#3195 (6) X October 5, 2020
<mobileuser> Hi K2
<K2> o/
<K2> wassup
<mobileuser> slex problem was solved :-)
<K2> you know what the ultimate fix is right?
<K2> rm -rf /slex
<K2> :P
<mobileuser> that's a different story :b
<K2> heh
<amateurhour> K2 can u save the delet of slex till after mobileuser has ascended?
<amateurhour> you'll only have to wait a day or so
<amateurhour> :)
<K2> asc in slex dont actually happen. its a form of mass hypnosis when Tariru 'ascended'
<Pinkbeast> Nah, when no-one's watching but Amy, she tells you the secret cheat code
* LarienTelrunya joined #hardfought
<amateurhour> you summoned her
#3568 (7) X July 18, 2021
<wheals> so sam's magic lamp was so cheap because it was empty... i really should have seen that coming
<FIQ> @wheals didn't you see my complaint about it yesterday? :P
<FIQ> I stumbled upon the same thing in dyna lol
<FIQ> one-eyed sam the scammer
<aosdict> One-Eyed Scam?
#2426 (10) X June 21, 2018
<+rld> <@lapis/ootc> is there any problem with using cross-aligned artifact armor? like its not gonna blast me every time i get hit right?
* bhaak takes notes
<bhaak> I'm always surprised how careless players are in giving devs some bad ideas to implement
<[Demo][srn]> im surprised when devs implement them
#2626 (-4) X January 28, 2019
<Beholder> Raisse (Wiz Gno Fem Neu), 8240 points, T:7823, killed by a Green-elf
<raisse> gah, I wanted to make a snack of him
<raisse> but he made mincemeat of me
<Andrio> Om nom gnome
#2245 (8) X December 14, 2017
<mtf> can I put on regen and just chill in this vortex?
<aosdict> is it an ice vortex
<aosdict> if not, no, you cannot chill in it
#2844 (-6) X December 30, 2019
<ChrisANG> @riker you should submit the pole thing as an issue, 'cause I'm gonna be pretty slammed for a while.
<NeroOneTrueKing> @ChrisANG slammed as in busy grading, or slammed as in hitting the bottle because you're so busy grading? :D
<ChrisANG> Slammed as in busy grading and wanting to hit the bottle because I'm so busy grading but not being able to because I'm so busy grading.
#3408 (4) X March 21, 2021
<PixelHacker> Tyr crowned me the Hand of Elbereth and all I got was this lousy skill slot
#1532 (-36) X April 11, 2014
< sea> o.O
< sea> I found a huge armor shop
< Menche> studded leather armor?
< Rodney> sea (Rog Hum Fem Cha), 395 points, T:401, killed by a small mimic
#3574 (4) X July 20, 2021
<FIQ> "Feel free to take any items in that chest that might aid you." You carefully open the stone chest... The chest is empty.
<FIQ> apparently Neferet is a bit of a tease
<luxidream> but luckily the explosive charge is a dud!
#2973 (-13) X April 1, 2020
<Umbire> Any notable stuff about that run?
<oh6> the run, not really. the overall game, I spent an insane amount of time backtracking to stashes due not finding any kind of bag until breaking perseus' statue
<Umbire> Oh yeah, that was that run
<Umbire> Fucking hell, how do you manage that
<oh6> by taking breaks every time I start to get frustrated :)
<Umbire> No, I mean how do you manage to not find a single viable container until Perseus
<Andrio> Littering
#4126 (12) X March 19, 2023
* dahni (~dahni@ has joined #nethack
<dahni> Hi im new in this irc chat thing, can anyone explain to me how it works?
<ChrisE> dahni: Well, you type messages into it...
<ChrisE> And then the other people here can see them.
#2187 (-14) X October 10, 2017
* Tangles imagines K2 and the old girl afterwards, in the royal suite, on some kind of opulent four-post bed with white frilly sheets. HRM puffs daintily on a cigarette, shakes her head lightly, and says, "We are not amused."
#3621 (11) X August 28, 2021
[prior to luxidream's ESA speedrun, bidding for what to name the fruit]
<riker> gonna donate 400 usd that just says "shadowrider is cooler than luxidream" for the fruit
<riker> smh
<K2> do it
<luxidream> this tastes like luxidream is cooler than shadowrider juice
<ichbinmiah> eeeeeeew
<K2> 'smells like teen luxidream'
<ichbinmiah> note that the fruit name is set before the run starts though
<ichbinmiah> so if you want on the great fruit bidding war of 2021 you have to donate now
<riker> antigulp just wants the commentator to say "splicehack is better than this noob game" live
<FIQ> hah
<antigulp> "Good luck lux, bet you a million zorkmids you can't do this in grunt, get rekt nerd"
<qt> i think pudding would be a good name
<qt> because if you drink from the fountain it can say "perhaps it is runoff from the nearby pudding farm."
#126 (-3) X March 1, 2013
<theRaisse> I have 2 bags of holding, what's the chance of sokobag? 100% right?
<ChrisS67> theRaisse- no, it's 150%
#3605 (53) X August 18, 2021
<nabru> YASI: if you're wearing a fedora, you're more likely to fail with succubi
<Muad> you're such a nice guy, I wish...
#2671 (9) X March 21, 2019
<bouquet> found a bug in vanilla. Whenever I play a monk I die.
#989 (-38) X July 10, 2013
miraage: how can i prevent mind flayers from wiping my memory?
mekkis: miraage, genocide them
#4100 (10) X February 10, 2023
< Arseniy> When you see soldier ants and go, THAT's what I should train my unskilled knife on, you know you have good armour
#2438 (-4) X July 3, 2018
<AntiGulp> You walk up the stairs… you burn to a crisp!
<[Demo]> wait so yikes
<[Demo]> thats possible in splicehack too
<[Demo]> with the maga elementals
<AntiGulp> No I specifically made it impossible in splice
<AntiGulp> I’m not 100% evil
<IceBox> Make america great again elementals?
<[Demo]> magma
<[Demo]> freudian slip
<hothraxxa> i think they do wear red baseball caps
#1776 (11) X August 20, 2015
<ShivanHunter> omG
<ShivanHunter> # - an uncursed magic marker (0:100) {1}
<Bluescreen> The +100 magic marker is the highest possible enchantment it can spawn with. :)
<Bluescreen> Congratulations, you can write any spellbook (but make sure you know it)!
* ShivanHunter writes a spellbook of instantly win the game
#191 (-10) X March 1, 2013
<mirrorbird> Hearse is my way to socialise :>
#3115 (-1) X July 29, 2020
<K2> you know whats funny? when playing infidel and your random starting spellbook is clairvoyance
<amateurhour> yeah, that happened to me yesterday
<K2> same
<K2> i could prevent that, but i think its funny
<K2> like a knight slipping and killing themselves trying to mount their pony
<amateurhour> did you just out yourself as pots164
<K2> sssshhh
<amateurhour> freaking knew it
#688 (-16) X April 24, 2013
UnNetHack is the continuation of NetHack by other means - Rod von Yendowiz
#2199 (1) X October 30, 2017
<‎Grasshopper‎>‎ "There is a troll corpse here; eat it? This troll corpse tastes terrible! It explodes! You seem unaffected by it. Kaablamm! You hear an explosion in the distance. You finish eating the troll corpse."
‎<‎Grasshopper‎>‎ somebody else is out there eating exploding troll corpses... creepy
#1321 (-37) X July 15, 2013
< Olafr> no BBQ sauce? what kind of dungeon crawl are they running here?
#685 (-38) X April 9, 2013
< anselmus> For a moment, you feel something in your hands, but it disappears!
< anselmus> dammit, again :(
< xb95> There's no shame in shrinkage.
< xb95> It affects everybody.
< xb95> (That was funnier in my head, I assure you.)
< anselmus> i guess the staff will have to do
#299 (-4) X March 1, 2013
< dtype> t - 28 uncursed dilithium crystals
< paxed> you can go to the edge of the universe with that amount.
#2800 (-2) X October 31, 2019
+Beholder: [hdf-us] [nh363] Luxidream (Pri Hum Fem Cha) killed Famine, on T:42408
+rld: <@luxidream> so famine somehow decided to occupy the same space as a locked door
+rld: <@luxidream> when I killed him he left no corpse
+rld: <@Umby> The Horseman of Hunger, defeated by the cosmic janitorial system
+rld: <@Umby> Did it say you feel less hassled at any point?
+rld: <@luxidream> no
+rld: <@luxidream> he just straight up didn't leave a corpse
#3037 (4) X May 17, 2020
<Not-944e> [EvilHack] bhaak pushed 2 commits to master
<Not-944e> [EvilHack] bhaak b0e60ee - Fix off-by-one error in spo_map()
<Not-944e> [EvilHack] bhaak 54035e4 - Fix uninitialized variables
<K2> i love you
<K2> ... oh did i say that out loud?
<bhaak> don't worry. nobody important is here
<aosdict> back away from the K2cubus
<K2> :P
<elenmirie_> love is a healthy emotion
<elenmirie_> far better than berserker rage
<aosdict> YANI: love potions
<aosdict> "taming in a bottle"
<elenmirie_> lol
<elenmirie_> you see here a potion called NR 9
#1538 (-24) X April 21, 2014
<lorimer> !ping bcode
<Rodney> Pong!
* lorimer smacks Rodney
<lorimer> NOT YOU
<bcode> !pong lorimer
<lorimer> !gnip bcode
<bcode> !gnop lorimer
<Wooble> Rodney has secretly been bcode all along.
<lorimer> And now the truth is out!
<Wooble> that's why !lg is so slow... he has to go look through all the game manually.
<lorimer> ad-hoc SQL queries
<lorimer> and he gets confused typing LEFT JOIN RIGHT JOIN
<bcode> guess you found out why my !lg queries always work
#710 (-10) X May 24, 2013
< MrSnide> Wizards always think they're so much better than everyone else
< joc_> that's because they are
#1332 (-34) X July 15, 2013
< Arafangion> What the heck is this?
< Arafangion> You see here a fox corpse. You see a centipede hatch.
< Arafangion> The later item.
< aioli> you saw a centipede egg hatch
< aioli> not like "batten down the centipede hatches"
#1558 (-38) X May 11, 2014
<GreyKnight> looks like "candy bar of spinach" is a valid wish
<raisse\splat> yuck!
<GreyKnight> sounds delicious
<raisse\splat> I like candy bars, and I like spinach, but...
<b_jonas> that could taste good I think
<GreyKnight> two great tastes that taste great together
<raisse\splat> spinach is probably one of the very few yummy things in the world that don't go with chocolate.
<stenno\splat> candy bar of royal jelly otoh :)
#2818 (11) X November 7, 2019
<{Demo}> don't let Amy see this map
<{Demo}> or it'll be in slex :O
<{Demo}> (amy plz add the bubblehack test map to slex)
<@mewpants> What's wrong with it? 😦
<stennowork> lol
<stennowork> amy wanting it for slex is apparently an indicator that something is wrong with it
#3014 (95) X April 26, 2020
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] nabru (Val Dwa Fem Law), 5 points, T:89, killed by an exploding crystal ball
<aosdict> nice unique death
<nabru> heh
<nabru> "Cool ball, let's see what happ... OW OW OW"
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] nabru (Val Dwa Fem Law), 274 points, T:1000, killed by touching Giantslayer
<nabru> "This sword looks cool, let me pick it up... NOOOOOOOOO"
#3107 (53) X July 23, 2020
<qt_> "The Wizard of Yendor escapes the dungeon!"
<qt_> what does this mean for me exactly? will he come back or what?
<nabru> Oh great, he's on the loose now
<qt_> yeah lock your doors
#3721 (11) X November 6, 2021
<Shadow_Rider> [The TNNT] Deathmatch is a death trap
<Shadow_Rider> Won’t see me doing that again
<spicyCebolla> i thought the deathmatch thing was just make ice and then drown them
<Shadow_Rider> i guess i didn't get the memo
<spicyCebolla> is there still water in there?
<aosdict> it's lava
<aosdict> you know, like they had in ancient rome
#1666 (-23) X December 19, 2014
< Deuterion> nethack public service announcement: bathing in game is linked to drowning and blanking of scrolls
< Deuterion> please confine bathing to 'real life'
#414 (-32) X March 3, 2013
<dtype> i am hawaiian shirt kung fu man. just like an 80's daytime action series.
#2792 (2) X October 24, 2019
<bubbles_nh> Yo {Demo}2 you got that source dump of this dubhack you were talking about earlier?
<bubbles_nh> I wouldn't mind having something to look at!
<bubbles_nh> Ahhh it was libuncursed I was thinking of
<aosdict> tubhack not dubhack
<aosdict> YASI: dubhack, the windowport that uses a poor text-to-speech translator on every game message
<bubbles_nh> :D
<bubbles_nh> aosdict: yeah bubblehack
<aosdict> bubhack
<bubbles_nh> bubhack, better, true.
<bubbles_nh> pubhack, for playing with beer.
<aosdict> stubhack. Ouch! That hurts! Your right leg is in no shape for kicking.
<aosdict> cubhack. The baby owlbear bites!
<aosdict> rubhack. Djinni pop out of a magic lamp 100% of the time rather thean 33%.
<aosdict> grubhack. This food is delicious!
<bubbles_nh> hubhack, interactive hardfought irc
<bubbles_nh> clubhack, you are hallucinating all the time and have to dance
<FIQ> clubhack, with improved aklyses
<bubbles_nh> chubhack, you have to eat 5x the amount of food
<aosdict> yub-nubhack. introducing the fearsome ewok monster
<bubbles_nh> stubhack, nothing is implemented, it just gives an error message.
<{Demo}2> shubhack, with everyone's favorite lovecraftian god
<FIQ> glubhack, with improved drowning mechanics
<bubbles_nh> glub glub you die!
<FIQ> tubhack, now with baths in addition to sinks
<aosdict> scrubhack. You can take baths in pools of water to restore Charisma reduction.
<FIQ> subhack, you can explore underwater with a submarine
<bubbles_nh> mmmmmmmm
<bubbles_nh> tell me more
<aosdict> snubhack, for those who won't play any of those _inferior_ variants
<bubbles_nh> blubhack, for when you just want to cry
<aosdict> shrubhack, introducing hedge terrain
<FIQ> nubhack, with controller support
<{Demo}2> wubhack, the epic dubstep version
#3835 (14) X April 1, 2022
<Not-9244> [xNetHack] copperwater pushed 3 commits to master [+0/-0/±5]
<Not-9244> [xNetHack] copperwater 2867512 - Hallucination protects against skeleton bone rattling
<Not-9244> [xNetHack] copperwater aa2c222 - Fix comment in monsters.h: @ class doesn't include elves
<Not-9244> [xNetHack] copperwater 8b13590 - Increase the prices of many magical tools
<qt> inflation driving up the price of magical tools, and now i can't even get high and watch the skeleton bones rattling to get my mind off it
<qt> thanks a lot aosdict
#2545 (6) X November 14, 2018
<raisse> The spell hits the dwarf! You kill the dwarf! You have a sad feeling for a moment, then it passes.
<raisse> I'm pretty sure it wasn't the dwarf I was sad about
<Croesus> [EU] [D]: Raisse (Wiz-Hum-Fem-Neu), 660 points, 1028 turns, killed by a crossbow bolt
<realinari> so you found the pet killer?
<realinari> or, rather, the pet killer found you?
<raisse> possibly yes
<raisse> it was a gnome lord
<realinari> with a mean crossbow
<realinari> at least you and your pet are together now
<realinari> always better that way
#2250 (-3) X December 18, 2017
<raisse> apparently this game wants me to open doors
<raisse> I have a key, a lock pick, a credit card and a wand of opening
<raisse> on dlvl 3
<FIQ> Thou shalt be the Opener of Doors!
<raisse> now all I need is a knock spell
<raisse> well, and the Bell of Opening :-)
#1875 (14) X March 24, 2016
<AmyBSOD> welcome ProzacElf, do you want to play slex v165? :D
<ProzacElf> ah, probably not tonight
<ProzacElf> my ankle hurts D=
<AmyBSOD> you operate the keyboard with your ankle? :P
<ProzacElf> yes
<ProzacElf> at all times
#921 (-44) X July 10, 2013
<kroisis> several years ago I had a char that killed 3 shopkeepers...his luck was attrocious after that...EVERYBODY hated him...he was in such dire straits a succubus wouldn't give him the time of day...he was in such dire straits, nymphs kept attacking him by giving him cursed stuff he was in such dire strait vampires didn't even want his blood....he was in such dire straits Jubilex looked at him and said to a nearby trapper "you eat that? Y
<kroisis> our're CRAZY man!"
#2969 (9) X March 29, 2020
<mackeyth> Can the watch see you picking locks if you're invisible?
<K2> mackeyth i believe so
<mackeyth> What was that you said? Sounded a lot like "Try it, wuss" :)
<K2> sure :)
<mackeyth> Nope, they can't
<mackeyth> Wonder what else I can get away with?
<mackeyth> They will also let you dig through walls, even into stores.
<mackeyth> Izchak was less thrilled about it...
<slengtorm> they're the watch, not the listen
#1069 (-28) X July 10, 2013
<alphamale> The black pudding zaps the wand of wishing! The black pudding wishes for hand-like appendages for zapping wands with! You feel like there are some quantum mechanics at play here.
#3723 (14) X November 9, 2021
<Beholder> [US] shadowrider38 (Cav Dwa Fem Law) wished for "3 cursed gain level", on T:30348
<Beholder> [US] shadowrider38 (Cav Dwa Fem Law) wished for "3 cursed gain level", on T:30350
<Beholder> [US] shadowrider38 (Cav Dwa Fem Law) wished for "3 cursed gain level", on T:30353
<Beholder> [US] shadowrider38 (Cav Dwa Fem Law) wished for "3 cursed gain level", on T:30386
<Beholder> [US] shadowrider38 (Cav Dwa Fem Law) wished for "3 cursed gain level", on T:30388
<Beholder> [US] shadowrider38 (Cav Dwa Fem Law) wished for "3 cursed gain level", on T:30390
<cbus> lol nice wishing session shadow :D
<Shadow_Rider> net gain of 3 levels out of all of that
<Shadow_Rider> 3.6 is the actual worst
#3783 (26) X January 15, 2022
<cbus> lol ice box with cockatrice corpse next to vibrating square
<bhaak> sure that's not a trap? sounds like an invitation for a YASD
#2231 (10) X November 27, 2017
<Entitas> SLEX! Now that i have your attention, play fiqhack

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