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#3878 (4) X May 26, 2022
<bouquet> one more round of elf murder then bed!
<K2> heh
<terrapin> but how will you ever sleep after eating elves?
#3877 (3) X May 26, 2022
<aosdict> What do you want to eat? [fuGU or ?*]
<aosdict> ... you know what, maybe I'm not that hungry after all
#3876 (4) X May 26, 2022
<terrapin> The spell hits the gnoll! The force of your spell knocks the gnoll back! The gnoll bumps into a gas spore. The spell hits the gas spore! You kill the gas spore! The gnoll is caught in the gas spore's explosion! You kill the gnoll!
<terrapin> worthy of Michael Bay
#3875 (4) X May 26, 2022
<bouquet> best shambling horror I ever had was something like lichen+nymph+archon. It sat still, but would stun you and steal your stuff.
#3874 (1) X May 25, 2022
<Hecubus> [hdf-us] [evil] krm26 (Inf Ith Fem Una), 785 points, T:666, killed by the Goblin King
<K2> the turn of the devil
#3873 (7) X May 21, 2022
<aosdict> you could give them to the devteam, but idk I really think the quest system needs to support alternate messages if blind or deaf (or both at once... but that's where it starts to get absurd)
<qt> i agree
<aosdict> like imagine trying to describe entering a locate level or goal level while both blind and deaf. "you arrive on a new level. to your remaining three senses, it seems the same as any other level. ok maybe you smell something"
<aosdict> "some big unidentified guy in front of you is pummeling you. maybe he's the nemesis spitting insults at you, maybe not. who knows"
<qt> lol
<qt> i'd love to hear about the distinct perfumes all the different quest characters wear, though
<aosdict> "you exit the magic portal. something feels wrong here but good luck trying to figure out what. where is this again?"
<qt> i could handle it if my quest leader is replaced with anne sullivan
#3872 (4) X May 21, 2022
<bhaak> qt: so you didn't specify yesterday if you want or not want to be credited for the current bug only or potentially any further bugs or none at all ... {-:
<qt> use entrez
<qt> there, i've learned my lesson
<qt> i have the same problem when someone says "where should we go to dinner"
<bhaak> exactly because there is no money involved, the least one can do is credit somebody with some bits. if they want to :)
<qt> there's no money involved? i'm outta here
#3871 (9) X May 21, 2022
* moon (~moon@ has joined #nethack
<moon> anyone can give give sever of darkweb please
<aosdict> try sting, I hear it's good for severing all kinds of webs
#3870 (6) X May 21, 2022
<DarkLightDragon> I just made a tourist who started with $2 😒
<DarkLightDragon> two-dollar tourist is dead now
<DarkLightDragon> not big surprise
<hackemslashem> poor tourist
<disperse> That's what happens when you go to the Dungeons of Doom gift shop first.
<kaninmat> dont start the run with buying all souvenires
<disperse> That cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor is pricy!
#3869 (5) X May 21, 2022
<Ashpool> I would actually love a UI feature where inventory and containers would show a weight distribution diagram by item type, like some disk space management programs do
<Demo> lol i need a pie chart
<Demo> whats a bar pie chart called?
<amateurhour> and when you hallucinate the pie segments are labelled with different pie fillings
<Ashpool> Demo: it's called a "two-pie-r" chart
<Ashpool> ba dum tss

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