#3563 (14) X July 11, 2021
<raisse> What do you want to read? [copy or ?*]
<raisse> no, I prefer to read the original!
#3549 (11) X June 29, 2021
<Earth Traveler> Attention, could all you monsters please make your way toward the altar in an orderly fashion? Thank you.
#2520 (-1) X October 25, 2018
<[Demo]1> I really hate law enforcement, why are there not players immune to law enforcement
<aosdict> You see here a ring of arrest resistance.
#3642 (5) X September 11, 2021
<disperse> As you read the scroll, it disappears. Your boots disintegrate! There's 1/2 of my problems taken care of
<aosdict> count your boots as two problems so that they make up more of the problems taken care of
<disperse> 2/3rds then! Now just need to get rid of this ball and chain (literally).
<aosdict> oh but those might be considered two problems too :P
<disperse> The ball wouldn't be a problem if it weren't chained to my leg
#803 (-8) X July 8, 2013
<fontp> hrm. this is price IDing as a luckstone, but I can name it Heart of Ahriman
<GreyKnight> Spelt correctly?
<fontp> yeah, cut and pasted from the rodney entry
<PLS> have you tried "The Heart of Ahriman"?
<fontp> yea
<fontp> that's wierd.
<peabrain> You're not playing slash'em by mistake?
#3041 (16) X May 21, 2020
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [ndnh] omghax (Wiz Hlf Fem Neu), 0 points, T:15, killed by a falling object
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [ndnh] omghax (Tou Inc Fem Neu), 0 points, T:5, killed by a falling object
<Beholder> [hdf-au] [ndnh] omghax (Wiz Hlf Mal Neu), 0 points, T:9, killed by a falling object
<Andrio> having fun there?
<Umbire> NetHack Physics 101 seems to be going poorly.
#3593 (4) X August 3, 2021
<qt> k2: https://termbin.com/f1dt
<K2> cool
<K2> qt, this isn't a complaint, but just wondering - how come you don't do these as PR's?
<qt> I can totally do them as PRs if you prefer, 'g diff | tb' is just quicker and easier for me than 'g checkout -b fix-blah-blah && g commit --all && g push -u origin fix-blah-blah && gh pr create -f'
<qt> especially for something minor that's one small commit with only a couple lines changed. but I would be happy to do them as PRs! just say the word
<amateurhour> you should do them as PRs just so you can write a nice commit message
<amateurhour> :)
<K2> plus you get the proper credit
<amateurhour> Dearest K2, I write this PR to you today to fix the following problem...
<amateurhour> Yours lovingly, Q3
<K2> aww
<K2> so special
<K2> i'm touched
#1411 (53) X September 18, 2013
<rchandra> in nethack, 'May the Force be with you' is a curse, not a blessing.
#2115 (0) X June 29, 2017
<Wayward_Vagabond> what's the command for kick again?
<ChrisS67> ^d
<Andrio> I like to think of it as Ctrl+D for 'destroy'
<Andrio> Even though I use 'k'.
<dtype> it is difficult to get a good action highlight clip if you don't kick down every door you encounter
<dtype> think movie trailer for your game
#1712 (-43) X April 19, 2015
<stenno> You kill the wumpus!
<kerio> get hunted you fuck
#3314 (5) X January 14, 2021
<hothraxxa> so i had a cursed potion of sleeping and a cursed diluted potion of sleeping
<hothraxxa> dipping the undiluted potion so they'd stack, guess what happens
<K2> water demon
<K2> water moccassins
<K2> second coming of jesus christ
<K2> elvis
<K2> ?
<hothraxxa> boy you are one shitty guesser
<K2> you somehow put a wand of cancellation into a BoH
* K2 is done guessing
<hothraxxa> it is true i have no boh
<K2> so what happened hothraxxa
<K2> the suspense is killing amateurhour
<amateurhour> my guess would be
<amateurhour> dipped one potion into the other
<K2> i'm still going with 'elvis'
<Umbire> Exploded the potion and put yourself to sleep?
<VaderFLAG> If it's "I dipped the diluted one" I demand a refund on this story
<mobileuser> the cursed potion became uncursed and wouldn't stack anymore
<mobileuser> a kop appeared an hit you with a rubber hose of fire and your potions exploded
<K2> sharknado
<hothraxxa> mobileuser wins
<mobileuser> \o/
<hothraxxa> i didn't know anyone even cared any more. i come back here to find the channel on tenterhooks
<mobileuser> I'm trying to understand why you would want to stack potions of sleeping
<hothraxxa> oh just for efficiency in dipping
<hothraxxa> on account of fountains dry up, which this one did
#1009 (-55) X July 10, 2013
<Gaulgath> You have a sad feeling for a moment, then it passes.
<Gaulgath> Noo!
<Spazm> your pet died
<Gaulgath> O RLY?
#601 (-13) X March 12, 2013
< itsblah> The giant eel slips off of your slippery oilskin cloak!
< itsblah> good thing i got this oilskin cloak with me
< kriebly> but he slipped it off
< blindcoder> no, he slipped off of it
< kriebly> sounds like the giant eel is trying to get into your breeches
< kriebly> what an unpleasant thought
#553 (-12) X March 10, 2013
< cbus> The wood nymph picks up 2 hill orc corpses.
< Zealot> That's one buff nymph
< Diablo-D3> Man, if I was a barbarian, Id be turned on
#2662 (18) X March 11, 2019
<Muad> *casts stone to flesh on flintstones* meat the flintstones
<farfar> ba dum tss
<Andrio> Yabba-dabba-delicious
#2782 (11) X October 16, 2019
<Pinkbeast> It's usually on the lefthand side of the keyboard above Shift
#2472 (14) X August 9, 2018
<Setneicum> You read a scroll of mail: "This server will shut down shortly and have all its stored saves deleted, so completion of the current game is highly advised. To this effect, please use the Amulet of Yendor that came with this scroll. K - the Amulet of Yendor."
#137 (-5) X March 1, 2013
<kerio> scummos: nah, i just spent like a year playing nethack
<kerio> and pretty much only nethack
<kerio> and then i stopped
<kerio> and started playing #nethack
#1751 (2) X July 19, 2015
<Crawldragon> splat?
<Rodney> A death that could have been easily avoided, typically in the late game. Also the sound of breaking eggs.
<Crawldragon> ah, I see
<elenmirie> you can't make an amulet without breaking some eggs...
<Crawldragon> It took me a second to spot the pun in that sentence and now I'm laughing
<elenmirie> ;)
* greeter groans
<Crawldragon> There should be a word for that, laughing after you've just understood the joke you didn't get
#1294 (-31) X July 15, 2013
< sjdevnull> It's ridiculous that I can have a huge attack dog on a leash, wander up to a watchman, and let it devour him w/o anyone suspecting I'm at fault at all.
< sjdevnull> "Oh, him, the huge mastiff on the leash? He's not with me, no, why do you ask?"
#809 (13) X July 8, 2013
<argiopeweb> I had a strange tingling run up my arm earlier while dipping something. What was that?
<antivert> ** you're now pregnant with the lady of the lake's child
<antivert> D:
<argiopeweb> Pregnant with a ladies' child?
<antivert> argiopeweb: yeah, good luck with that in nine months
<rain> "A small sword named Excalibur Jr. rips through your abdomen! You die. --More--"
<billnye> hahaha rain
<argiopeweb> lol
<billnye> "dywypi(nherited)? (Y/n/q)"
* rain chuckles.
<rain> Very nice.
#2231 (13) X November 27, 2017
<Entitas> SLEX! Now that i have your attention, play fiqhack
#3375 (16) X February 22, 2021
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [slex] amateurhour (Mon Asu Mal Law) received Markus's Justice by Shan Lai Ching, on T:1893
<LarienTelrunya> so artifact gifts do exist after all!
<aosdict> wait, "by" Shan Lai Ching?
<aosdict> is this a book or something?
<LarienTelrunya> oh damn, I guess it should say "from"
<aosdict> no no, I like my headcanon
<aosdict> "Argh, why did I have to pick the god who thinks they're a writer, all they send me is terrible drivel, and if I don't read it they'll smite me"
#302 (-7) X March 1, 2013
< Arcane> You feel shaking in your pack. A killer food ration flies out!
#1914 (0) X June 20, 2016
< WKhor> The convict role gets an artifact from their quest leader called "Iron ball of levitation"
< WKhor> which gives you it's weight in extra carry cap
< WKhor> so I punished myself as far as I could and now I can carry the magic chest
< WKhor> which means I can store the whole dungeon in there without being even burdened
< WKhor> well fuck
< WKhor> someone stole the iron ball
#2689 (-1) X May 20, 2019
<winny> The kitten is hit by a rock! The kitten picks up a rock. The kitten is hit by a rock! The kitten is killed!
<winny> why?
<winny> i thought pets were smart enough to not traverse known traps
<elenmirie> evolution in action?
#1595 (-29) X June 20, 2014
< Muad> kadoban, the mumak will either follow you or stand there, he won't hit you the same turn.
< Muad> as long as you can step away from him, that is
< bcode> they move, move, move, stop
< bcode> move, move, move, stop; repeat
< bcode> you, otoh, just move
< kadoban> I can move diagonal away it looks like...guess I'll go for it
< bcode> you could even try move-move-move-hit;repeat
< bcode> otoh, make sure that doesn't become move-move-move-hit-move-move-move-crapigotgorneredHELP-perish
< Muad> :)
#3637 (5) X September 9, 2021
<Tone> If you are still satiated after 2000 turns you should see a doctor
#353 (-19) X March 2, 2013
<n1ffo> If I ascend, remind me to tell Kos just what a loser he is.
<n1ffo> He's started giving me spellbooks of spells I know, rather than giving magic mapping, which I don't
#2262 (-2) X December 30, 2017
<deadnoob> +
<deadnoob> +
<deadnoob> +
<deadnoob> oops i must have hit the keys a few times moving laptop
<raisse> I was wondering why you were dropping all those spellbooks
#1637 (-2) X September 26, 2014
<Bromine> These people were raised from birth with their role their entire life
<Bromine> They were the ones destined to recover the amulet of Yendor
<Bromine> and they die of being bitten by an ant.
#1832 (12) X December 20, 2015
< Teutonos> "You were warned", I don't need to endure any of your sass, NetHack
#2671 (5) X March 21, 2019
<bouquet> found a bug in vanilla. Whenever I play a monk I die.
#702 (-4) X May 18, 2013
<Bulwersator> You and the woodchuck and the woodchuck and the woodchuck and the woodchuck and the woodchuck and the woodchuck and the woodchuck went to your reward with 4347639 points.
#1893 (-17) X May 16, 2016
< Homage_> In 3.6.0, Elbereth no longer works when appended to the end of an engraving
< ben> typical
< ben> attention spans these days
< ben> monsters can't even read past the first dozen letters on each square
#335 (-22) X March 2, 2013
<Yenri`> why would anyone get banned from #nethack ?
<akuo> wrong kind of hacking
<BeeRockxs> all of italy is banned? Harsh.
<partycle> not really
#1925 (0) X July 31, 2016
<Rodney> elenmirie (Hea Gno Fem Neu), 666 points, T:1928, killed by a giant bat, while being frightened to death
<SFace> 666 points oh man
#2259 (-1) X December 27, 2017
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nd] firemonkey (Val Dwa Fem Law) genocided mind flayer, on T:23251
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nd] firemonkey (Val Dwa Fem Law) genocided master mind flayer, on T:23251
<firemonkey> if you guys aren't going to remove amnesia from the game, I just have to do it myself
#2913 (-1) X February 29, 2020
<AntiGulp> I could finally finish the first draft of this novel, or I could play NetHack
<AntiGulp> hmmmmm
<Umbire> !rng finish that novel|play NetHack
<Beholder> Umbire: play NetHack
<AntiGulp> !rng finish novel|play NetHack
<Beholder> AntiGulp: play NetHack
<JonathanHanes> boom
<JonathanHanes> nethack wins again
#1372 (-19) X July 20, 2013
< chao> ts ntrstng tht y cn stll rd txts qt wll wtht vwls
< Tjr> i iei a ou a i ea e uie e iou oe
#562 (-29) X March 12, 2013
< art> Slaughtering puddings for Venus.
< cbus> art, venus demands you to farm?
< art> She doesn't demand, but I do it for her glory.
< art> Plus all the goodies, of course.
#3070 (27) X June 20, 2020
<nabru> G - a pair of glass dwarvish boots.
<nabru> glass boots are... an interesting concept
<aosdict> nabru: they're for dwarvish cinderella.
#1597 (62) X June 23, 2014
< Raisse\TS> You cough! The Elvenking gets angry!
< greeter> rofl awesome
< Raisse\TS> sorry, Your Majesty, I seem to have caught a cold.
< greeter> apparently they don't take kindly to lung disease
#636 (22) X March 15, 2013
< IanKeith> I was gonna say, When you're walkin' around and there's a friendly near you, and he insists on using the same one-block-wide path you are.
< IanKeith> Except he likes to stop.
< IanKeith> And stare at the ground.
< greycat> Maybe he's a geologist.
< WEERD> stormy!
< cadu> WEERD: found?
< WEERD> no, it's good for "geologists"
< WEERD> oops "The black blade draws the life from the rubbernecker"
#1392 (15) X August 16, 2013
< sea``> Is it possible to tame a dildo?
< ChrisS67> what?
< sea``> Perhaps by throwing some food at it?
< ishalune> ... what?
< rujasu> what?
< sea``> a dingo
< sea``> dingo*
#2629 (16) X January 29, 2019
<LarienTelrunya> yay I lost the run to RNG dude!
|<-- LarienTelrunya has left freenode (Quit: I lost the run to RNG dude!)
<swashdev> Did... did Amy just ragequit?
<swashdev> guys I'm scared
#1593 (17) X June 18, 2014
< SM2k> well, MrSnide was right about one thing. several thousand turns of trying to dig yourself out of shitsville makes for a memorable gameā€¦
< MrSnide> Hah, I was short of my goal of being right about one thing for the day!
#3195 (11) X October 5, 2020
<mobileuser> Hi K2
<K2> o/
<K2> wassup
<mobileuser> slex problem was solved :-)
<K2> you know what the ultimate fix is right?
<K2> rm -rf /slex
<K2> :P
<mobileuser> that's a different story :b
<K2> heh
<amateurhour> K2 can u save the delet of slex till after mobileuser has ascended?
<amateurhour> you'll only have to wait a day or so
<amateurhour> :)
<K2> asc in slex dont actually happen. its a form of mass hypnosis when Tariru 'ascended'
<Pinkbeast> Nah, when no-one's watching but Amy, she tells you the secret cheat code
* LarienTelrunya joined #hardfought
<amateurhour> you summoned her
#2625 (-4) X January 28, 2019
<aosdict> finally some time to resume looking at slicehack
<aosdict> Do you think someone should fork it and make sluicehack? See how long we can keep the chain of words going?
<aosdict> or maybe we should go slicehack -> licehack (with lots of a added) -> icehack (with lots of ice levels, sheol ported, and cold themed monsters)
<aosdict> then we can finally get nicehack
<K2> vicehack
<K2> explore all the bad habits in game
<K2> oh and micehack
<K2> monsters consist of mice and elephants only
<jonadab> Hmm, with only two kinds of monsters, you'd need to do some clever things with the AI.
<jonadab> Think: smart kobolds.
<K2> ricehack for our vegetarian players
<K2> dicehack --> lots of gambling
<K2> yeah, i feel silly
<jonadab> tricehack - all enemies can stone you
<jonadab> juicehack - you can apply fruit to create potions of fruit juice
<aosdict> twicehack - after you ascend, you are mysteriously teleported back down to DL 1 of a new dungeon
<aosdict> spicehack - a full cooking patch is implemented
<aosdict> pricehack - introducing the shopkeeper role
#2410 (-1) X June 2, 2018
<raisse\splat> lol I threw gold at a lizard because I thought it was a leppy
<elenmirie\splat> when playing 3.6.1, I lost gold to a leppy because I thought it was a lizard!
<elenmirie\splat> these things mess with your head!

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