#32 (-50) X February 28, 2013
<ykstort> as a platform linux is too much like me - fickle, flaky and disorganised, even incoherent
<ykstort> this is probably why I use it
#871 (-47) X July 10, 2013
<lorimer> new subject: boobies
<Eidolos> I seriously doubt Rodney would use a constant rng seed.
<`Masque> The source would doubt that too.
<Eidolos> I didn't feel like loading up the ole browser. :)
<lorimer> BOOBIES
<lorimer> firm, round boobies the size of canteloupes
<Eidolos> Lorimer makes an interesting point.
<ZenMasterJG> shouldnt it use the length of @arg in rand() instead of just @arg?
<lorimer> going bugejabugejabugejabugeja
<GreyKnight> Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to learn more.
<lorimer> ZenMasterJG: boobies
* ZenMasterJG gets distracted by boobies.
#193 (-46) X March 1, 2013
<Rodney> Wonderin (Wiz Hum Mal Cha), 553 points, killed by a little dog
#87 (-45) X February 28, 2013
< bclewis> Heh. I was in a vault, and I ate a mimic corpse:
< bclewis> Suddenly one of the Vault's guards enters!
< bclewis> Puzzled, he turns around and leaves.
< _Q> "Hey! Who left that orange in here?"
#197 (-45) X March 1, 2013
< rawrmage> BurningLed: have you considered playing a gnomish wizard?
< Rodney> imphasing (Tou Hum Mal Neu), 220 points, killed by a gnomish wizard
< BurningLed> Probably should have, I also like neutral artifacts
< Drjebus> speak of the devil
#669 (-45) X March 15, 2013
< IanKeith> Yep, I just found a ring of polymorph the hard way.
< IanKeith> You turn into an Olog-hai! You break out of your armor!
< HiSPeed> you mean the body armorless way?
#1000 (-45) X July 10, 2013
<Poeir> I've got a problem.
<cheapy|> Poeir, other than the fact that it's saturday night and you're playing nethack?
#1023 (-45) X July 10, 2013
<Grunt> WHAT!?
<Rodney> SGrunt (Wiz Elf Fem Cha), 592551 points, killed by a fire vortex
<lament> in my pants!
<Grunt> Not that amulet, bryce.
#1440 (-45) X November 27, 2013
<Rodney> k21971 (Wiz Hum Mal Neu), 293822 points, T:24146, killed by a troll, while frozen by a potion
<k21971> wow
<billnye> k21971: U MAD?
<k21971> u mad bro?
#324 (-44) X March 2, 2013
<Shiriken> what is lit corridor doing?
<kepa> er. it's corridoring around... lit.
<jaakko> corridoring, is that so?
<peke-> Corridoring... :9
* kepa nods knowingly.
#44 (-43) X February 28, 2013
<Snipufin> so I polymorphed a crossaligned priest, am I allowed to attack him now?
<ChrisS67> Snipufin- well, you won't get murder penalties now, if that's what you mean
<ChrisS67> whether it's a good idea...that depends on what he polyed into...
<Snipufin> well, I'm chaotic anyways
<Snipufin> he's a straw golem atm
<PsyMar> well he's angry from the poly anyways
<intx15> You'll still get struck by lightening
<Snipufin> how about if I convert the altar before attacking him?
<GreyKnight> Snipufin, hm, so you're in an argument with a straw man, eh?
#1009 (-43) X July 10, 2013
<Gaulgath> You have a sad feeling for a moment, then it passes.
<Gaulgath> Noo!
<Spazm> your pet died
<Gaulgath> O RLY?
#1029 (-43) X July 10, 2013
< Smeghead_> heh, "l - 2245 rocks"
< hatta> smoke them all
< Smeghead_> smoke?
< hatta> you don't smoke rocks?
#227 (-42) X March 1, 2013
* Utsuho_Reiuji punches TruePika in the face! TruePika dies...
< TruePika> now nobody quote that
#679 (-42) X March 21, 2013
<Guest_41> It pleases me that UnNetHack contains Kim Possible references.
#17 (-41) X February 28, 2013
< Rodney> Talk, you have abused my learndb with your silly yet crudely humorous !sit!
#1043 (-41) X July 10, 2013
<ledneh> ?? polished silver shield
<ledneh> finally, reflection!
<ledneh> thank GOD
<ledneh> I just need MR
<ledneh> ...
<ledneh> okay
<ledneh> YASD
<ledneh> I can't believe I just did this
<Rodney> Ledneh (Val Hum Fem Neu), 265953 points, petrified by tasting Medusa meat
<ledneh> that's like four seriously good looking games screwed by sheer stupidity in the past week
<ledneh> I think the RNG is trying to tell me something ;__________;
<moussambani> don't blame the RNG for "sheer stupidity" :-P
<ledneh> ...
<ledneh> shut it mouss
<ledneh> >:(
<moussambani> note the :-P
<fontppp> tasting medusa meat ?
<ledneh> SHUT IT MOUSS >:(
<ledneh> SHUT IT
#1150 (-41) X July 10, 2013
Stevie-O: there have been, like, 3 or 4 potion shops in this game
BenUrban: wow
Dentarthurdent_: Party at Stevie-O's dungeon! Where's the chicks?
***BenUrban forgets which ones are chicks
Dentarthurdent_: n
BenUrban: lol
Dentarthurdent_: they're such teases though
Dentarthurdent_: i'm a & fan
BenUrban: yeah & kicks ass
BenUrban: especially while you're wielding excalibur or the staff
Dentarthurdent_: fun time, but when they dump you they sure dump you hard
BenUrban: Dentarthurdent_: not if you are wielding excalibur or the staff
Dentarthurdent_: yeah, & like it when you have a big sword/staff :P
#34 (-40) X February 28, 2013
< bcode> YANI: new role, RNG; starts with a pet d4 that may grow into a d6, then a d12, later a d20
< negion> I would prefer a role that starts with a pet d2 that may grow into a d4, then a d8, then a d16, then a d32, which has a bisection attack!
#90 (-40) X February 28, 2013
< Rodney> MadCow (Val Hum Fem Neu), 1934 points, killed by an elven arrow
< sawtooth> go team elven arrow!
< Violist> go team elvish chicks with big weapons! :)
< greycat> and green leather!
#364 (-40) X March 2, 2013
<Cwiiis> Work is evil... stops me from playing NetHack :(
#1003 (-40) X July 10, 2013
Maketakunai: Floating eye stuns you with its gaze! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! A newt bites you! --More--
Maketakunai: You are dead. Would you like your possessions identified?
#1149 (-40) X July 10, 2013
< Aiku> ??your pack shakes
< Aiku> ??you smell charred flesh
< billnye> mmm, hamburger
< jbenedetto> BBQ in your backpack?
< jbenedetto> i recommend turning the other cheek, your likely getting a little crisp
#1154 (-40) X July 10, 2013
<Nerull> Hrmm, bones level
<Nerull> Some doggy called Rosebud nipping at my heels
<Rodney> Nerull2 (Val Hum Fem Law), 1815 points, killed by a dog called Rosebud
#1159 (-40) X July 10, 2013
[15:17] <Rodney> stinking (Hea Gno Fem Neu), 2322 points, killed by a bolt of fire
[15:17] <Rodney> WereCar (Wiz Hum Fem Cha), 195487 points, killed by a black pudding
[15:17] <Rodney> Ledneh (Ran Hum Fem Neu), 592 points, killed by a falling object
[15:17] <Rodney> Marl (Rog Hum Mal Cha), 1075 points, killed by a hobgoblin
<Rapidfire> MULTIKILL
#1228 (-40) X July 15, 2013
* anselmus needs an audiobook of mrivan's ttyrecs
#1276 (-40) X July 15, 2013
< dtype> i keep cancellation around for making water, but dangerous game
< Jove_> dtype: Most people just use the facilities when they have to "make water."
#31 (-39) X February 28, 2013
< Yeti218> "Hello, Yeti218! Welcome again to Cubask's hardware store!" "Will you please leave your pick-axe outside?" The barbed devil hits Cubask. Yeti218: "hey dude! You have 99 problems and my pick-axe aint one!"
#189 (-39) X March 1, 2013
<ivan`> knowing that nethack/slash'em is the best game ever has helped me avoid game-writing
#194 (-39) X March 1, 2013
<rawrmage> nethack?
<Rodney> NetHack is a game. Read the join message, ferchrissake.
<rawrmage> cool!
#236 (-39) X March 1, 2013
< kerio> !grepsrc .
-!- Rodney [] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
#238 (-39) X March 1, 2013
<stenno1> stenno1, ah i get it
<stenno1> erm
#327 (-39) X March 2, 2013
<tent> stupid game.. too hard for me.
<peke-> Try explorer-mode.
<tent> it isn't as fun then ;)
<peke-> Your logic is amazing.
<tent> yes
<tent> i just gotta avoid the temptation to try on some unidentified equipment..
#329 (-39) X March 2, 2013
<ravel> The monkey tries to steal your helmet but gives up.
<ravel> wtf?
<towo> Too thick-headed? :)
#330 (-39) X March 2, 2013
<Bunnyh> damn, only +6 water walking boots
<akuo> throw them in the moat
<itvirta> see if they float
#340 (-39) X March 2, 2013
<jaakko> wh...? suddendly my nethack client closed connection
<sk_> maybe it detected that you should be working!
#354 (-39) X March 2, 2013
<tHeLiGhT> dungeon of doom, more like the dungeon of living hell!
#365 (-39) X March 2, 2013
<tarzeau> greycat: i just lost my job today
<greycat> more time to find that amulet!
<tarzeau> and murder people
#415 (-39) X March 3, 2013
<tsuteiuQ> why would you wish to 'taunt' famine?
<dtype> famine is fun xp
<tsuteiuQ> dtype: demogorgon is more exp
<ScottishPig> Famine: The ultimate weight-loss drug.
<greycat> demogorgon doesn't get back up on his own
#470 (-39) X March 6, 2013
< dtype> heh, someone asked glimz why he played on a public server, because they couldn't imagine only getting 64th place while still ascending
< dtype> i'd rather be a medium fish in a big pond, then the only fish in my pond. ;)
< n1ffo> 1) Game watching. 2) Other people bones.
< dtype> yep, if i'd found a good north american server when i first started, would never have begun
< dtype> now i can't really imagine getting rid of it
< n1ffo> I assume you "advertise" from time to time on r.g.r.n?
< dtype> sort of. i should do so more, but i don't want to be like the occasional failed admin that keeps spamming rgrn
< dtype> they just seem sad
< dtype> you know the types. they show up spamming daily about their server, and are around for a month or two and then gone forever
#530 (-39) X March 8, 2013
< konso> Go cbus go =)
< konso> Congrats ^_^
< cbus> its not over yet
< cbus> if it crashes i loose :)
< paxed> we're just waiting for the fat lady to start yodeling ;)
#647 (-39) X March 15, 2013
< Irashtar> Watch out for master quantum mechanics!
< Violist> they won't do any of that wimpy uncertain location.
< Violist> they'll fry yor body with improbabilities and kill you
< Irashtar> your size seems very uncertain! you shrink into a gnome!
< Violist> "Your brain seems very uncertain! The quantum tunneling effects in your brain cease functioning! You die... --more--"
< Violist> RIP Foo, killed by brain malfunctioning
< _Q> heh
< Violist> and here he is! the master Q himself
* Violist holds microphone to _Q's mouth
< Violist> so how does it feel having control of the quantum irregularities of the universe?
#672 (-39) X March 15, 2013
< jilles> nethack kittens are definitely more powerful than real-life ones
< TauPan> real-life kittens have gaze of cuteness
< Violist> makes them near-invincible
< Violist> prrr
< TauPan> The kitten attacks you with its adorable gaze. You turn into a wimp.
#921 (-39) X July 10, 2013
<kroisis> several years ago I had a char that killed 3 shopkeepers...his luck was attrocious after that...EVERYBODY hated him...he was in such dire straits a succubus wouldn't give him the time of day...he was in such dire straits, nymphs kept attacking him by giving him cursed stuff he was in such dire strait vampires didn't even want his blood....he was in such dire straits Jubilex looked at him and said to a nearby trapper "you eat that? Y
<kroisis> our're CRAZY man!"
#1031 (-39) X July 10, 2013
<ChocoCid> v - a fizzy potion named Coca-Cola
<Grunt> Your pack shakes violently! Your fizzy potion named Coca-Cola explodes!
<sawtooth> You drink the fizzy potion named Coca-Cola. You have a bad case of stomach acid!
<ChocoCid> "The Coca-Cola explodes out of your pack! Its fizz sounds like, 'daddy?'"
#1077 (-39) X July 10, 2013
<GreyKnight> I need no Japanese schoolgirls
<Violist> I do
<GreyKnight> I'm a lawful Priest, for crying out loud!
<Violist> ewww
<GreyKnight> err, wait
<PsyMar> ...
<GreyKnight> please ignore the obvious priest jokes
<Violist> no wonder you don't need school_girls_
<|7hs|> except when you put on your uncursed ski mask of opposite alignment
* GreyKnight searches his BoH for a helm of I'm Not Listening La La La
#1122 (-39) X July 10, 2013
<aero2600> I'd love to see mathx cream pie his dragon.
#1146 (-39) X July 10, 2013
<Eidolos> This game hates me
<cdi> what happened?
<Eidolos> It's showering me with awesome stuff
<cdi> And it hates you how?
<Eidolos> now if I end up ascending people will just say "well of course he ascended, even ben could've ascended _that_ one"
<cdi> now now. We wouldn't say that
<Eidolos> anselmus will :)
<cdi> "even ari could've ascended _that_ one" would be more likely.
<runcible> anselmus whines no matter what
<Eidolos> :)
* stumbly leaves a tube of preparation H with an anonymous note for anselmus.
#1152 (-39) X July 10, 2013
<Rodney> cdi (Hea Hum Mal Neu), 8456 points, killed by a soldier ant
<cdi> GO TEAM ANT!
#1164 (-39) X July 10, 2013
<zubin> leprechaun hall is significantly more fun with a rubber chicken
<zubin> and stealth
<zubin> however...
<zubin> sigh
<zubin> pits and c corpses do not mix.
<Rodney> zubbdk (Bar Hum Mal Cha), 147944 points, petrified by a
cockatrice corpse

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