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#1338 (11) X July 15, 2013
< NESOutlaw> Oh the irony of the RNG. By the second floor, I already have a +oInvisibility, /oMakeInvisible, b!oSeeInvisible, and a cursed [oInvisibility. (And my cat's invisible, but that's my fault with the wand)
#73 (4) X February 28, 2013
<GreyKnight> So, my theory: Croesus employs the leprechauns to steal gold from adventurers
<ais523> GreyKnight: I think there's actually in-game evidence of that, perhaps in past versions
<deve> then why aren't there any 'l's in ludios?
<ais523> at least, both Croesus and the leprechauns have been tied to the vaults at one time or another
<GreyKnight> Alternate theory: "Croesus" is actually just three leprechauns standing on each others' shoulders, under a trenchcoat
<ais523> perhaps the vaults used to be owned by leprechauns, but nowadays are owned by croesus instead?
<ais523> <GreyKnight> Alternate theory: "Croesus" is actually just three leprechauns standing on each others' shoulders, under a trenchcoat <-- I pretty much want to make that canon now ;)
<GreyKnight> ais523: hostile takeover?
<ais523> could be
<Rhino1005> you could make Croesus' death spawn 3 leprechauns where he died
<GreyKnight> Croesus bought up 51% shares in LepreVault Inc.
<Malpercio> 52%
<GreyKnight> ais523: simplest way seems to be to spawn three leprechaun corpses as a death drop, and leave no "Croesus" corpse?
<ais523> GreyKnight: yes
<ais523> this is not the time for frivolous changes like that, though
<ishanyx> GreyKnight, :D
<GreyKnight> "this is not the time" <-- so, remind you in late March, then? :o)
#1897 (15) X May 24, 2016
<AmyBSOD> hi Adeon! There are some new monsters in slex version 1.71, which Pinobot may find interesting. :)
<@Adeon> yog-sothoth help me
<AmyBSOD> he's one of the new monsters, and many others from the Cthulhu Mythos are in there too. Shudde Mell, Ghatanothoa, Null the Living Void etc.
<+khoR> Null the living void? Sounds like my database.
#579 (2) X March 12, 2013
< Nekro_> you put the kitten into the box...you put acid into the box...you kick the box...you hear something shatter
< Violist> you see a hallucinating kitten
#2426 (9) X June 21, 2018
<+rld> <@lapis/ootc> is there any problem with using cross-aligned artifact armor? like its not gonna blast me every time i get hit right?
* bhaak takes notes
<bhaak> I'm always surprised how careless players are in giving devs some bad ideas to implement
<[Demo][srn]> im surprised when devs implement them
#3305 (4) X January 5, 2021
<krm26> YASI: mine flayers, every square they walk on becomes a landmine
<mtf> no no they flay mines, meaning they destroy all landmines they come in contact with
<mtf> eating them, becoming stronger
<mtf> you have to fight the final boss mineflayer in the gold room behind croesus
#3717 (10) X November 5, 2021
<Looksfar> Heh, I just robbed a liquor store.
<Looksfar> Must be Friday night.
#3310 (2) X January 9, 2021
<aoei> i do sometimes wonder whether or not the devs actually play the game
<amateurhour> no time for playing games, get back to the programming!
* amateurhour cracks whip
<aoei> i thought elenmirie__ was my project manager
<elenmirie_> we've all been to the devteam office...
<aoei> im confused now D:
<elenmirie_> lol
<elenmirie_> amateurhour is the hired goon.
<amateurhou> I need the money to fund my bobble hat collection
#1456 (1) X December 19, 2013
< theRaisse> The fox misses. It explodes! You seem unaffected by it.
< theRaisse> What does the fox say? BOOM!
#2869 (5) X January 20, 2020
<AntiGulp> I *almost* have slashem guns ported, but the code for grenades makes absolutely no sense. I can't even tell what's happening.
<aosdict> well grenades aren't guns
<aosdict> so they don't need to be ported
<aosdict> problem solved
#2130 (7) X July 12, 2017
<Camwin> horse goes around corner, comes back as baby purple worm
<Camwin> Cancel that, its now a chameleon
<Camwin> Sometimes it will kick ass, sometimes it will turn into a lichen and die
<Camwin> Turned into a freezing sphere and exploded. Why
<Andrio> yeah, they'll do that.
<Andrio> Mine did that once.
<Muad> they are not likely to do it more than once
#3252 (7) X November 20, 2020
<hothraxxa> now if only all the blessed enchant armour scrolls would stop giving me +1
<hothraxxa> highly irritating
<elenmirie_> hothraxxa: ask for your holy water to be refunded
<hothraxxa> i will demand to speak with the manager
<hothraxxa> i'll go back to the dev team office and give mike stephenson a stern lecture
<hothraxxa> show him my stormbringer
<elenmirie_> that sounds like a plan
#2256 (8) X December 24, 2017
<Demo> what compression algorithm do bags of holding use?
#3543 (4) X June 22, 2021
<antigulp> I plan on making furnaces / forges more useful in the next version of Splice. K2 may or may not steal whatever I do from me :)
<misha> oh hm, how do you fix stuff with a furnace?
<misha> i only know how to cook (mostly burn) stuff
<antigulp> Dip it in the furnace and there's a 1/30 chance that it gets erodeproofed. The other 29/30 times it melts in the lava and the furnace might explode.
<antigulp> ...in my defense, I never said they were very good furnaces.
#2835 (21) X December 2, 2019
<TheGame20_> NBA is also(out of the 4 major north american sports anyway) where on player can have the biggest impact on team success
<jonathanhanes_> nethack is not the NBA though
<@Tone> The NBA would probably look like this if there were only 150 people in the country who played basketball
#2383 (13) X April 27, 2018
<dizzylizzy> one of these days I'm going to XP-farm medusa
<dizzylizzy> stone to flesh and back
<aosdict> you could set it up as a tourist attraction
<aosdict> "See the great hero defeat the vile Medusa! Only 200 zorkmids!"
<Shishire> *Proprietor not liable for accidental glances at Medusa. Watch at your own risk.
#2231 (11) X November 27, 2017
<Entitas> SLEX! Now that i have your attention, play fiqhack
#790 (9) X July 8, 2013
< richard-> i see that both purple h and H are able to very wicked.
< itsblah> yes, they are
< itsblah> in fact, purple tends to be nasty in general
< itsblah> you have your quest nemeses, the riders, major demons, towels, archons, titans, flayers, etc
< richard-> grid bugs
< itsblah> as i said, purple tends to be nasty
#3440 (5) X April 17, 2021
<Rodney> Ckemolo (Tou Hum Mal Neu), 71 points, T:417, killed by a fox
<Rodney> Ckemolo (Tou Hum Mal Neu), 0 points, T:6, killed by a fox
<NetSysFire> thats one persistent fox
<aosdict> !gt d
<Rodney> Go Team d!
* NetSysFire hands a large dog to aosdict
<aosdict> aww
<NetSysFire> The large dog bites you! You die... DYWYPI?
<aosdict> But wait... He just wants the tripe ration in your pocket! You feel much better!
#2824 (9) X November 8, 2019
<Croesus> [US] [D]: shadowcat (Val-Hum-Fem-Law), 830 points, 1546 turns, killed by a water demon
<shadowcat> crap. a ghost, right at a staircase, surrounded by water demons and pets.
<hothraxxa> oh you're fucked my man
<hothraxxa> that's a double bones
<rebatela> haha someone was bound to get those bones
<hothraxxa> so the invisible monster is an incubus, and now it's triple bones
<hothraxxa> you go downstairs, they undress you and you get killed. it's like some weird cult thing
#2570 (4) X December 4, 2018
<+Beholder> [hdf-us] [sp] k2 (Val Hum Fem Law), 55735 points, T:18312, killed by a hill giant
<@K2> ^ thats annoying
<+aosdict> I bet there's such a thing as a "kill giant" in slex
<@K2> of course the potion i had in open inventory was full healing
<@K2> and of course the giant that killed me, i killed it first but it had "oLS
<@K2> oh look a magic lamp...
<Pinkbeast> After the kill giant kills you, the will giant comes and distributes your possessions. With any luck, your potions of healing will go to the ill giant, if their value isn't taken by the bill giant.
<@K2> then they all go to the bar and have drinks made by the still giant
#3668 (14) X September 29, 2021
<elyaguaro> so if i pray and god is pleased i will get my str back?
<Zefnar> I think you need to be -4 STR and heavily encumbered
<Zefnar> Recommend eating poisonous corpse to lose strength and pick up your stash
<aosdict> it's very nethack for there to be "oh noes I lost strength but not *enough* strength, let me poison myself to the point of death and then try deadlifting my heaviest possessions in a dog and pony show to demonstrate to my god how pathetic and in need of help I am"
<Zefnar> shaking, sweating, coughing up blood “god, please, can you hear me now?”
#3175 (10) X September 21, 2020
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh4] Bits (hackedhead) (Rog Hum Fem Cha), 33027 points, T:1600, killed by a giant bat
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh4] Bits (hackedhead) (Rog Hum Fem Cha), 23357 points, T:764, killed by a giant bat
<hackedhead> .... same bat.
<hackedhead> >_<
#3315 (5) X January 14, 2021
<arahael> WOah. Snow golems hit hard.
<arahael> Wiped out *most* of my HP, with AC like, -17
<amateurhour> they're snow joke
#2680 (17) X April 5, 2019
<K2> The bugbear slaps you!
<K2> heh
<K2> (rolls natural 1) 'The bugbear lightly caresses your hair'
<K2> PavelB: not sure I like 'slap' as a hit message
<PavelB> ah ok
<K2> still thinking
<K2> but it makes me think i'm in a pillow fight or something
<LarienTelrunya> yaaaaaaaaay you should totally add monsters that throw lovely cuddly huggable heart pillows at you! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
<K2> aaaaaand we've gone over the edge
<LarienTelrunya> such a cuddly pillow ♥ "Schmusekissen" ♥
<PavelB> LarienTelrunya: Have you considered the fact that you have your own variant in which such features may be implemented
<LarienTelrunya> lol PavelB you're ruining the moment :P I'm just being silly, of course I don't really expect those features to be implemented in evilhack, but I can dream :D
<K2> LarienTelrunya slaps you with a heart pillow! You feel awkward!'
#3003 (11) X April 18, 2020
<Kohlrak> note to self: always drink from fountains as wiz
<Rodney> Kohlrak (Wiz Elf Fem Cha), 7 points, T:162, killed by contaminated water
<Kohlrak> note to self: forget that last idea
#3877 (3) X May 26, 2022
<aosdict> What do you want to eat? [fuGU or ?*]
<aosdict> ... you know what, maybe I'm not that hungry after all
#3416 (6) X March 26, 2021
<spicycebolla> i spectate nethack; 50% of the fun with 0% of the risk and heartache
#2035 (10) X April 7, 2017
<+Crawldragon> what the fuck is a mekakushi?
<@LarienTelrunya> ah, since you're a samurai, some items have japanese names
<+Crawldragon> Oh, it's a blindfold
<+Crawldragon> So I take it you went flipping through an English-to-Japanese dictionary and just started translating random crap, right?
<@LarienTelrunya> not really, it's worse: I went ahead and put a couple item names into google translate and used whatever it came up with. No, I don't think "kurosuboboruto" is the real japanese translation of crossbow bolt. But I think it sounds fun anyway. :D
<+Crawldragon> lol
<+Crawldragon> Yeah Google sometimes decides to fuck with you and just translates the pronunciation rather than the definition, which is pretty fucking funny
<+Crawldragon> although to be fair "kurosubo" might actually be somewhat accurate because I don't think the Japanese ever independently invented their own crossbow
<@LarienTelrunya> "batoruakkusu" is another example, guess what it's supposed to be!
<+Crawldragon> "battleaxe," of course
<@LarienTelrunya> :)
<@LarienTelrunya> but figuring out what a "konchu furattona" or "torikabuto" is supposed to be is IMHO impossible unless you know Japanese.
<+Crawldragon> One of my favorite Japanese words is "supo," which is borrowed from the English word "super," and is their word for "supermarket."
<@LarienTelrunya> :D
<@LarienTelrunya> "Hello Crawlhydra, welcome to Vanzac's supo!"
<@LarienTelrunya> oh wait, I think they give another greeting to samurai
<@LarienTelrunya> what was it again? Irraishaimase or something?
<+Crawldragon> I think it's Irrahasime" or similar.
<+Crawldragon> It's one of those words that you know you're _supposed_ to know if you want to learn Japanese but god is it hard to remember when you don't know the language.
<+Crawldragon> If I don't see bento boxes I'm going to be very disappointed.
<@LarienTelrunya> also noted the bento box, so far the ice box didn't have a Japanese name but soon it will :)
<+Crawldragon> ISSU BOKKUSU!
<@LarienTelrunya> hahaha!
#3300 (4) X December 28, 2020
<amateurhour> just the ascension run left isn't it?
<mobileuser> just finished the prep, time to visit the wizard
<K2> we're off to see the wizard...
<K2> the wonderful wizard of *BOOM* touch of death! DYWYPI?
#2534 (8) X November 5, 2018
<Croesus> aosdict (Pri Elf Fem Cha) wished for "uncursed burnt magic marker of spinach", on T:37192
<aosdict> it has 35 charges :|
<attie> spinach ink just isn't all that efficient
#660 (5) X March 15, 2013
< Rodney> heppell (Cav Hum Mal Law), 4488728 points, ascended
< sawtooth> go heppell!
< Rodney> Pio (Wiz Hum Mal Cha), 12 points, killed by a jackal
< rast> hmm
< rast> not to be judgemental
< rast> pio
< rast> but i think heppel tried a little harder than you did
< rast> ;)
< Pio> lol
#1288 (76) X July 15, 2013
< HanClinto> lol. I would like to see a Nethack movie. Just like a horror movie, where there are 87 characters and they *all die* in unique and horrible deaths.
#3559 (14) X July 9, 2021
<FIQ> I wonder if the oracle minds that I installed a door in her room
<Umbire> She'll probably appreciate visitors knocking first before drinking from her fountain and getting eaten by water demons
#2357 (12) X April 4, 2018
<[Demo]> mindflayer needs to be moved off h
<LarienTelrunya> [Demo]: wut
<LarienTelrunya> since when are you also in the "lol lets confuse players by moving monster letters around" camp???
<[Demo]> for like a few minutes today
<[Demo]> if anyone ever moved it to U then id call them mean names
<[Demo]> but like i feel like it would be pretty ok on U
<LarienTelrunya> okay, umber mind flayer confirmed for next slex version :P
#1842 (3) X January 3, 2016
<rww> The hobbit hits the floating eye.
<rww> that ring i just put on is conflict I guess?
<CuriousShadow> or Frodo is fighting Sauron
<CuriousShadow> check Frodo for rings
#3028 (5) X May 10, 2020
<Rodney> rww (Val Dwa Fem Law), 93496 points, T:19802, choked on a candy bar
<housecat> !gt comestible
<Rodney> Go Team comestible!
<BilldaCat> break me off a piece of that kit kat bar
<zomGreg> hey, you cats knock it off!
#172 (29) X March 1, 2013
< GovernorRocknar> oh
< GovernorRocknar> what the hell was I thinking
< Rodney> Rocknar (Pri Hum Mal Cha), 1290 points, petrified by tasting cockatrice meat
< Wooble> haha
< GovernorRocknar> I thought it was a pancake
#3128 (8) X August 11, 2020
<Rodney> ButtonHitter (Hea Hum Mal Neu), 404 points, T:1205, choked on a newt corpse
<Bleem> that's a newt one
#2358 (2) X April 4, 2018
<[Demo]> why are ther form changers and shapeshifters as roles?
<LarienTelrunya> why not? :D
<aosdict> slex, summed up in two words
#858 (21) X July 8, 2013
<runcible> depending on your experience, i don't think keeping L intact is 'fun' per se
<lament> runcible: it certainly makes gehennom more exciting :D
<lament> ie instead of "ugh, another boring maze level" you get "ugh, another borGET AWAY FROM ME YOU PINK FUCK"
#3100 (6) X July 21, 2020
<aosdict> What do you want to eat? [FIQ or ?*]
<aosdict> I... don't think I want to eat that.
#2944 (3) X March 17, 2020
<oh6> one time (in some variant) I managed flipped 2a by imagining the whole thing turned upside down, and at one point I started wondering how I'd acquired two tame rock piercers
#3798 (9) X February 2, 2022
<qt> Aloha qt, welcome to NetHack! You are a neutral male human Tourist.
<qt> You displace ^^^P~^^^AV^1UH.ee here 10 rocks.
<qt> why is my dog named ^^^P~^^^AV^1UH
<qt> very postmodern dog name
<spicyCebolla> cuz you have a blank name in your options?
<stenno> named by elon musk
#1380 (5) X July 26, 2013
< khearn> !streak WeiSong
< Rodney> weisong has ascended 10 games in a row, between 20130716 and 20130725, and can continue the streak.
< khearn> !streaks
< Rodney> Beachdude67 (Wiz Elf Mal Cha), 20371 points, T:8074, killed by Mr. Adjama, the shopkeeper
< khearn> Hmmm, I thought that would give the top streaks.
< WeiSong> It's Adeon with 29
< khearn> Instead it killed beachdude67. Sorry 'bout that.
* khearn makes a note not to do !streaks again.
#2853 (5) X January 1, 2020
<ilbelkyr> "Please help us retrieve this artifact! Oh, you got it? Well *now* you can keep it"
<ilbelkyr> (I suppose it's also about defeating the nemesis, but ... still)
<ChrisE> This artifact can either enable your homeland to survive, or give you a few powers that you don't really want to be dependent on in case the Wizard of Yendor steals it.
#2655 (1) X February 28, 2019
<aosdict> slex plays an important role in the nethack variant ecology. it provides a home for all of the insane ideas people come up with and prevents people from haring off making patches for their crazy idea
#3284 (19) X December 16, 2020
< stenno> being a cannibal is not too bad
< stenno> dont take that out of context please
#2590 (4) X December 14, 2018
<Beholder> [nh362] bouquet (Arc Gno Fem Neu), 2650860 points, T:54813, ascended
<stenno> grats bouquet
<aosdict> I thought you were congratulating bouquet on that empty message
<IceBox> that's a really nice empty message bouquet
<aosdict> beautiful in its simplicity and elegance
<IceBox> how can one man say so much with so little
#2356 (6) X April 1, 2018
<+Beholder> [hdf-us] [fh] Ow (Demo) (Kni Dwa Fem Law) received Ogresmasher from Lugh, on T:4650
<[Demo]> does ogresmasher do anything neat?
<@FIQ> enjoy your 25 con
<[Demo]> how do i get it
<+raisse> be neutral and sacrifice, I expect
<+raisse> or lawful, I forget
<[Demo]> i mean the con
<+raisse> wield it
<@FIQ> wield it
<+raisse> snap!
<+raisse> lawful, I see
<+raisse> that knight got it from lugh
<+raisse> now go smash some ogres
<[Demo]> my con is 14
<[Demo]> even wielding it
<@FIQ> ok let me fix that
<@FIQ> I probably forgot to add it
<@FIQ> (I was going to)
<[Demo]> will it work in the offhand?
<@FIQ> you can't offhand artifacts
<[Demo]> i mean in the alternate weapon slot
<@FIQ> oh you mean like, when you aren't actually using it?
<@FIQ> that sounds silly
<[Demo]> dnh does that
<@FIQ> dnh is silly
<[Demo]> yeah

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