#2501 (-7) X September 22, 2018
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [dyn] ninebeers (Luxidream) (Wiz Hum Fem Neu), 17146 points, T:22376, killed by a bolt of fire
<tenbeers> hey there's a ninebeers!
<aosdict> if you give a beer to ninebeers, he turns into a doppelganger
#229 (-21) X March 1, 2013
<fadein> I just don't remember forgetting any levels...
#1135 (-7) X July 10, 2013
<Stevie-O> I recall one game, I took one step, and a rock fell on my pet and killed it.
<Stevie-O> I went right back up the <
<Eidolos> "Sorry Kos, this just isn't going to work"
#521 (-47) X March 8, 2013
< hiJacker> NE know were i can get a free shell 4 a bot! plz help
< TSC> Try Minetown
< hiJacker> c'mon stop playin
< Sebbe> ...but I'm addicted
< Zealot> We can't. Nethack is a very addictive game.
< TSC> We can't
< Zealot> I won't stop 'til I've ascended, myself.
#2156 (-27) X August 28, 2017
<Jonathanha> The student of stones turns to stone.
<Jonathanha> Guess he's got some studying to do
#2648 (-10) X February 22, 2019
<oh6> #ad
<oh6> 5ZCCiCystTWg0
<oh6> #ad
<oh6> 5ZICiIystTWg1
<oh6> #ad
<oh6> 5ZJCiJystTWg2
<oh6> #ad
<oh6> 5ZOCiOystTWg3
<oh6> #ad
<oh6> 5ZQCiQystTWg4
<oh6> #ad
<oh6> 5ZPCiPystTWg5
<oh6> #ad
<oh6> 5ZTCiTystTWg6
<PavelB> hi oh6
<+rld> <@luxidream> #ad
<raisse> what is that? looks spammy
— +aosdict zaps oh6 with a wand of window-focus correcting
<+rld> <@luxidream> oh6 you ok buddy
#1955 (30) X November 22, 2016
<Andrio> 'You see here an expensive camera (12 aum). A bear trap closes on your foot!'
<Andrio> Tourist trap?
#2678 (-6) X March 25, 2019
<@LarienTelrunya> @ a human or elf (peaceful priestess of Krog, on a toilet)
<@LarienTelrunya> wtf, why are there toilets, sinks, fountains and trees in her temple
<Andrio> The temple has everything including the kitchen sink
<bhaak> sounds like a complete home to me. unlike most other temples
<bhaak> remember that people had gardens in-door in antiquity
#3106 (7) X July 23, 2020
<K2> i'm making macros so aosdict will stop yelling at me
<aosdict> mmm macros
<aosdict> they go great with milk
<K2> dbl-stuffed macros with milk
<amateurhour> oh is that how it works
#2660 (-13) X March 7, 2019
<Muad> FYI: "Schrödinger" is the creator of the cat, the cat is named Frankenstein
#2265 (19) X January 3, 2018
<ilbelkyr> see, the difference between dnethack and slex is that in slex, you get a dozen kitchen sinks, period.
<jonadab> in slex, five of them can randomly end your game, and three of the others can impair you for thousands of turns.
<ilbelkyr> also, half of them are shoe-shaped. A third of them is (nominally) "sexy".
<ilbelkyr> in dnethack, you get a dozen kitchen sinks. they are all part of the kitchen sink dodecahedron. those on opposite ends cancel each other out. getting three of them evenly spaced apart gives you a bonus depending on the faucet type involved
#1241 (-24) X July 15, 2013
< GreyKnight> Your mom's so fat, Juiblex sued her for job demarcation
#3226 (25) X November 4, 2020
<redline> hello world! can someone help with ettercom or driftnet?
<stenno> nethack?
<Rodney> NetHack is a game, kinda like Diablo, but much better -- the name refers to hacking monsters, not computers. See the join message for more information.
<redline> excuse me
<redline> is this a fucking game chat?
<stenno> yes, this is a fucking game chat
<redline> oh ffs
<Wooble> only if there are foocubi
#822 (8) X July 8, 2013
<argiopeweb> Ths RNG giveth, and the RNG taketh away again.
<Moriarty_> argiopeweb: don't I know.
<Cheapy|> argiopeweb, but mostly just 'taketh away'
#1310 (-28) X July 15, 2013
< Mortuis> Okay, I've tried the protection run, but this whole "at any moment some jackass gnome will jump out of the dark and make you restart" thing is just something I'm not ready for yet. However, I have learned a LOT about Elbereth.
#2963 (11) X March 26, 2020
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Demo (Val Dwa Fem Law) wished for "Blessed +127 fixed greased wand of wishing", on T:57021
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Demo (Val Dwa Fem Law) wished for "Blessed figurine of a woodchuck named carl's dad", on T:57024
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Demo (Val Dwa Fem Law) wished for "Blessed figurine of a woodchuck named carl's mom", on T:57026
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Demo (Val Dwa Fem Law) wished for "Blessed figurine of a woodchuck named carl's baby sister", on T:57029
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Demo (Val Dwa Fem Law) wished for "blessed figurine of a woodchuck named carl's mean older brother", on T:57031
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Demo (Val Dwa Fem Law) wished for "Blessed figurine of a woodchuck named carls weird uncle", on T:57037
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Demo (Val Dwa Fem Law) wished for "blessed figurine of a woodchuck named carl's senile grandma", on T:57038
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Demo (Val Dwa Fem Law) wished for "Blessed figurine of a woodchuck named carl's grandpa who says bad things", on T:57042
<riker> demo is this on the high altar
<riker> yeah ok
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Demo (Val Dwa Fem Law) wished for "blessed figurine of a woodchuck named carl's weird cousin that eats gravel", on T:57043
<{Demo}1> sometimes u have an extra wish so u can wish for carl
<{Demo}1> but I have enough to wish for his whole family
#1274 (-24) X July 15, 2013
< GreyKnight> SpeedEvil: which quest do you think is the most Epic and Great?
< GreyKnight> The Priest quest involves hordes of slavering undead, confronting one of Moloch's chief servants in a hellish landscape... pretty Epic?
< SpeedEvil> The tou quest involves epic shopping.
< SpeedEvil> Does that count?
#3239 (3) X November 12, 2020
<Menchers> oh, I see "all roles" and "all races" are trophies
<Menchers> yay
<Menchers> erm
<Menchers> maybe I'd have to *ascend* all of them
<Menchers> in which case not yay
#50 (-18) X February 28, 2013
<danirijeka> ....and right when I said it, group of uruk-hai <_<
<GreyKnight> Hmm I kind of want to make a lolorc now
<GreyKnight> "o uruk-hai"
<danirijeka> groan
<danirijeka> :P
<GreyKnight> It has the "o" and everything! Very appropriate.
<danirijeka> im in ur dungeon, poisonin ur adventurrz
<GreyKnight> invisible warhorse
<GreyKnight> nooo they be stealin mah cursed -2 orcish helm
<Rodney> kanemalakos (Wiz Elf Fem Cha), 218897 points, killed by an invisible ki-rin, while frozen by a potion
<kanemalakos> Fucking ki-rin
<danirijeka> ouch
<kanemalakos> Would have done fine if not for that potion of paralysis
<monomachos> Magic trap?
<GreyKnight> Oh man, I'd considered writing "invisible ki-rin" instead of "invisible warhorse" above, glad I didn't now
#2407 (6) X May 27, 2018
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [slex] Lymia (Mah Wis Fem Cha), 57869 points, T:6448, killed by a cowardly attack on her breasts
<Mandevil> slex has breast cancer?
<[Demo]> is, not has
#1990 (7) X January 25, 2017
<Neko-chan> I actually do all my nethack over snail mail. I call it 'penhack'
<Neko-chan> I mail my friend my next action and he mails back what the screen would look like
<Neko-chan> it's been 7 years and we just got down to DL2
#664 (-15) X March 15, 2013
<Rodney> porkman (Pri Hum Mal Neu), 0 points, T:5, killed by a water moccasin
<GreyKnight> !lart porkman
<Rodney> porkman (Pri Hum Mal Neu), 0 points, T:6, killed by a bolt of fire
<GreyKnight> Well now
#818 (8) X July 8, 2013
<Rodney> Stormy (Sam Hum Mal Law), 1689 points, killed by a soldier ant
<itsblah> do we still do "go team ant!"?
<Eidolos> GO. TEAM. ANT.
#1783 (-2) X August 30, 2015
<Rodney> Walther (Val Dwa Fem Law), 37885 points, T:9812, killed by an energy vortex
<Grasshopper_> ooops
<Yeti218> I was watching him
<Yeti218> I was amazed how much damage one takes without resistance
<Grasshopper_> yeah, shocking really
#3477 (13) X May 15, 2021
<VaderFLAG> Whenever I play chaotic characters I same-race sac to get Jubilex and Yee, stash them away somewhere, then bring them along to the planes
<Arahael> Why!?
<VaderFLAG> Seems something a chaotic character would do
<VaderFLAG> Just for funsies
#2289 (22) X January 18, 2018
<Deuce-Zen> leaving a pet behind probably is the best outcome for said pet, most of the time :)
<Deuce-Zen> i mean if you were a cat, would you really want to follow your owner into literally hell
<Deuce-Zen> dogs, sure. dogs would follow you to hell and be happy just to be by your side.
<Deuce-Zen> but a cat? pfft.
<Andrio> Welcome home, cat.
<Deuce-Zen> lol
#835 (-3) X July 8, 2013
<SpeedEvil> Oh woot.
<SpeedEvil> I hit myself with /oPoly as a last resort
<SpeedEvil> I'm now a blue jelly in an engulf fight with a dust vortex
<ShaggyShaggs> aren't there japanese websites devoted to that sort of thing?
<fontp> You are engulfed by the tentacle vortex! Your armor is ripped apart! -more-
<zid> You are engulfed by a tentacle monster! You cannot escape! You feel violated.
<fontp> The tentacle monster charms you!
<fontp> The tentacle vortex takes 999 gold in payment
#1002 (-29) X July 10, 2013
< Tatter> Hah... I just made out with a succubus while we were both flying over the water in Juiblex's lair
< Tatter> That's got to be the ultimate in kinky sex there...
< jmt> Chapter 9 in that HHGTTG book.
< Tatter> Join the meter high club today!
< jmt> "The next night, they did it again, this time with Sony walkmen."
#3609 (2) X August 21, 2021
<stenno> i finally got accepted by atties cats so i just try to hang out and vibe with them
<Umbire> atties cats?
<stenno> the cats who belong to attie
<spicyCebolla> cats of attie's household. the cats specifically correlated to that person. attie's cats.
<aoei> incase there is still any doubt, Umbire
<aoei> there is an entity, name of attie
<aoei> this entity is closely related in kind with some other entities
<aoei> these are feline entities
<aoei> those feline entities have accepted the entity known to us as 'stenno'
<aoei> accepted means that they are comfortable around the 'stenno' and do not hide or engage for potential attack
<hothraxxa> i wished for an attie cat once but there were already too many in the game so it slipped between my fingers
#1238 (0) X July 15, 2013
< WEERD> RNG is gonna FUCK me, I can feel it!
< SpeedEvil> !rng lube no_lube sand
< Rodney> The RNG says: sand
< WEERD> yep
< WEERD> that sounds about right! :]
#1261 (-10) X July 15, 2013
< rast> !gamesby mrivan
< Rodney> mrivan has played 22 games, between 20051207 and 20060222, highest score 2232828, ascended 22, lifesaved 1 times
* SpeedEvil could do that, if he wanted.
* SpeedEvil is not bitter.
#97 (-28) X February 28, 2013
< billnye> [joined #nethack on efnet by accident Xo ]
< billnye> they have a color topic and my eyes fell out.
#703 (-28) X May 19, 2013
<Dentarthur> i set ghosts to I and golems to þ
<Ciel> interesting letter
<stenno> i know this from islandic
<Dentarthur> thorn
<stenno> is that not a th
<stenno> ah
<Dentarthur> it's often transliterated to th, yeah
<mirrorbird> the thorns were poisoned. DYWYPI
<theorbtwo> Þat's an interesting choice.
<stenno> thats a sharp th
<Dentarthur> yes, I'd ſay it is
#3468 (7) X May 10, 2021
[regarding an evilhack bug where an Infidel can ascend normally on a high altar]
<K2> huh
<K2> i thought Tomsod accounted for that already
<K2> rofl
<amateurhour> you didn't see anything
<K2> i dont see the jedi hand trick being used, sooooo...
<amateurhour> these are not the bug reports you are looking for
<K2> you said it... but where's the hand wave? work with me, young padawan!
* amateurhour waves hand
<K2> hi!
<K2> i'm new to nethack... how do you play?
<amateurhour> coincidentally, it appears I have dropped 5 zorkmids on the table
<amateurhour> or did I, maybe they're not mine
<amateurhour> if you catch my drift
<K2> what's a zorkmid?
#2983 (39) X April 6, 2020
<K2> xNetHack updated (all servers)
<K2> bouquet if you're still playing, you'll want to save/reload
<K2> so you can safely look at darts
<mobileuser> "so you safely look at darts" sounds extremely funny somehow
<mobileuser> The Dungeons of Doom darts tournament, now safe to look at!
<AntiGulp> "Hey, what's this on the ground--?" *head immediately explodes*
<{Demo}> a dart of head detonation
<bhaak> sounds like an evilhack feature, not a bug?
<K2> heh
<nabru> A - a head-detonating dart. Your head explodes. You die...
<K2> want
#2264 (4) X January 3, 2018
<Rodney> Anarchos (Val Dwa Fem Law), 7807 points, T:6989, petrified by a chickatrice corpse
<winny> mmmm chicks
<aosdict> could be a nethack self-help book of some sort
<aosdict> "Fitness in the Dungeon of Doom: How to Harden your Body by Eating Right and Picking Up Chicks, by Dr. Rodney"
#70 (-21) X February 28, 2013
<intx14> I don't know.. I whistled him on literally 10 times in a row before, no change
<intx14> now i do it once, he's a red dragon
<intx14> are puddings less likely to poly up?
<BlastHardcheese> you whistled for your pet and when it came near
<GreyKnight> The license plate said "D" and it had flames in its gob
<billnye> GK: rhymes is fo suckaz
<GreyKnight> I thought about "flames from his rear" but that has unfortunate implications about dragon "breath" weapons
<billnye> yeah, smoke out its ears is the closest I came up with at a mental glance
<GreyKnight> Okay that works
<billnye> its breath was on fire and it had smoke out its ears?
<GreyKnight> If anything I could say that this mount was just fine // But I ain't got a saddle, let's go try the Mines!
#182 (130) X March 1, 2013
<MPR|> !rng 2 or 3
<Rodney> The RNG says: or
<MPR|> >_>
#29 (-10) X February 28, 2013
< stenno> unnethack is for noobs, play acehack
<@bhaak> stenno: where?
< stenno> oh
< stenno> nethack4 then
<@bhaak> acehack servers have an uncannily habit to drop out of existance
< stenno> its all because of those disintegrators!
<@bhaak> it is as if they never existed!
< stenno> hehe
<@bhaak> nethack4 servers have an uncannily habit to eat your save games :)
#2238 (-8) X December 8, 2017
<rikersan> fiq, why does mines 8 have a vampire lord near the stairs
<rikersan> I think your fiqhack monster difficulty thing is a bit off
<Beholder> [fh] easy mode activate (rikersan) (Val Dwa Fem Law), 38860 points, T:2536, killed by a watch captain
<FIQ> rikersan: bones..?
<rikersan> I didn't see a gravestone, and he would've been pretty close to where the guy was killed?
<FIQ> I am pretty sure this is variant paranoia, sorry
<FIQ> I didn't touch difficulty of vampire lords and no other person has complained
<rikersan> :/
-!- rikersan has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
<FIQ> that was apparently too much
#2848 (-8) X December 30, 2019
<LarienTelrunya> What do you want to dip into? [e-ivy or ?*]
#2223 (-5) X November 17, 2017
<aosdict> what I did was: flint is now lighter, and you can obtain it by smashing rocks on other rocks or gray stones
<aosdict> with more flint coming from touchstones or if you're a caveman
<shpingrlde> that's pretty cool
<shpingrlde> what's the hotkey for smash?
<shpingrlde> > he asked the incubus
#2464 (2) X July 29, 2018
<picaresquieu> My pet ate a chameleon and transformed into a dwarf, went and picked up Grayswandir... no bullwhip on me but fortunately there was a disintegration dragon nearby
<aosdict> picaresquieu: "The disintegration dragon hits! You feel more derivative."
#1395 (25) X August 17, 2013
<Cheekio> I like to think of the dev team as jesus christ
<aaxelb> it's been more than three days
#2432 (-8) X June 27, 2018
<rikersansrn> !race dnh
<Beholder> @rikersansrn: gnome
<rikersansrn> !race dnh
<rikersansrn> please beholder
<rikersansrn> !race dnh
<aosdictit> rikersan: you've used up all your !race credits. Please purchase more via the online interface.
#3090 (12) X July 6, 2020
<+Beholder> [hdf-us] [slex] musicdemon (Cha Ink Mal Cha), 10611 points, T:8750, killed by a monster (ridiculous troll), while fumbling
<musicdemon> I flounder, confused | the troll's claws dig into me | I perish alone
<@riker> beautiful
#995 (-28) X July 10, 2013
< cbus> You see here 305 meatballs.
< mroth> mamma mia
#1824 (15) X December 15, 2015
< ProzacElf> i engraved-tested a wand of polymorph and it changed "xx" to "They say that a wand of polymorph can change your game"
< Mandevil> ProzacElf: Try zapping your game with it.
#1764 (38) X August 4, 2015
<ShivanHunter> evil patch idea: covetous monsters on Astral can steal the amulat and ascend
#2557 (6) X November 21, 2018
<Dark7> what animal breathes poison gas at me??
<stenno> green dragon
<Dark7> ah. thanks :)
<aosdict> Dark7: Also, iron golems.
<Dark7> iron golems breathe poison?
<Wooble> yes, because they're coal powered.
<Dark7> I prefer green energy.
<ChrisE> Well, I guess you should use green dragons instead then.

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