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#2980 (2) X April 4, 2020
+Beholder: [hdf-eu] [nh370] microlance (Mon Hum Fem Neu) had Ogresmasher bestowed upon her by Chih Sung-tzu, on T:26684
+Beholder: [hdf-eu] [nh370] microlance (Mon Hum Fem Neu) killed Medusa, on T:27198
Andrio: What are you saying about Medusa?
#2979 (4) X April 4, 2020
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [evil] mobileuser (Pri Orc Fem Cha) destroyed Vlad the Impaler, on T:49461
<mobileuser> Uuuh suddenly Vlad was gone from my vision but it wasn't me that killed him, honest!
<hothraxxa> beholder says you did it. where were you on turn 49461? were you wielding a weapon? did you have any reason to do vlad harm?
<hothraxxa> just be glad he didn't read cursed teleport
<mobileuser> I'm innocent your honor! Luckily they have CCTV in the dungeons, gonna have a replay.
#2978 (7) X April 4, 2020
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Luxidream (Wiz Orc Fem Cha) bribed Asmodeus with 69 zorkmids for safe passage, on T:28171
<Beholder> [hdf-us] [nh370] Luxidream (Wiz Orc Fem Cha) bribed Baalzebub with 420 zorkmids for safe passage, on T:28266
<amateurhour> ah a fellow man of culture
#2976 (5) X April 4, 2020
<Novalith> Raising your wand of enlightenment high above your head, you break it in two! The monsters around you are now less dense.
#2975 (2) X April 3, 2020
<porkman> haha
<porkman> i can learn 2weapon combat
<LarienTelrunya> will you do it?
<porkman> yeah
<porkman> at least to train it to basic
<porkman> then i can switch to it if i feel i need to
<porkman> hmmm
<porkman> i'm actually doing a shitload of damage dualwielding
<porkman> i may keep doing that
<porkman> oh teh choices
<porkman> of which two weapons to use...
<porkman> if only i had hammer skill :(
<LarienTelrunya> basic skill mostly means +4 to-hit and you probably hit every time by this point... might as well use the hammer
<porkman> i have no skill at all
<LarienTelrunya> "I have no skill at all" - a SLEX ascender, 2020
<porkman> no skill in hammer
<porkman> rofl
#2974 (5) X April 2, 2020
<picaresquieu> been so long since I fought Cthulhu that i forgot he has an amnesia attack >_<
#2973 (2) X April 1, 2020
<Umbire> Any notable stuff about that run?
<oh6> the run, not really. the overall game, I spent an insane amount of time backtracking to stashes due not finding any kind of bag until breaking perseus' statue
<Umbire> Oh yeah, that was that run
<Umbire> Fucking hell, how do you manage that
<oh6> by taking breaks every time I start to get frustrated :)
<Umbire> No, I mean how do you manage to not find a single viable container until Perseus
<Andrio> Littering
#2972 (7) X April 1, 2020
<AntiGulp> This second hand bookstore is selling the Colour of Magic, a scroll of identify, and literally nothing else.
<amateurhour> everyone's hoarding books to stave off boredom during this coronavirus thing
<raisse> never heard of ebooks, have they?
<aosdict> What do you want to read? x - a Kindle You learn the "force bolt" spell. You learn the "identify" spell. You learn the "wizard lock" spell. You learn the "touch of death" spell.
<slengtorm> kindle doesn't give you fireball?
#2971 (5) X April 1, 2020
<raisse> As you read the scroll, it disappears. You hear a door open.
<raisse> scroll of knock :-)
<Muad> who's there?
#2970 (5) X March 30, 2020
<hothraxxa> so i have the most fucked up evilhack game ever
<rld> <@riker> what did you do?
<hothraxxa> found the quest portal in a shop. of course i was carrying something so i'm a thief
<hothraxxa> dropped my boh to get credit but of course it's evilhack. now the shopkeeper thinks it's all his
<rld> <@riker> ouch
<{Demo}> clonk the fucker
<hothraxxa> i tried but couldn't. i ran out of the shop and managed to get upstairs, where i found an uncursed helmet
<hothraxxa> so i put it on and of course it's opposite alignment so now i'm lawful
<amateurhour> haha wtf
<hothraxxa> the only altar i've found in minetown but at lest it's lawful so i head there
<hothraxxa> on the next level i get attacked by a white unicorn which i kill, forgetting i'm now lawful
<rld> <@riker> lmao I saw the alignment change earlier
<hothraxxa> so i put away my luckstone and go the the minetown temple, but the priest is invisible and i bump into him making him angry
<rld> <@riker> evilhack made see invis temporary right?
<hothraxxa> i poly the priest into a cave spider and kill it, but apparently this makes god angry
<hothraxxa> yes until you're crowned, or get it from a magic trap
<hothraxxa> no doubt i'll piss off the watch next

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