#1615 (-39) X August 11, 2014
< kerio> 6 days since wstty was pretty much ready for production
< kerio> still no web terminal for un.nethack.nu
<@bhaak> it's not through Q&A yet
< kerio> bhaak: now it autoconnects btw
<@bhaak> oh no! then I have to start the certification process anew!
< kerio> get fucked
#567 (-22) X March 12, 2013
< Crowe> i remember a few years back, i had my entire tech drawing class crowd behind me while i played =P
< Crowe> I wasn't very good though, but something about memorizing a million commands made it look cool
#901 (-27) X July 10, 2013
<Rodney> tek69 (Wiz Elf Mal Cha), 6561 points, killed by a soldier ant
<bobbens> Go team ant :)
<Tek-69> go team everyone actually. I love when rng decides it's gang bang time.
#916 (-21) X July 10, 2013
<ihope> Getting rid of the floor is SO much easier with boots of levitation.
<Eidolos> ihope: You better not be doing what I think you're doing!
<ihope> Eidolos: what do you think I'm doing?
<Eidolos> Can't tell ya, it's a secret.
<argiopeweb> I bet he thinks you're digging out the mines...
#708 (59) X May 23, 2013
< MPR> if you genocide kittens
< MPR> you are literally the worst person
< MPR> period.
< deepy> dot.
< bcode> comma,
< deepy> hypen-
< bcode> colon:
< deepy> questionmark?
< ishanyx> interrobang‽
< bcode> ampersand&
< deepy> exclamationmark!
< bcode> semicolon;
< deepy> Inverted question¿
< bcode> ellipsis…
< Adeon> the letter s
< deepy> tilde~
< bcode> quotation mark"
< deepy> pipe|
< negion> Are you guys in the process of having some sort of protracted mutual mental breakdown?
< deepy> negion: to a certain degree°
< negion> Ah. Well, so long as you're aware... carry on.
< deepy> Well it did start to get a little tedious, maybe we should have brought it to a full stop.
< deepy> If you know what I'm getting at@
< negion> Ha. Ha Ha. Suddenly, a wild pun appears!
< bcode> For puns, this channel has no more space
< deepy> Even though you managed to make a quick dash-
< negion> Talking like Yoda, you are
< Adeon> maybe they'll stop if you give them money$
< bcode> negion: Which again the nature of this conversation underscores_
< deepy> I wonder how many percent%
< deepy> I'm hoping I won't be the first to bite the bullet°
< bcode> At this rate, soon we're going to see as quit message - Error: Broken pipe¦
< deepy> For reference※
< deepy> Should we call it a tie⁀
< Adeon> did you stop because you became nonplussed¬+
< deepy> I've run out of words, when it comes to concerns, it's my prime′
< bcode> I would continue, though I guess you wouldn't like my accent´
< deepy> Are we treading into the horrible section§
* ishanyx glares menacingly and wields a dagger†
< Adeon> ishanyx, shut up↑
< negion> why is ishanyx being told to shut up?
< deepy> Just a while ago it was silent as the grave`
< bcode> negion: Perhaps her character wasn't of the nicest division÷
< deepy> bcode: that line is a very nice addition+
< negion> Without the benefit of unicode, this conversation is very confusing and just leaves questions about why people are using so many question marks.
< Adeon> I only wanted to use the up arrow
< negion> ah, yeah... no unicode again. On my screen it came across as an impolite suggestion that she shut up :)
< bcode> negion: Clearly, your confusion so far had no equal=
< deepy> It sounded quite meanx
< deepy> oh darn you terminal, screwing up my math jokes
< deepy> Maybe I should draw a parellel||
< Cypi> Oh...never play while tired... Can (again) someone tell me if my Soko is screwed or if I can do it without a penalty?
< bcode> Cypi: do you have a method of teleportation? I am not sure about how solvable it still is
< Cypi> No :/
< Cypi> Oh, well, I guess it wille -1 luck, not a real problem.
< Cypi> s/wille/will be
< bcode> Hm. I guess solutions to that, if possible, would require thinking out of the box☐
< deepy> bcode, you are a star✧
< bcode> deepy: I wonder how you know - obscuring the view are many clouds☁
< deepy> In this matter, I have no scruples℈℈
#2904 (6) X February 20, 2020
[Regarding the "entire level is stone" bug in 3.7-dev]
<K2> oop just reproduced it!
<K2> 318k turns in
<K2> https://termbin.com/bkj0
<K2> ^ bhaak, backtrace
<K2> Suddenly, the dungeon collapses. Couldn't place lregion type 5!
<aosdict> K2: it's called a bhaaktrace. come on
#2357 (12) X April 4, 2018
<[Demo]> mindflayer needs to be moved off h
<LarienTelrunya> [Demo]: wut
<LarienTelrunya> since when are you also in the "lol lets confuse players by moving monster letters around" camp???
<[Demo]> for like a few minutes today
<[Demo]> if anyone ever moved it to U then id call them mean names
<[Demo]> but like i feel like it would be pretty ok on U
<LarienTelrunya> okay, umber mind flayer confirmed for next slex version :P
#29 (-23) X February 28, 2013
< stenno> unnethack is for noobs, play acehack
<@bhaak> stenno: where?
< stenno> oh
< stenno> nethack4 then
<@bhaak> acehack servers have an uncannily habit to drop out of existance
< stenno> its all because of those disintegrators!
<@bhaak> it is as if they never existed!
< stenno> hehe
<@bhaak> nethack4 servers have an uncannily habit to eat your save games :)
#987 (-23) X July 10, 2013
<Crassworm> The invisible arch-lich zaps a wand of digging!
<Crassworm> The floor here is too hard to dig in.
<Crassworm> that's right, bitch
#264 (13) X March 1, 2013
<Keolah> ... so, from the looks of things, a goblin zapped itself with a wand of polymorph and turned into a lichen. A second goblin came up and went "Ooh! Wand!" and also turned into a lichen.
<SrsWisski> keolah - hows that? :O
<Keolah> I heard zap-clanks and found two lichens next to a couple caps.
<Keolah> With the wand in question ;p
#2954 (10) X March 21, 2020
AntiGulp: “That’s not enough, coward!”
AntiGulp: …but I threw over 2000 gold at you???
amateurhour: oh look at ms moneybags over here, thinking they can just throw some money around to solve all their problems
amateurhour: repair that door yourself, by hand, and apologise properly
#2009 (9) X February 18, 2017
<GregKennedy> I think it would make a fun conduct to try to photograph every monster
<Crawldragon> "Hey, Rodney, can I get your photograph?"
<Crawldragon> "Sure."
<Crawldragon> "Will you sign it so I can show it to my friends back home?"
<Crawldragon> "Hmmm, if you give me your immortal soul."
<Crawldragon> "Okay!"
#1074 (-21) X July 10, 2013
<Mumbo> how'd I manage to get a pet iron piercer
<foof> did you throw it an iron ration?
<Mumbo> that's got to be it
#2279 (24) X January 11, 2018
<Saxtheowl> is this normal that in wizard mode my quest start shortly after the start of the game ?
<aosdict> did you get a prompt asking if you wanted to adjust your alignment?
<Saxtheowl> no but I modified my starting pet to be master Kaen
<aosdict> uh if you make your starting pet your quest nemesis, I have no idea what that would do
<Wooble> I'd go with "break things"
#2131 (0) X July 12, 2017
<Grasshopper_> well, I reckon I'll sell these expensive mithril toys for the cash $$$
<Grasshopper_> maybe they'll be worth more than the Shire?
<aosdict> I have the feeling the Shire isn't actually worth all that much
<Grasshopper_> me too, must've been a bubble in the hobbit property market
<aosdict> remember how Bilbo brought back, like, a few hundred gold pieces and was immediately the wealthiest person ever
<Grasshopper_> that's because his neighbours thought turnips were valuable
<Grasshopper_> my impression of Bag End is that it is a pretty damn nice place, Bilbo must've been pretty well off already
<Grasshopper_> he didn't actually work as far as I can tell
<aosdict> hmm, descending only 2 or 3 levels into the Dungeons of Doom and collecting all the gold could set you up for life in the shire
<Grasshopper_> So long as you are happy to live on turnips
#2453 (12) X July 18, 2018
<Wooble> I can't tell if that's something you made up, or a copy-paste from SLEX. it's like poe's law for nethack.
#664 (-8) X March 15, 2013
<Rodney> porkman (Pri Hum Mal Neu), 0 points, T:5, killed by a water moccasin
<GreyKnight> !lart porkman
<Rodney> porkman (Pri Hum Mal Neu), 0 points, T:6, killed by a bolt of fire
<GreyKnight> Well now
#2192 (11) X October 20, 2017
* khoR wanted to ascend today
<jonadab> khoR: So you're playing slex?
<khoR> No
<khoR> I'm playing BugHack
<khoR> Im ready to enter gehennom but can't because charging scrolls are bugged
<khoR> I know them and have even used them before
<khoR> but it doesnt let me write them
<khoR> so im sitting here with a marker and a wand of wishing to charge
<khoR> and wasted charges on the marker too because I was suposed to be able to write charging but it didnt work
<khoR> I guess I can go hoard more items
<khoR> ...
<khoR> nevermind
<khoR> game crashed again
<khoR> fuck this
#369 (4) X March 2, 2013
<Rodney> misha (Val-Hum-Fem-Neu), 21722 points, petrified by tasting chickatrice meat
<nolispex> gar
<paxed> tasty!
<nolispex> I was hallucinating
<greycat> yum
<nolispex> it said "This tin smells like nickelpedes"
<nolispex> I was like "WTF is that"
<nolispex> so I ate it
#1428 (-32) X October 26, 2013
< s-vektori> you can drain for gain with drain life!
< s-vektori> like i did recently with some char
< s-vektori> then i did it wrong (:D) and ended up with xlvl 1 char with 2 hp's
< s-vektori> had to seriously grind for a while to survive
#734 (22) X June 25, 2013
< yaymukund> oh, right, health
< yaymukund> forgot to watch my health
< Rodney> yaymukund (Tou Hum Mal Neu), 34 points, T:357, killed by a jackal
< yaymukund> I was good on all other fronts
#1744 (-7) X July 4, 2015
<Adeon> when I have enough american dollars I will buy a very powerful computer
<Adeon> and then play video games on it
<Adeon> not nethack though
<Adeon> not enough fps
<jonadab> NetHack fps depends on how fast you press keys.
<stenno> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
#2806 (3) X November 3, 2019
<jonadab> Though personally, I don't actually remember that day, so I am going on heresay.
<jonadab> Err, hearsay
<jonadab> Not sure what heresay would be, if that were a word.
<aosdict> "X marks the spot"
<jonadab> Heh, maybe so.
#490 (-26) X March 6, 2013
< tsuteiuQ> push right
< tsuteiuQ> all the way
< dtype> my pauses aren't sokoban thinking, are conversations. heh.
#2056 (5) X May 3, 2017
<Guest444> Crawldragon: How the hell did you go 7 years without spoiling anything? Without becoming so frustrated and just sick of everything? have you in those years beat the game? I am thinking no, but might be wrong about you
<aosdict> *I* sure didn't go that long.
<aosdict> I decided "hey, I'll try explore mode, this should work"
<aosdict> and got stuck in one choke point where there was a secret door I didn't know about
<nizzard> you choked on a secret door?
<Crawldragon> You have to chew those carefully so you don't mistakenly swallow the knob.
<aosdict> ah but secret doors don't have knobs, because they're secret
<nizzard> they have secret knobs but they are in the closet about it, so don't mention it to them.
#1761 (-12) X August 2, 2015
<AtlasJan> ...Is it me or does someone need to make a Dumb Ways to Die parody.
<AtlasJan> NetHack would be perfect for the format
<coppro> AtlasJan: all those dancing @ signs...
#2189 (13) X October 17, 2017
<khoR_> Great, this devil is running away with my only weapon
<khoR_> what the hell do I do now
#1621 (-5) X August 22, 2014
< greeter> i tried quoting the text that you get when you ascend but i've seen it so rarely i can't recall it :-S lol
< Khor> Congratulations mortal, something gift of inmortality.
< theRaisse> and an invisible choir sings
< greeter> i do remember the invisible choir bit
< Mandevil> Invisible choir => they play that from tape.
< greeter> makes sense
< LichenSink> Should have a different message for characters that can see invisible
< Mandevil> The choir is invisible because it's not there at all.
#1221 (19) X July 15, 2013
< Lenz> "You enter a disgusting nest..."
< Lenz> lol
< MrThou> Get out of my room!
#1238 (0) X July 15, 2013
< WEERD> RNG is gonna FUCK me, I can feel it!
< SpeedEvil> !rng lube no_lube sand
< Rodney> The RNG says: sand
< WEERD> yep
< WEERD> that sounds about right! :]
#1184 (-20) X July 10, 2013
<Stevie-O> a 2x3 room with a fountain and three traps.
<stumbly> sounds like my kitchen
#1963 (13) X December 12, 2016
<Rodney> mrph (Wiz Gno Fem Neu), 4619 points, T:5670, killed by a soldier ant
<mrph> D:
<vevais> !gt a
<Rodney> Go Team a!
<mrph> actualy ghost killed me
<mrph> -54hp in one hit
<raisse> ghosts can't do that! they only do 1 hp
<raisse> (soldier ants can, though)
<ChrisE> Maybe it was a soldier ant wearing a bedsheet.
#860 (18) X July 8, 2013
<SheeEttin> The water nymph smiles at the little dog seductively. --More--
<teabing> "The little dog mounts the water nymph"
<Chilliwack> The little dog winks and gives the water nymph a small piece of paper with his number. --More-
<Eidolos> heh
<Eidolos> mountin' nymph
<SheeEttin> Seems the dog proved to be too much for the nymph. :P
<SheeEttin> Got my shield back. :)
#2099 (3) X June 6, 2017
<+Lorskel> You should branch out and put messages like "You are glad you're not playing Quake 3 Arena because you suck at it anyway you fucking noob"
<@AmyBSOD\dislex> Lorskel: thx for that message, will implement
<+Lorskel> err, yw
<+FIQ> Lorskel: slex features are based on a yet-unresearched quantum mechanic theory where if you come up with a simple to implement and evil idea, slex will already have that feature
#309 (-38) X March 1, 2013
< stenno1> pff
< stenno1> you only have pizza and spaghetti
< kerio> hahahaha
#2818 (13) X November 7, 2019
<{Demo}> don't let Amy see this map
<{Demo}> or it'll be in slex :O
<{Demo}> (amy plz add the bubblehack test map to slex)
<@mewpants> What's wrong with it? 😦
<stennowork> lol
<stennowork> amy wanting it for slex is apparently an indicator that something is wrong with it
#2065 (-4) X May 12, 2017
<Webmant> Anyone know a pretty consistent method to get gloves?
<Muad> yeah, leave a cockatrice corpse lying around. a soldier with gloves will soon appear
#702 (-3) X May 18, 2013
<Bulwersator> You and the woodchuck and the woodchuck and the woodchuck and the woodchuck and the woodchuck and the woodchuck and the woodchuck went to your reward with 4347639 points.
#1338 (17) X July 15, 2013
< NESOutlaw> Oh the irony of the RNG. By the second floor, I already have a +oInvisibility, /oMakeInvisible, b!oSeeInvisible, and a cursed [oInvisibility. (And my cat's invisible, but that's my fault with the wand)
#1499 (10) X March 15, 2014
< Rodney> palomix (Wiz Elf Mal Cha), 3420 points, T:2606, killed by a gnome king, while reading a book
< ChrisE> Literacy is forbidden in this kingdom?
#1395 (24) X August 17, 2013
<Cheekio> I like to think of the dev team as jesus christ
<aaxelb> it's been more than three days
#113 (0) X March 1, 2013
<leprasmurf> hi all...just came across an item I've never seen before, and there's no reference on the wiki...is it safe to eat a soul?
#1498 (-13) X March 15, 2014
<rchase> on new moons foo-trices shoot lightning
<Ciel> petrification lightning
<Rodney> palomix (Wiz Elf Mal Cha), 15232 points, T:7034, petrified by a cockatrice corpse
<Ciel> damn the moon!
#772 (6) X July 8, 2013
<DW`> hmmm
<DW`> that was a tad silly
<DW`> checking through my inventory
<DW`> wondering why i am burdened
<DW`> i notice i am carrying 51 rocks
<DW`> that probably does it
#849 (-7) X July 8, 2013
<teabing> does anyone know how the game generates altars?
<shel-> teabing: It calculates a random number using rn0 with a parameter based on the dungeon level, discounting guaranteed altars, factors in the number of altars already created, then sets that number to 0 so I don't get any altars in the dungeons, ever.
#339 (-24) X March 2, 2013
<_duck> life saving doesn't save from starvation, right?
<jaakko> duck, it does
<jaakko> duck, even beheading
<_duck> jaakko, heh, that's intresting too
<BeeRockxs> what message do you get when beheaded?
<BeeRockxs> 'The amulet glows and glues your head back to your neck'?
#406 (-6) X March 3, 2013
<greycat> you'd think watching my pet get disemboweled would interrupt 'g' walking mode.
#2136 (5) X July 19, 2017
<aosdict> The elven priestess of Tyr intones: "Pilgrim, you enter a sacred place!" You experience a strange sense of peace. The elven priestess of Tyr casts a spell! The elven priestess of Tyr summons insects!
<aosdict> I'm getting mixed signals here
#2246 (7) X December 14, 2017
<jiik> wtf invisible troll on soko4
<jiik> never seen this before
<Andrio> Well, it is invisible..
#1928 (27) X August 25, 2016
<ProzacElf> HAHAHA
<ProzacElf> i think
<ProzacElf> with what i see now is my own wand of death
<ProzacElf> that's right gnome guard, you didn't think i would climb up 15 floors and then back down 4 more just to get my revenge
<ProzacElf> but look who's standing over whose corpse NOW, tough guy

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