#270 (155) X March 1, 2013
<Anvilgames> My new Tourist started with two uncursed cans of spinach
<danirijeka> TOOT-TOOT
<Anvilgames> exactly
<Rodney> Anvilgames (Tou Hum Fem Neu), 5 points, choked on a tin of spinach
<Anvilgames> CRAP
#235 (154) X March 1, 2013
< blackcustard> the wakisashi is a special sword carried by real samurai in their off hand. they used it for forcing chests in between battles.
#297 (151) X March 1, 2013
< Rodney> Gjallarhorn wished for "MAGIC MARKER NAMED Never gonna give you up", on turn 56157
< Rodney> Gjallarhorn wished for "MAGIC MARKER NAMED Never gonna let you down", on turn 56157
< Rodney> Gjallarhorn wished for "MAGIC MARKER NAMED Never gonna run around and desert you", on turn 56158
< Rodney> Gjallarhorn wished for "MAGIC MARKER NAMED Never gonna make you cry", on turn 56158
< Rodney> Gjallarhorn wished for "MAGIC MARKER NAMED Never gonna say goodbye", on turn 56159
< Rodney> Gjallarhorn wished for "MAGIC MARKER NAMED Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you", on turn 56160
< rawrmage> okay
< Nomiisama> dude, 6 markers
< theorbtwo> That's an expensive rickroll.
< TheGame20> did he just rickroll us?
#138 (147) X March 1, 2013
<aioli> i hope whoever invented the mysterious force gets his or her penis caught in a gear
<raxvulpine> Your attempt to be gender-neutral there only sort of worked.
#697 (140) X May 10, 2013
<Guest_41> Hah! Wished for a ring of conflict and got "a wedding ring".
#266 (131) X March 1, 2013
< irina> The mountain nymph stole a cockatrice corpse. The mountain nymph is slowing down. The mountain nymph turns to stone.
#9 (131) X February 28, 2013
<Rodney> S1G wished for "greased +3 silver dragon scale mail called A FOUNTAIN WITHOUT FUCKING WATER MOCCASIONS IN IT", on turn 4
<Rodney> S1G (Bar Orc Mal Cha), 0 points, killed by a water moccasin
#182 (126) X March 1, 2013
<MPR|> !rng 2 or 3
<Rodney> The RNG says: or
<MPR|> >_>
#7 (124) X February 28, 2013
< aaxelb> The black unicorn catches the Heart of Ahriman. The black unicorn is not interested in your junk.
#388 (117) X March 3, 2013
<pmcalpin> what use are tinning kits?
<greycat> you gain one tin of meat. You lose one corpse.
<pmcalpin> can you offer them?
<greycat> no
<greycat> God doesn't have a can opener.
#107 (117) X March 1, 2013
< Rodney> cstaub67 wished for "amulet of yendor", on turn 39596
< Rodney> cstaub67 wished for "bell of opening", on turn 39597
< Rodney> cstaub67 wished for "candelabrum of invocation", on turn 39598
< Rodney> cstaub67 wished for "book of the dead", on turn 39599
< Rodney> cstaub67 wished for "wand of wishing", on turn 39600
< Rodney> cstaub67 (Wiz Gno Mal Neu), 2863853 points, ascended
#1412 (116) X September 20, 2013
<hackedhead> "You see here a statue of an ettin mummy. The statue moves! You hit the ettin mummy with the cockatrice corpse. The ettin mummy is slowing down. The ettin mummy turns to stone. You see here a statue of an ettin mummy."
<hackedhead> the circle of life.
#1472 (114) X January 15, 2014
< DredNicolson> Is Rodney three laws compliant?
* stenno pats rodney
* Rodney stabs stenno with a cursed dagger.
< stenno> no
#272 (114) X March 1, 2013
<bcode> You hit the cockatrice! Your tentacles suck the cockatrice.--More--
<theRaisse> You turn to stone.
<bcode> Actually, You eat the cockatrice's brain! You kill the cockatrice!--More--
<bcode> Welcome to experience level 4. You feel awake! You turn to stone...--More--
#1404 (109) X September 6, 2013
<permagreen> People may think it's too much effort to keep a pet around, but it is for precisely this moment that it's very useful to have a particularly viscous kitten on your side
<theRaisse> The kitten flows under the door!
<permagreen> Dang autocorrect...
#460 (105) X March 5, 2013
<Minn> Rings of free action are so useful
<Dentarthur> "Useful" barely begins to cover it.
<Minn> "Ass-saving"
<Dentarthur> Ring of ass saving.
<Minn> "You fall into a fiery pit!"
<Minn> "You feel a tug on your hand."
<Minn> "The ring of ass saving pulls your ass out of the fire."
<Dentarthur> You survived that attempt on your ass.
#484 (97) X March 6, 2013
* madness wonders where the water walking boots are
* greycat votes for "on the other side of the water"
#62 (96) X February 28, 2013
<danirijeka> ...why am I _buying_ stuff
<danirijeka> I could just kill the shk
<GreyKnight> Remind me never to take you shopping
#1475 (94) X February 3, 2014
<Grognor> Most people who play NetHack were generated AFTER NetHack was born.
<Eidolos> I like how you talk about people being generated but a computer game being born
#1580 (93) X June 8, 2014
< codehero> let's do this!
< codehero> fuck
< Ecthel> a summary of nethack ^
#2 (93) X February 28, 2013
< intx14> "A gush of water hits the air elemental on the central core!"
< intx14> What is this, a weather forecast?
#1398 (92) X August 18, 2013
< Rodney> dingo (Wiz Gno Mal Neu) wished for "blessed greased +3", on turn 3400
#675 (90) X March 15, 2013
< SpeedEvil> I'd forgotten how much I hate mind flayers.
#3222 (88) X November 3, 2020
<qt_> !tell k2 i think there's a problem with this deathmatch thing in tnnt
<qt_> I went in riding a horse, got an impossible() about placing it on the map, ended up on the other side of the portal riding luxidream the Barbarian
<qt_> once I climbed off of luxidream we fought immediately
<qt_> the thing with @luxidream keeps happening
<qt_> when I take my horse through the portal the other way, back to the dungeons, I end up riding the aligned priest
<amateurhour> lololol what
<qt_> when I #chat to him while riding him he says "Pilgrim, I would speak no longer with thee"
<qt_> wtf the priest is trying to kill me now
<qt_> now I died
<qt_> wow that was some BS lol
<{Demo}> something is highly fucked
<amateurhour> turbofucked
<Muad> Who will ride me of this meddlesome priest?
[Dumplog check]
<nabru> "You've been through the dungeon on an aligned priest with no name." WTF?
#651 (88) X March 15, 2013
< Zadir> is there a way to unlock a stack of boxes at the same time?
< blindcoder> /oOpening I think
< zap-zero> or spell of knock
< Zadir> ah ok thank
< Zadir> Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick! Klick!--More--
< blindcoder> o_O
< blindcoder> how many boxes do you have?
< Zadir> didn't count
#691 (87) X April 25, 2013
* irrenhaus3 throws a tantrum. You are almost hit by a tantrum.
#642 (85) X March 15, 2013
< Irashtar> p - an uncursed amulet of strangulation (being worn).
< Irashtar> what use is that?
< Irashtar> should I take it off?
< rast> ... yes
< bclewis> it depends on if you want to be strangled or not.
#1726 (80) X May 12, 2015
<Khor> "You were a pacifist until turn 6525."
<Khor> WHAT?!
<Bluescreen> Khor: "The boulder falls into the pit. You destroy the kobold zombie! The--More--"
<Khor> is that from my game?
<Bluescreen> yes, I looked at the ttyrec.
<Khor> ...
<Khor> ...
<+Athame> [nh4k] Khor (Hea Gno Fem Neu), 28436 points, T:11476, killed by an Archon called "fuck this shit"
#1400 (78) X August 22, 2013
< Rodney> DeathRobin (Wiz Gno Mal Neu), 702 points, T:734, killed by kicking a high score list
< Rodney> DeathRobin reaches #890 on the top 2000 list.
#1385 (77) X August 2, 2013
<Tjr> Sokoban has the "aggravate player" extrinsic.
#1288 (76) X July 15, 2013
< HanClinto> lol. I would like to see a Nethack movie. Just like a horror movie, where there are 87 characters and they *all die* in unique and horrible deaths.
#278 (75) X March 1, 2013
<raxvulpine> Anden: I have decided (I'm farming in my current game) that pudding farming absolutely sucks and is mind-numbing.
<raxvulpine> It's so boring I've stopped doing it at work.
#18 (75) X February 28, 2013
<PaRaD0xx> q - an athame named Elbereth
<PaRaD0xx> heh
<PaRaD0xx> oops
#1749 (73) X July 13, 2015
<ShivanHunter> aww, I'd expact a troll to say something like "vi > emacs" when #chatted to
#857 (73) X July 8, 2013
<shel-> The voice of Huan Ti thunders: "Thou durst call upon me?"
<shel-> "Then die, mortal!"
<shel-> He sent down a succubus
<shel-> & a major demon (succubus of Huan Ti)
<Jmadman311> ahahha
<lament> Then have sex, mortal!
<snowy> Die... of SEX!
<shel-> I'm not sure how I'm going to die, but I don't want to imagine it.
<shel-> Time stands still while you and the succubus of Huan Ti lie in each other's arms...
<shel-> You seem to have enjoyed it more than the succubus of Huan Ti... You feel good enough to do it again.
<shel-> This is the worst "death" ever. I seem to be gaining stats instead.
<shel-> heh, he sent down an incubus this time
#424 (73) X March 3, 2013
<madness1> jesus christ !
<madness1> bones file left a mountain nymph with about ten billion wands by the looks of it, and potion of speed
<madness1> and aggr.
<madness1> fuck
<madness1> she's struck me with a wand of striking seven times, and is now stealing my entire inventory. In this time, I haven't had a single move
<tsuteiuQ> heh
<madness1> oh
<madness1> she put me to sleep in the middle of all of that
<madness1> no wonder
<madness1> bah
<madness1> she stole my mace
<madness1> You see here a whistle. The sleep ray hits rover.--More--
<madness1> damn it, she's come back for more
<madness1> and now a third time :(
<greycat> she likes you
<madness1> and worse, she's probably wearing all the shit she's taken from me
<madness1> You are hit by a red gem.
<madness1> alright, now someone is just playing silly buggers
<madness1> 4th time now
<Rodney> madness (Pri Hum Mal Neu), 4520 points, killed by a wand
<madness1> while helpless, I should add
#1644 (71) X October 28, 2014
< Blessed_> Nethack was brought to you today by Tsurugi of Muramasa Shop ™, where 5% of all merchandise is slashed half off every day.
#699 (71) X May 11, 2013
<Tonttu2> ok, it seems that my Magicbane was delicious. that's nice. now that i ate it, does it exist in the game for wishing or even sacrificing purposes?
#181 (71) X March 1, 2013
(stenno polymorphs into a chromatic dragon)
< simmarine> nice poly
< simmarine> what breath do you get? random?
< demogorgon> stenno2 has defied the laws of unnethack, process exited with status 139
< stenno> segfault breath
#3306 (70) X January 5, 2021
<mobileuser> now my lev ring and free action ring are gone :-(
<amateurhour> you don't need free action anyway, pay for your actions like the rest of us
<mobileuser> hahahah
<nabru> there's no such thing as a free action. someone somewhere has to pay for it
<mobileuser> free action for everyone!!!
<nabru> universal free action!
#708 (68) X May 23, 2013
< MPR> if you genocide kittens
< MPR> you are literally the worst person
< MPR> period.
< deepy> dot.
< bcode> comma,
< deepy> hypen-
< bcode> colon:
< deepy> questionmark?
< ishanyx> interrobang‽
< bcode> ampersand&
< deepy> exclamationmark!
< bcode> semicolon;
< deepy> Inverted question¿
< bcode> ellipsis…
< Adeon> the letter s
< deepy> tilde~
< bcode> quotation mark"
< deepy> pipe|
< negion> Are you guys in the process of having some sort of protracted mutual mental breakdown?
< deepy> negion: to a certain degree°
< negion> Ah. Well, so long as you're aware... carry on.
< deepy> Well it did start to get a little tedious, maybe we should have brought it to a full stop.
< deepy> If you know what I'm getting at@
< negion> Ha. Ha Ha. Suddenly, a wild pun appears!
< bcode> For puns, this channel has no more space
< deepy> Even though you managed to make a quick dash-
< negion> Talking like Yoda, you are
< Adeon> maybe they'll stop if you give them money$
< bcode> negion: Which again the nature of this conversation underscores_
< deepy> I wonder how many percent%
< deepy> I'm hoping I won't be the first to bite the bullet°
< bcode> At this rate, soon we're going to see as quit message - Error: Broken pipe¦
< deepy> For reference※
< deepy> Should we call it a tie⁀
< Adeon> did you stop because you became nonplussed¬+
< deepy> I've run out of words, when it comes to concerns, it's my prime′
< bcode> I would continue, though I guess you wouldn't like my accent´
< deepy> Are we treading into the horrible section§
* ishanyx glares menacingly and wields a dagger†
< Adeon> ishanyx, shut up↑
< negion> why is ishanyx being told to shut up?
< deepy> Just a while ago it was silent as the grave`
< bcode> negion: Perhaps her character wasn't of the nicest division÷
< deepy> bcode: that line is a very nice addition+
< negion> Without the benefit of unicode, this conversation is very confusing and just leaves questions about why people are using so many question marks.
< Adeon> I only wanted to use the up arrow
< negion> ah, yeah... no unicode again. On my screen it came across as an impolite suggestion that she shut up :)
< bcode> negion: Clearly, your confusion so far had no equal=
< deepy> It sounded quite meanx
< deepy> oh darn you terminal, screwing up my math jokes
< deepy> Maybe I should draw a parellel||
< Cypi> Oh...never play while tired... Can (again) someone tell me if my Soko is screwed or if I can do it without a penalty?
< bcode> Cypi: do you have a method of teleportation? I am not sure about how solvable it still is
< Cypi> No :/
< Cypi> Oh, well, I guess it wille -1 luck, not a real problem.
< Cypi> s/wille/will be
< bcode> Hm. I guess solutions to that, if possible, would require thinking out of the box☐
< deepy> bcode, you are a star✧
< bcode> deepy: I wonder how you know - obscuring the view are many clouds☁
< deepy> In this matter, I have no scruples℈℈
#426 (66) X March 3, 2013
<fooburger> cream pies are crap fer nutritional value!
<fooburger> damn.. I've been 'applying' them, not 'eating' them.. :-|
<fooburger> I just smooshed almost twenty cream pies on my face.. and was wondering why I wasn't getting full...
#13 (66) X February 28, 2013
< sgeek\Explodes> "Hello, scorch2! Welcome to Lahinch's rare books!"
< sgeek\Explodes> just what a caveman needs
< negion> sgeek\Explodes: Book burn good. Make cave warm.
#1426 (65) X October 24, 2013
<+ais523> and "open-world" means that there are a huge number of areas to visit, most of which are mostly identical and just filler
<+ais523> but we have that already in Gehennom
#1305 (65) X July 15, 2013
< Remillard> I am learning SO MUCH from this succubus. You'd think she'd have gone after the amulet herself.
#666 (65) X March 15, 2013
< Graylight> help...?
< Graylight> the... amulet...
< Graylight> The high priest was dead.
< Graylight> No amulet among his remains.
< Cheapy_> maybe it was a cheap imitation High Priest
#1597 (62) X June 23, 2014
< Raisse\TS> You cough! The Elvenking gets angry!
< greeter> rofl awesome
< Raisse\TS> sorry, Your Majesty, I seem to have caught a cold.
< greeter> apparently they don't take kindly to lung disease
#499 (61) X March 6, 2013
* madness hopes no-one was watching him repeatedly sit on an orcish dagger before he realised he wasn't sitting on a throne
< madness> "It's not very comfortable"
#1775 (59) X August 19, 2015
<ShivanHunter> brb, need an irl percent sign
#405 (57) X March 3, 2013
<towo> Beware of the wumpus!
* madness1 just killed it ;)
<greycat> well, you... uh... you could *really strain your back* trying to lift it!

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