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<mobileuser> Hi K2
<K2> o/
<K2> wassup
<mobileuser> slex problem was solved :-)
<K2> you know what the ultimate fix is right?
<K2> rm -rf /slex
<K2> :P
<mobileuser> that's a different story :b
<K2> heh
<amateurhour> K2 can u save the delet of slex till after mobileuser has ascended?
<amateurhour> you'll only have to wait a day or so
<amateurhour> :)
<K2> asc in slex dont actually happen. its a form of mass hypnosis when Tariru 'ascended'
<Pinkbeast> Nah, when no-one's watching but Amy, she tells you the secret cheat code
* LarienTelrunya joined #hardfought
<amateurhour> you summoned her

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