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<hothraxxa> so i had a cursed potion of sleeping and a cursed diluted potion of sleeping
<hothraxxa> dipping the undiluted potion so they'd stack, guess what happens
<K2> water demon
<K2> water moccassins
<K2> second coming of jesus christ
<K2> elvis
<K2> ?
<hothraxxa> boy you are one shitty guesser
<K2> you somehow put a wand of cancellation into a BoH
* K2 is done guessing
<hothraxxa> it is true i have no boh
<K2> so what happened hothraxxa
<K2> the suspense is killing amateurhour
<amateurhour> my guess would be
<amateurhour> dipped one potion into the other
<K2> i'm still going with 'elvis'
<Umbire> Exploded the potion and put yourself to sleep?
<VaderFLAG> If it's "I dipped the diluted one" I demand a refund on this story
<mobileuser> the cursed potion became uncursed and wouldn't stack anymore
<mobileuser> a kop appeared an hit you with a rubber hose of fire and your potions exploded
<K2> sharknado
<hothraxxa> mobileuser wins
<mobileuser> \o/
<hothraxxa> i didn't know anyone even cared any more. i come back here to find the channel on tenterhooks
<mobileuser> I'm trying to understand why you would want to stack potions of sleeping
<hothraxxa> oh just for efficiency in dipping
<hothraxxa> on account of fountains dry up, which this one did

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