#3590 (10) X August 2, 2021
<Ann> can i stone him?
<Umbire> ye
<Umbire> more than likely anyway
<Ann> i stoned him
<Umbire> Otherwise if you go the standard route, you need free acction
<Ann> it's ok
<Umbire> (or MC3 failing that)
<Ann> i stoned him
<Umbire> I know but I may as well expound anyway
#838 (39) X July 8, 2013
<ek|M> "The nymph pretends to be friendly. It explodes!"
<ChocoCid> lol.
<NSNS> Reminds me of a girl I know.
#1652 (-34) X November 5, 2014
<AtlasJan> wiw, my spelling is really poor today
#3517 (1) X June 10, 2021
<aosdict> dear santa, for christmas I want ONE GOSH-DARN EVILHACK LEVEL WITHOUT ANY ZOMBIES
#786 (-1) X July 8, 2013
< Arcane> What exactly IS motionless?
< nesta> you only move by teleportation or by being displaced
< |404notfound> being displaced, as in only on the receiving end?
< nesta> you don't even step off the starting square, and you sure don't use stairs
< itsblah> sounds impossible
< |404notfound> I take it motionless wasn't a conduct devised with ascension in mind
< nesta> itsblah: that's been said about every loony conduct.
#1056 (17) X July 10, 2013
<Scarred> nice a fire ant had a magic marker; what was he going to write down?
<jmr> a bug report
#456 (-14) X March 5, 2013
< blackcustard> wiztested your wishes first :p
< blackcustard> wiztest*
< blackcustard> damn i cannot tense my verbs correctly today
< soundnfury> blackcustard: maybe you should lie down for a bit, you're clearly feeling a little...
< soundnfury> tense 8D
< blackcustard> XD
#3938 (3) X July 29, 2022
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [spl] McPanther (Mon Inf Mal Law), 443 points, T:644, killed by a gnome lord's explosion
<Kes> uhhhh
<Kes> Ah, an explosive gnome lord. Classic.
<qt> You strike the explosive gnome lord! You kill the explosive gnome lord! You are caught in the gnome lord's explosion!
<qt> lol, exactly what it said on the tin
<spicyCebolla> i'm very proud of my baby
<spicyCebolla> (i *think* i wrote explosive template)
<aosdict> what is the flavor reason for why a gnome lord would both 1) explode when killed and 2) be immediately recognizable as such
<amateurhour> it's fun-flavoured
<amateurhour> that's the reason
<spicyCebolla> 1: there doesn't need to be a reason
<spicyCebolla> two: his stomach is transparent
<spicyCebolla> and it's full of boiling oil or whatever
<spicyCebolla> maybe it's ticking
#1381 (23) X July 27, 2013
-->| RedFeather has joined #nethack
<RedFeather> Why are there ravens underground, anyway?
|<-- RedFeather has left #nethack
#2360 (-11) X April 6, 2018
<Tarmunora_> Also, what would everyone's opinions on consolidating some weapon skills be?
<Tarmunora_> Stuff like combining polearms and lances, spears and tridents, clubs maces and morningstars, etc
<+aosdict> Tarmunora_: I thought stuff like that was pretty widely accepted, except everyone has _slightly_ different takes on the exact merges.
<+aosdict> For example, I'm not sure about club and mace, though mace and morningstar are OK.
* LarienTelrunya is probably the only person who is strictly opposed to the idea of removing any skills :P
<+aosdict> I said widely accepted, not universally.
<tubs> LarienTelrunya: Someone had a great idea for you though...
<tubs> LarienTelrunya: 16:40 <+aosdict> We should be grateful that vanilla doesn't have a separate polearm skill for each type of polearm.
<LarienTelrunya> hahahahahahaha :D
<tubs> *nudge nudge* *wink wink*
<LarienTelrunya> well that would be taking things too far, even for slex
<LarienTelrunya> after all, the player's supply of skill points isn't bottomless!
<tubs> I am screenshotting this.
#3962 (0) X August 27, 2022
<hothraxxa> for the record, the odds of a monster setting off a landmine are too low for them to be useful
<hothraxxa> i tried setting up a row of them in the arena for tnnt. useless
<qt> that's true, all monsters have only a 1/3 chance to set them off. even lower for flying monsters. it would be nice if it were based on weight or something
<aosdict> why do I smell another PR coming...
<qt> aosdict: I wasn't planning on it but maybe I will lol
<aosdict> every time qt says "would be nice if", my internal PR detector goes off
[Half an hour later, qt produced https://github.com/NetHack/NetHack/pull/801.]
#3205 (13) X October 18, 2020
Beholder: [hdf-us] [dnh] Disruptor (Elf-Nob Elf Mal Cha) destroyed the Arsenal, on T:50386
Umbire: Go team Manchester!
#1598 (39) X June 25, 2014
<ChrisS67> kadoban- I think Grayswandir might do more damage than a lamp
#1748 (28) X July 13, 2015
<ShivanHunter> brb, goona get some irl %
#3125 (19) X August 6, 2020
<Bcadren> The shrieker shrieks.
<Sig> "Does it shriek because it is a shrieker, or is it a shrieker because it shrieks? It shrieks, for it does not know"
#3762 (5) X December 12, 2021
<hosk> i cannot go up because i need a pickaxe or a wand of digging
<hosk> because the level generated the upstair behind a tight space that i fell through
<derekt1975> you can throw your unbreakable stuff through the tight space
<derekt1975> then walk through carrying very little
<hosk> so basically try to walk through with only potions and wands?
<hosk> oh that was easier than i thought, really just my chain mail was the problem i had to work around
<ChrisE> Just forward it to 10 other people and you will be fine.
#3680 (5) X October 9, 2021
<K2> qt do you want to see shield bashing in 0.7.1
<qt> nah I am not working on it rn or anything
<amateurhour> shields r bad
<amateurhour> ^got your shield bashing here
#1088 (-13) X July 10, 2013
<scwizard> "Your health currently feels amplified!"
<Grunt> That's a pair of extremely bad puns
<Grunt> I really wish they'd change that message :P
<SpeedEvil> Yeah
<fraggsta> I see what they did there :V
<Eidolos> A pair of extremely bad puns? That sounds like what most NetHack messages strive to be.
#2263 (-4) X December 30, 2017
<jonadab> Hmm, if I changed my nick to thw, then I could rename my variant thwhack.
#2922 (0) X March 7, 2020
<K2> it is a bit more evil but it doesnt happen as often (rn2(6) vs rn2(5))
<aosdict> K2, the difference between rn2(6) and rn2(5) is 3%.
#3914 (7) X June 30, 2022
<Shadow_Rider> yani: milk
<Shadow_Rider> something along the lines of Minecraft milk
<Shadow_Rider> that cancels potion effects
<riker> what vanilla potions have lasting effects
<riker> if I drink it after healing potions will it unheal me?
<Shadow_Rider> idk it wasn’t a very well thought idea
<Shadow_Rider> don’t pretend like there aren’t a ton of useless mechanics in nethack
#2968 (-11) X March 29, 2020
<AntiGulp> Speed boots on level 2 wooooo
<AntiGulp> Ooh, and a T shirt!
<AntiGulp> I now await my untimely death at the hands of my own stupidity.
<slengtorm> AntiGulp (Wiz Hum Fem Neu), 780 points, T:1108, strangled by a T-shirt, while dressing very quickly
#443 (-42) X March 5, 2013
<Drjebus> Something is engraved here on the headstone.
<Drjebus> You read: "xaiph, killed by strangulation".
<Drjebus> What do you want to put on? [NPV or ?*]
<Drjebus> It constricts your throat!
<Drjebus> V - an amulet of strangulation (being worn).
<Drjebus> You find it hard to breathe.
<Drjebus> You can't. It is cursed.
<Drjebus> Something is engraved here on the headstone.
<Drjebus> You read: "xaiph, killed by strangulation".
<Drjebus> Your knapsack cannot accommodate any more items.
<Drjebus> You're gasping for air.
<Drjebus> You can no longer breathe.
<Drjebus> Something is engraved here on the headstone.
<Drjebus> You read: "xaiph, killed by strangulation".
<Drjebus> Your knapsack cannot accommodate any more items.
<Drjebus> You're turning blue.
<Drjebus> Something is engraved here on the headstone.
<Drjebus> You read: "xaiph, killed by strangulation".
<Drjebus> Your knapsack cannot accommodate any more items.
<Drjebus> You suffocate.
#1183 (-45) X July 10, 2013
< Violist> not doing too well with nethack
< Violist> but on the flipside, I'm studying for tests more and geenrally being better at school
< Violist> going to have to remedy this situation
#1816 (13) X December 2, 2015
<Bluescreen_> sometimes, the object pile hilite function causes stuff to the east of a highlighted tile to be gray, I dunno why that happens.
* Elronnd wonders why an alleged variant developer has the ability to say "I dunno why that happens" about code *they* wrote
#2192 (14) X October 20, 2017
* khoR wanted to ascend today
<jonadab> khoR: So you're playing slex?
<khoR> No
<khoR> I'm playing BugHack
<khoR> Im ready to enter gehennom but can't because charging scrolls are bugged
<khoR> I know them and have even used them before
<khoR> but it doesnt let me write them
<khoR> so im sitting here with a marker and a wand of wishing to charge
<khoR> and wasted charges on the marker too because I was suposed to be able to write charging but it didnt work
<khoR> I guess I can go hoard more items
<khoR> ...
<khoR> nevermind
<khoR> game crashed again
<khoR> fuck this
#1512 (-22) X March 25, 2014
< Winhert> he summoned tons of dragons, foolords etc
< ChrisE> The fool ord hits!
#1101 (-33) X July 10, 2013
<Grunt> spazm is going to kill Vlad with a credit card
<Grunt> Vlad the Impaler, killed by excessive interest rates.
#866 (-14) X July 8, 2013
<Rodney> mask2697 (Wiz Hum Mal Neu), 444 points, killed by a hobbit
-->| Nzy has joined #nethack
<mask2697> damn hobbits
<mask2697> go back to teh fucking shire
<blackcustard> Nzy: it's okay, he doesn't mean you ;)
<Nzy> it's offensive to me because i am a hobbit irl
<Nzy> and my shire got burned down
<Nzy> it was horrible
#53 (-14) X February 28, 2013
<michagogo> Huh. A room, at the end of a long corridor, with nothing but a fountain and a sink
<ChrisS67> nice one
<danirijeka> michagogo: a bathroom
#248 (-34) X March 1, 2013
< leao> so this game is symbolic ?
< rawrmage> ?>nethack[1]
< Rodney> nethack[1]: A single player dungeon-exploration game, nothing to do with cracking into computers or networks. The official Nethack website (http://www.nethack.org) tends to have the latest release in both source and binary form for many platforms.
< greycat> nethack?
< Rodney> A game, kinda like Diablo, but much better. See the join message.
< Rodney> Maud (Wiz Elf Fem Cha), 652 points, killed by a hallucinogen-distorted gnome lord
< rawrmage> greycat: yes, we have established this
< irina> symbolic?
< irina> I don't know what you mean by that
< greycat> well, we established it twice over.
< rawrmage> well it uses letters as symbols, not graphics
< Rodney> Mortuis (Hea Gno Fem Neu), 208 points, killed by a bolt of fire
< irina> yes, but it's not symbolic *of* anything is it?
< leao> like "gray falcon has thrown a fireball at black magician" implying that the hacking community leader has been successful with his operation
#2280 (-7) X January 11, 2018
<jonadab> Evil Patch Idea: in addition to disintegration breath, disintegration traps, and darts of disintegration, we clearly also need wands of disintegration, potions of disintegration, scrolls of disintegration, a "disintegrate player" monster arcane spell, disintegration gazes, disintegration melee attacks, telepathic disintegration attacks that work at psy range, ...
<Tone> We do have wide-angle disintegration beams
<aosdict> but why stop there when you could have wide-angle disintegration *everything*
<Tone> Truly evil
#1633 (-26) X September 18, 2014
< Khor> The turing test?
< Wooble> a test devised by Alan Turing to tell if a machine is "intelligent" by having it pretend to be a woman. (disclaimer: this *may* be too literal of an intpretation of his paper.)
< Wooble> (the "traditional" intepretation is that a machine passes the test if it is indistibguishable from a human)
< Wooble> and by "traditional" I mean "everyone except me when I'm trying to scam people in Nomic"
< Khor> Has any ai passed it? o.0
< Khor> Are you telling me that right now, I could talk to an ai and not realize it is mot human?
< Rodney> Khor: Are you saying I am not human, mortal fool?
* Rodney glares at Khor menacingly.
#3116 (8) X July 29, 2020
<NeilH90> God dammit then I find a lock pick in the next room
<NeilH90> I just broke my katana trying to force a lock
<jonadab> Don't force locks with your good weapon. Use a junk dagger.
<jonadab> There are plenty of orcish daggers laying around. Grab one of those (that's not cursed), #name it Locksbane, and Bob is your uncle.
<NeilH90> My junk dagger broke first XD
<jonadab> Ah, but a junk dagger can be replaced.
<NeilH90> Aha true
<NeilH90> I was feelin lucky. Lesson learned
<aosdict> Artifacts have a lower chance of breaking like that, but really that's just a trap to set you up for greater disappointment when your Excalibur splinters
<NeilH90> Ouch I bet
<Tone> Finally a use for Sting
#1157 (-14) X July 10, 2013
<Erik____> now why would the Tourists elect someone called The Master of Thieves as their mayor?
<Erik____> they deserve what they've gotten
#2275 (-13) X January 8, 2018
<winny> what the heck! didn't realize my god would uncurse my unholy water
<ChrisE> Well, uncursing items *is* a possible prayer effect...
<Deuce-Zen> he didnt want you to get hurt. now you have perfectly safe drinking water!
#1974 (4) X December 26, 2016
<LarienTelrunya> UH-OH! There's the quest boss!
<LarienTelrunya> Status o' Spearathan (khaotic): Level 24 HP 414(414) Pw 140(140) AK -12, meditating. (How he could kill something and still meditate is beyond me.)
<LarienTelrunya> sleep resistance get!
<LarienTelrunya> at least the nemesis is "kancelled" now :P
<LarienTelrunya> A great krack opens below Spearathan, and a huge, flaming hand reaches out to seize his wispy form. He kurses ye: NO! I won't die here, Bluescreen! It is ye who's soul will feed the Devil! I am king of all the oceans, I kannot be killed! I will haunt ye until Marassa Jumeaux betrays ye!
<LarienTelrunya> --More-- Welcome to experience level 13. :D
#665 (-35) X March 15, 2013
< bclewis> I tried a wsvt25 once, but NAO didn't support it.
< cjfp> probably some terminal disease
#715 (-18) X May 30, 2013
<Rodney> MrSnide (Hea Hum Fem Neu) wished for "blessed figurine of an Archon named Officer Distraction", on turn 33021
#575 (-37) X March 12, 2013
< dhalgren> I probed the vampire lord: she's wearing an alchemy smock
< Violist> probed a FEMALE vampire lord?
#2927 (-3) X March 9, 2020
<elenmirie__> The priest of Moloch swings his glass mace. The priest of Moloch bashes you! The priest of Moloch's glass mace breaks into pieces!
<elenmirie__> people who swing glass maces shouldn't throw stones
<elenmirie__> or something like that
<amateurhour> all style, no substance
<Pinkbeast> What clown _makes_ a glass mace?
<elenmirie__> the same clown that makes a stone crossbow?
#888 (-18) X July 10, 2013
< Rodney> Skyp (Mon Hum Mal Neu), 2153484 points, escaped (in celestial disgrace)
< Mucknert> Skyp: loser :p
< Skyp> Ok, what can I say... these chinese names all soudn the same, don't they? ,)
#3748 (26) X December 2, 2021
<klintos> alright alright alright
<klintos> time to quit the job to play TNNT!
<klintos> in two days
<amateurhour> \o/
<nabru> become a pro NetHack player
<klintos> it could happen
<klintos> my twitch following has gone up like 200%, from 1 to 3.
<amateurhour> that's some good growth, that's the kind of stat you want to tell the investors
#63 (12) X February 28, 2013
<GreyKnight> Have you noticed how being female (of an oviparous species) in NH automatically entitles you to lay *fertilised* eggs?
<GreyKnight> This raises all sorts of questions
<Wooble> if you could do that, nethack would have a lot less people playing male characters. or leaving lv 1.
<greycat> Immaculate conception.
<greycat> Or whatever it's called for eggs. Fertilization.
<GreyKnight> Parthenogenesis is the biological term, however it only produces female offspring for obvious reasons
<GreyKnight> Maybe you retained some sperm cells from back when you were male?
<GreyKnight> Although, hmm, you needn't've been male at any point
<greycat> A wizard did it.
<GreyKnight> In NH I prefer to say *the* Wizard did it :-U
<GreyKnight> (What do you think Rodney does all day? Interfere in the laws of nature apparently)
<ais523> well, you can fertilize eggs with a wand of turn undead
<danirijeka> ais523: "wand of turn undead" is one of the worst euphemisms that can be used
<danirijeka> "Hey baby, wanna see my wand of turn undead?"
#3752 (21) X December 2, 2021
<stenno> oh wow there is no 'livelog' article in the wiki
<+Demo> the real livelog is inside all of us
<stenno> stenno (Hac Hum Mal Cha), ??? points, took a shit, on T:1638467893
<stenno> imagine those being public
<stenno> that would be embarrassing
<+Demo> theres an app for that
<stenno> hah
<qt> twitter?
<stenno> twitter
<stenno> lol
#2642 (4) X February 16, 2019
<AntiGulp> NetHack is like D&D but only you showed up, so the DM is more jaded and angry than usual.
#3969 (11) X September 6, 2022
* Grasshopper frees a prisoner
<Grasshopper> "The prisoner speaks: "I'm finally free!"
<Grasshopper> The purple worm swallows the prisoner. "Burrrrp!"
<Grasshopper> sometimes freedom is not what you think
#940 (-31) X July 10, 2013
<zid> whoo 18/33 :P
<zid> getting there
<mathx> zid. find a store. purchase a life. only 56 zorkmids
#1588 (-42) X June 15, 2014
<Mandevil> I love choking on a big chunk of meat over and over.
#1787 (-5) X September 9, 2015
< ChrisE> I have never liked GNOME 3...
< raisse> isn't that the gnome king? I thought the lord was GNOME 2

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