp on about it a lot but there's not that many things to change to make it generally playable imo
<aoei> amateurhour: yes but you also know these few changes will never happen xD
<amateurhour> yeah
<aoei> yet clearly it does have some kind of appeal
<aoei> cuz you and mobe, and others keep playing
<amateurhour> well mobileuser is destined to be the next person to beat slex
<amateurhour> and I play the occasional game when I don't know what else to do :)
<amateurhour> there's some really cool stuff in there though
<aoei> i know
<aoei> but there's also just so *much* and the too many complicated and off-putting mechanisms
<spicycat> or monsters that have a complicated name but are just popcorn
<spicycat> q: should i be worried about a blorching darkbread zurty? a: probably not, unless it makes you Dee Double Super Cursed.
<aoei> even SpliceHack, which is much more conservative in its kitchen-sinkiness, and mechanisticly simple, i find slightly overwhelming
<LarienTelrunya> lol is there slex bashing going on right now? :P
* LarienTelrunya adds "blorching darkbread zurty" (sic) to her slex todo list
<aoei> no bashing here
<aoei> i called slex very impressive
<amateurhour> slex [audience waits in nervous anticipation, some looking a little angry]
<amateurhour> bad [audience erupts in cheering and applause]
#2039 (10) X April 19, 2017
<orz> how do i ascend in real life?
<orz> i feel like i have a pretty ascension-worthy kit already, but don't know where to go from here
<ConductingCat> You have to find the mountain hermit in Japan.
<orz> ah thanks. that should be easy, as i've exercised my weeaboo to the max already
<orz> any other protips before i continue on my journey?
<aosdict> orz: what's your real-life ascension kit?
<mischief> pocket knife, multitool, grappling hook, lockpin set, tubular 7-pin lockpick, canvas boots.
<mischief> (pretty nethack-like irl)
<orz> aosdict: im dualwielding a proprietary-software-proof Lenovo X200 and a Lenovo J5, a sleeping bag, goggles of enhanced vision, multitool, lifetime supply of pcp, i dunno, it seems like i got
<could> ask for
<orz> i think i should maybe get some solarpanels before entering Japan, in case i ran out of batteries in the mountains
<orz> this is my first run, i chose white for my skin color so it's been pretty easy so far, just didn't realise I needed to go to Japan
<orz> i guess it's going to be a little more difficult from here on, since even white people are vulnerable to discrimination in Japan..
<ConductingCat> Japan level was designed to challenge everyone not playing samurai.
<ConductingCat> The monsters there can only read エルベレト.
<orz> hmh, seems there's a time limit to finding the hermit for my class, 90day limit on the tourist visa
<orz> bah, flights start from 700€. i guess it was a mistake to skip the cryptic mines before entering mid-game... could really use those BTC now
<orz> i found a terminal on dlvl1 and thought i could pull off the workless conduct
<orz> but i think i messed up, getting crowned too early or something, since it seems my prayer cooldown has increased
<orz> welp, at least i got intrinsic lust resistance against all 3d temptations
<orz> The armor slot system in real life is confusing. I've seen body armor that can be worn under a t-shirt, and you can wear any number of rings.
<orz> And the pants slot is just weird.
<orz> Why does going pantless cause conflict?
<orz> At least you can't wear cloaks under body armor, some sanity in this system at least..
<orz> What kind of stats do I need for ascension? I heard engraving a masters thesis would exercise wisdom, but it seems tedious... Also wtf I heard that chatting on #nethack would cure loneliness but it's not working!
<ConductingCat> You might need to find a foocubus for that.
<orz> I got a tattoo of adornment for cha+1 but other than that I haven't figured out how to boost my charisma. For int I got a prescription for methylphenidate, but kind of stuck with increasing it beyond the temporal boost.
<orz> Does smoking boost charisma? I feel like it does, but not sure if the constitution abuse is worth it..
<rschaff> wait, are you talking about real life, or a variant of Nethack?
<ConductingCat> Yes
<ConductingCat> Real life is a variant of NetHack.
#3391 (13) X March 7, 2021
[After aoei ascends a sub-15k turn setseed run...]
<aoei> i burnt lifesaving trying to eat the wizard for int/telepathy
<aoei> cuz i was overstuff as an mmf
<{Demo}2> also overstuffed as a mf
#2500 (6) X September 22, 2018
<tenbeers> blargh, my terminal is wacky somehow. I can't see myself, I'm represented by no visible char at all.
<tenbeers> maybe that will work out if I save and come back in a new terminal.
<hothraxxa> you're invisible and don't have see invisible!
<tenbeers> I thought of that, but no, i didn't have a curser when I logged into the server either.
<tenbeers> some kind of fail in my terminal window
* aosdict gives tenbeers an arch-lich
<aosdict> there, there's your curser
#3246 (4) X November 18, 2020
<FIQ> Some bubbly liquid flows from the faucet. You start to float in the air! You crash to the floor!
<Andrio> Don't do drugs, kids.
#2465 (5) X July 29, 2018
<LarienTelrunya> why do I need legs to jump? apparently the lack of those means I can't jump while polymorphed into a snake :(
<PavelB> Pretty sure snakes can't jump.
#3811 (15) X March 2, 2022
<stenno> monkey stole _all_ my money
<stenno> ok i need to find that monkey again
<aosdict> are you sure it wasn't a leprechaun wearing a monkey suit
#3207 (4) X October 20, 2020
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [spl] amateurhour (Mon Gul Mal Cha), 1359 points, T:1260, killed by a rothe
<amateurhour> magic traps lead to tragic maps
#3772 (20) X January 4, 2022
<raisse> after I complained about lawful gods giving me nothing but Demonbane, they started giving me Sunsword. (and in one case Snickersnee)
<raisse> I'm an archeologist, Quetz, don't you understand I do better with a saber than with a sword?
<Croesus> [EU] Raisse (Arc Dwa Fem Law) had Werebane bestowed upon her by Quetzalcoatl, on T:2222
<raisse> okay, that's a saber
<raisse> not exactly the saber I wanted but still
#713 (3) X May 29, 2013
<Adeon> NetHack 3.4.3, as developed by the NetHack development team, is
insufficiently difficult to provide an enjoyable, challenging gaming
#1297 (24) X July 15, 2013
< Masque_> m - 2 wands of wishing (0:3)
< Masque_> n - 3 wands of wishing (0:3)
< Masque_> Holy shit, tweek. Thank you, sir.
< itsblah> that death must have sucked so hard
< Masque_> er
< Masque_> hahaha
< Masque_> He's such a bastard.
< Masque_> That's his FRUIT NAME.
< Masque_> Comestibles
< Masque_> l - 2 cockatrice corpses
< Masque_> m - 2 wands of wishing (0:3)
< Masque_> n - 3 wands of wishing (0:3)
* Masque_ smacks his forehead.
#3017 (17) X April 26, 2020
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [evil] amateurhour (Mon Gia Mal Neu) defeated the invisible Kathryn the Ice Queen, on T:29076
<mobileuser> Yes! amateurhour!
<K2> \o/
<amateurhour> she wielded a longsword -> I shattered it with my fist
<amateurhour> she wielded an athame -> I shattered it with my fist
<amateurhour> she panicked and started spamming create monster
<aosdict> you shattered them with your fist
<amateurhour> exactly
#1904 (4) X May 25, 2016
<@Elronnd> Nooouuuuuu
<@Elronnd> sooo much enchant weapon
<@Elronnd> no enchant armour
<@AmyBSOD> well, enchant weapon also helps, if you can kill monsters quickly then they won't have much time to deal damage to you! :D
<Makir> Nice, you think like I do, Amy
#1474 (4) X February 3, 2014
* Salisian takes 85 tridents and 30 bullwhips and sells them on ebay.
< progo> "genuine nethack weaponry!"
< Killian> "Instead of bullwhip, package contained giant mimic. Would not buy again."
< PsyMar> progo: try "Yendorian" weaponry
< Botje> "trident wasw curswed, dio youj know how haerd it isd to typef withk a tridentt glueed to your hand?"
#2116 (16) X June 29, 2017
<rumflump> K2: fruit of wishing.
<rumflump> bless it? does it actually give a wish?
<K2> no idea
<K2> what variant?
<rumflump> spork
<K2> never ran into it
<FIQ> rumflump: are you using my rcfile?
<rumflump> yes
<rumflump> did you name fruits that
<rumflump> you evil bastard
#3432 (6) X April 10, 2021
<Adeon> the dark blue -> bright orange color change is very nice
<Adeon> I will now do this always
<Adeon> blue jellies are bright orange
<Adeon> gnome lords are orange
<Adeon> ettin mummies are orange
<Adeon> friendship ended with dark blue
<Adeon> orange is my new best friend
<aosdict> orange is the new... darkblue?
#4231 (3) X September 21, 2023
[Checking countdown timer for TNNT]

<K2> $time
<Croesus> K2: 2023-09-21 18:55:38 UTC. 2023 Tournament begins in 40d 05:04:22
<K2> jesus days left
#178 (10) X March 1, 2013
<Berry> Why is !gift different from !rng, though?
<Porost> !gift is a trigger defined by an entry in the learndb, !rng is a native command
* Rodney gives is a trigger defined by an entry in the learndb, !rng is a native command an expensive camera
#4037 (36) X November 29, 2022
<Merlek> bah..wife caught me nurse-dancing.
<nabru> hahahaha
<Merlek> ..why I'm naked? umm... well..
<Merlek> you're not gonna believe this but..
#2596 (6) X December 18, 2018
<attie> I hate having to use magic lamps for things other than lighting my way
<attie> extra frustrating when you decide that you really do need that wish now and then the djinni is just like "freedom!" and gtfo's
<attie> after all I did for that djinn! holy water bath and nice cleaning of the lamp and all!
#1471 (28) X January 12, 2014
< Sgeo_> "killed by kicking a high score list"
< Sgeo_> wtf?
< ishanyx> slime mold
< Sgeo_> oh
< Ciel> if you kick the high score list enough times, do you think some of the Berrys would fall out?
#3955 (20) X August 18, 2022
<K2> As you move the Hand of Vecna closer to your own, your left
<K2> hand suddenly shrivels up and falls off at the wrist! Before
<K2> you can react, the Hand of Vecna attaches itself to where your
<K2> own hand used to be. In a panic, you struggle to remove it
<K2> from your arm, but it has merged itself to you firmly. It dawns
<K2> on you that you will never be able to free yourself from it.
<K2> ^ com_pager when putting on the hand
<aosdict> what if you're like an infidel who knew exactly what this was going to do and would instead revel in it
<K2> you'll still panic. no one is ready for watching their hand shrivel up and fall off
<aosdict> speak for yourself
<K2> hah
#3893 (22) X June 9, 2022
<amateurhour> I know you've got some ideas to change up the knight quest depending on alignment
<K2> yeah, not sure how to go about that yet
<K2> would prob just change the quest text
<K2> king arthur would be like 'I hate you and you suck dark knight, but Ixoth needs to be dealt with. Now piss off'
<K2> i mean i could get radical
<K2> but that would be more involved
<K2> swap the quest leader/nemesis. Ixoth hires the dark knight to dispatch king arthur
<K2> oooh thats interesting amateurhour
<amateurhour> if you do a dark knight quest rewrite then my suggestion for the neutral one is a jousting tournament against Sir Lancelot who drops an artifact lance
<amateurhour> just because of the name
<amateurhour> sir lancelot could drop like 5 lances because that's a lot of lances
<K2> that's *heavy*
<qt> lancelot is known as Lawnslot in welsh
<qt> sounds like a telltale sign of a mole infestation
<K2> and his brothers Mowsalot
<K2> and Weedsalot
#3412 (3) X March 23, 2021
<amateurhour> there's a new seed selection menu
<amateurhour> idk how it works but I imagine we just press the seed?
<amateurhour> or do we have to add them manually to our rc files
<luxidream> copy and paste
<K2> add manually to cfg
<amateurhour> urgh
<amateurhour> I pay good money for my calories, in the form of food
<amateurhour> you're gonna make me burn a fraction of a calorie doing this?
<amateurhour> I'll write you an invoice
<amateurhour> you better pay it
<amateurhour> >:|
#3653 (12) X September 14, 2021
<mobileuser> Gold amulet
<mobileuser> xnh page doesn't explictly say, but I assume leps will steal that
<Graznop> I was really happy with my gold aklys (extra damage) until a lep made off with it...
<aosdict> leps will steal gold items, that ought to be on the page?
<mobileuser> I think it only mentions gold and gilded wands?
<aosdict> huh the bit about leps stealing gold items is NOT there
<aosdict> but yeah it's any gold item
<mobileuser> thx
<aosdict> it's missing from the changelogs too
<mobileuser> A leprechaun must have stolen it
#3882 (20) X May 31, 2022
<kewldewd> The RNG keeps throwing me boomerangs. Been doing it for a few days now.
<kewldewd> anyone else?
<kewldewd> e - 2 boomerangs
<aosdict> why aren't the boomerangs returning to the RNG?
#3714 (16) X November 3, 2021
<qt> i'm trying to figure out why i'm seeing a statue named 'Grasshoppe'... maybe xnethack just speaks in a non-rhotic accent
<K2> oh
<K2> this was before the player name increase
<qt> oh it used to be smaller?
<spicyCebolla> hope to someday find an incredibly rare ancient statue named Grassh
<aosdict> my name is Grasshoppe
<aosdict> king of kin
<aosdict> look on my works, ye migh
<aosdict> it doesn't work as well left justified
<K2> lo
<K2> that's funn
#3910 (14) X June 27, 2022
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] WizzyTheWeird (Wiz Hum Mal Neu) made his first wish - "blessed ring of polymorph", got "a moonstone ring", on T:2637
<qt> wished for "blessed ring of polymorph" but only got a lousy "moonstone ring", what a ripoff
#2323 (2) X March 13, 2018
<Rodney> [nh361dev] trwyth (Wiz Orc Fem Cha), 290 points, T:1146, killed by a brown mold
<trwyth> k that one is just shameful
<aosdict> you reach the afterlife and see one of your old friends. "hey man, how's it going? how'd your quest for the Amulet of Yendor go?" "uhhh... I was killed by mold"
#2053 (18) X May 1, 2017
<nizzard> I figured out a great way to always ascend with your starting pet.
<nizzard> I - an uncursed tin of kitten meat named Fluffy
<Sabotender> heh that is actually pretty funny
<Sabotender> but don't eat it
<rumflump> nizzard: you didn't even try to ascend with it alive, did you?
<rumflump> why is it kitten meat?!
<rumflump> why is it not Large Cat meat?
<rumflump> someone put their besty in the grave early, to avoid future heartache, hmm?
<nizzard> You don't know if the kitten in my tin is actually alive or dead. Ask a quantum mechanic.
#3786 (14) X January 21, 2022
<Altem> ... carrot of polymorph
<Altem> The warhorse devours an uncursed carrot.  The warhorse turns into a purple worm!
<Andrio> Burrrp!
#3848 (21) X April 22, 2022
<krm26> ugh 30k turns wasted, cleaved a chieftain
<krm26> pinned between questgiver and his angered minion
<krm26> murder murder murder
<mobileuser> Cleaver is such a shit artifact
<mobileuser> xnethack does that much better
<mobileuser> and dnethack has the best one
<K2> cleaver is fine, you just need to learn when/how to use it
<K2> :P
<amateurhour> mobileuser has learnt already when/how to use it: never, and drop it immediately
<amateurhour> :^)
#3877 (21) X May 26, 2022
<aosdict> What do you want to eat? [fuGU or ?*]
<aosdict> ... you know what, maybe I'm not that hungry after all
#3621 (12) X August 28, 2021
[prior to luxidream's ESA speedrun, bidding for what to name the fruit]
<riker> gonna donate 400 usd that just says "shadowrider is cooler than luxidream" for the fruit
<riker> smh
<K2> do it
<luxidream> this tastes like luxidream is cooler than shadowrider juice
<ichbinmiah> eeeeeeew
<K2> 'smells like teen luxidream'
<ichbinmiah> note that the fruit name is set before the run starts though
<ichbinmiah> so if you want on the great fruit bidding war of 2021 you have to donate now
<riker> antigulp just wants the commentator to say "splicehack is better than this noob game" live
<FIQ> hah
<antigulp> "Good luck lux, bet you a million zorkmids you can't do this in grunt, get rekt nerd"
<qt> i think pudding would be a good name
<qt> because if you drink from the fountain it can say "perhaps it is runoff from the nearby pudding farm."
#3024 (1) X May 5, 2020
<poprocks> I feel like every step as a Wizard is a near-death situation
<poprocks> I'm almost 25k turns in with almost nothing to show for it! It has been fun though.
<slengtorm> poprocks: do you have more than 0 HP
<poprocks> for now!
<slengtorm> then you have plenty to show for it
<poprocks> that's a good way to look at it!
<slengtorm> you know how in poker they say "a chip and a chair"?
<poprocks> tbh I haven't heard that before, but I'm going to use it
<slengtorm> you can understand right
<slengtorm> you lose almost all your chips, but so long as you still have at least one chip and a chair, you can win
<slengtorm> struggling to think of something essential in NetHack that starts with H
<serhei> **the water nymph stole an uncursed +0 chair**
<poprocks> LOL
<slengtorm> a hand and a hitpoint?
#3699 (17) X October 24, 2021
<riker> "a blessed greased +5 dragonhide Hawaiian shirt of drain resistance with a jellyfish motif" i want a shirt with a jellyfish motif now
<riker> bonus points if i'm immune to vampire draining but like, that sounds like fun
<K2> loads of fun
<K2> how can you not have fun wearing a shirt like that?
<riker> exactly
#3392 (56) X March 8, 2021
-!- LarienTelrunya has joined #hardfought
<LarienTelrunya> @le?bundle monster
<{Demo}2> bundle bundle bundle
<LarienTelrunya> wtf? what's up with pinobot
<{Demo}2> im pinobot now
<amateurhour> @le?demogorgon
<{Demo}2> strong stats, will kill you
<nabru> @le?the Wizard of Yendor
<LarienTelrunya> aww now we had a working pinobot for what, three days tops, and now it's already not working anymore?
<{Demo}2> weak stats, has magic
#4149 (13) X April 22, 2023
<NetSysFire> As you read the scroll, it disappears. Your mithril runed dagger named Sting glows blue for a moment.
<NetSysFire> so scroll of enchant weapon summons orcs for a split second
#3198 (9) X October 5, 2020
<aoei> i think i got a two streak once by sheer luck
<amateurhour> my longest streak is 2 as well
<jonadab> My longest streak is 1.
<jonadab> But I've done it seven times.
<jonadab> Have you done your two-streak seven times? I don't think so.
#3026 (12) X May 10, 2020
<krm26> I've decided I don't miss magic markers at all, I just polypile for my scrolls now
<K2> there's a guaranteed one coming up
<K2> sanctum
<hackedhead> nethack dissonance: "This is the high altar of the most highest evil in these vast depths! Tremble in AWE and FEAR!"
<hackedhead> "Oh yeah? Whatcha keep in here, then?"
<hackedhead> "Crayola."
#3142 (3) X August 21, 2020
<bezaban> hm. Can I safely sacrifice the watch if I'm not human?
<ChrisE> Yes.
<ChrisE> But *killing* them counts as murder.
<bezaban> ah yes, I have people for that
#3540 (12) X June 20, 2021
<luxidream> tommo: use restore ability
<tommo> ok yes
<tommo> rn im beatin whitney in fiqs pokemon game
<luxidream> it should really have fiqs name on it
<luxidream> looks like some guy named rangi is taking all the credit
<tommo> fiqrystal does quite have the same ring 2 it tho
<luxidream> just call it pokemon fred
<tommo> lol
<spicycat> POKEMON FRED
<FIQ> hi
<spicycat> Freddo Frederhack, Frelcome to #hardfred !
<FIQ> I had forgotten how annoying teleportitis was without control
#3645 (17) X September 12, 2021
[Rodney has posted over 100 deaths in a row]
<dtype> lots of dead adventurers
<dtype> Rodney's job must be emotionally draining
<dtype> given that Rodney has been around from nearly the beginning, in theory he's announced almost 6M deaths
<amateurhour> that's a pretty crazy stat haha
<Wooble> and 3M were pots falling off a horse.
#3900 (20) X June 16, 2022
<krm26> well i just took the stairs up from the castle and a dwarven lieutenant hit me with trollsbane and then dropped an uncharged wand of wishing, so i guess we know the story of the castle wand now
<qt> it all worked out in the end since I'm sure you were going to wish for Trollsbane anyway
#2747 (9) X September 22, 2019
<Chris_ANG> I kinda assumed that the Amulet is the master control switch for the universe, but only Marduk can use it.
<Chris_ANG> The PC only wants it so they can turn it over to their god for a reward, and the PC's god only wants it so they can give it back to Marduk for a reward.
<Chris_ANG> Assuming the PC even knows about demigod-hood when they show up. I think the original Rogue only wanted it so they could sell it.
#3371 (23) X February 20, 2021
<bhaak> SLEX is not a game but a C compiler testsuite
<{Demo}> thanks bhaak, i dont think i've heard a better take on SLEX
<{Demo}> its like putting the dvd cleaner disk into the dvd player
<{Demo}> and trying to figure out why the movie sucks

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