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#3982 (4) X September 28, 2022
<hackemslashem> Anyone have experience building evil on windows?
<hackemslashem> I'm trying to build in Windows 10 and getting "'test' is not recognized as an internal or external command"
<hackemslashem> I suspect it's a QT thing, which I have not installed
<hackemslashem> omg, qt 5 requires 68.5GB of free space to install, which I am a bit short of
<hackemslashem> Hope I can trim that down a bit... jeesh
<qt> all i require to install is a small closet and a few crusts of bread each day
#3981 (4) X September 28, 2022
<K2> The giant eel is fooled by water reflections and misses!
<K2> ^ me underwater being attacked by a giant eel
<K2> should a monster in its natural element really be fooled by water refraction?
<K2> 'reflections' is the wrong term to use here
<Pinkbeast> So you'd like a reflection retraction, to retroactively use "refractions" or "reflections" when under or over water, respectively.
#3980 (4) X September 28, 2022
<Grasshopper> "This leprechaun corpse tastes fatty."
<Grasshopper> I just ate through 2 big halls full of leprechauns, yet I do not feel fat ("satisfied")
<Grasshopper> leprechauns are the new super food
<Grasshopper> taste fatty, but don't make you fat
<arahael> It's all Omega-3.
<Grasshopper> I wonder if I could get Beholder to make me a leprechaun and kale wrap for lunch?
#3979 (4) X September 28, 2022
<NetSysFire> Demo: when you dig out the entire level, the faberge spheres get stuck at the outer walls or corners
<qt> smart move on the part of the faberge spheres, they probably realize the ceiling will collapse any second now that you knocked down all the load-bearing walls
#3978 (14) X September 18, 2022
<Moult> This fortune cookie is terrible! It reads: Let's face it: this time you're not going to win.
<Moult> what's with all the negativity
<aosdict> well it DID say it was terrible
#3977 (8) X September 18, 2022
<crunchbubba> reads aos comment from last night about the nethack challenge at the AI/ML conference
<crunchbubba> there are too many variables for ML to get very far. i suppose if you let it play a billion training games you might get somewhere. maybe
<aosdict> I still contend that an AI that tries things randomly is statistically never going to stumble upon doing the invocation sequence correctly
<crunchbubba> right. but the metric was something like "found the down staircase 50% of the time"
<aosdict> they were trying to maximize score, weren't they? and so the bots just farmed monsters because that's how you get score
<crunchbubba> there were also hand-coded bots
<amateurhour> there were different categories, the ones that didn't use neural networks outperformed the ones that did, iirc
<crunchbubba> You can design and train your agent however you please — with or without machine learning, using any external information you’d like, and with any training method and computational budget.
<amateurhour> I considered writing a parody paper where I trained a coworker to play it
<amateurhour> DAVE has been trained on visual input for approximately 30 years
#3976 (10) X September 18, 2022
<NetSysFire> whats this town level in ndnh where there is the travelling wizard?
<amateurhour> adventure town
<lapis> adventure town lets you choose between one of 5 branch levels
<lapis> one of which is the gnomish mines
<NetSysFire> so you can only choose one branch of 5?
<riker> yep
<NetSysFire> :(
<NetSysFire> i wanna explore them all
<riker> boy do i have some good news for you
<riker> believe it or not, you can actually play nethack more than once!
#3975 (8) X September 18, 2022
<Moult> Grasshopper: what rings do you attempt the end game with? previously i saw you had two increase damage rings
<Grasshopper> yeah, last game iirc they were +4 and +6 inc damage rings
<Grasshopper> that adds a raw +10 to each hit, in addition to other bonuses
<Grasshopper> so, I can live without (say) free action, because nothing really gets near me
<Grasshopper> or isn't there for very long anyway
<Grasshopper> It is the Blitzkreig approach to playing
<Shadow_Rider> ah yes another free action optional believer
<Shadow_Rider> we are a rare breed
#3974 (7) X September 14, 2022
<hackemslashem> ahour you are once again very helpful, you get top credit in my fork
<hackemslashem> All your wands will be 0:3, and all your magic lamps will grant wishes 😄
<amateurhour> mfw my wands of death and teleportation all start at (0:3)
<amateurhour> :|
#3973 (7) X September 14, 2022
<NeroOneTrueKing> YASI: wand of bullets
<NeroOneTrueKing> when zapped, fires a few bullets (as if from a gun)
<amateurhour> wand of unmagic missile

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