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<qt> i found a good bug that lets you get infinite markers in 3.7
<qt> well, infinite marker charges
<qt> if you engrave with an empty marker it mistakenly deducts 1 from its charges, as though you were writing in ink. if you do it repeatedly it will underflow and you get a marker (0:127). you can then do it repeatedly when the marker runs out
<stenno> oh no
<qt> im about to submit a PR to fix it
<stenno> is that a recent bug?
<qt> it's from feb this year
<aosdict> could have been used to great effect in junethack
<aosdict> actually is it my fault
<qt> yeah it is
<aosdict> I like to think that qt comes across these by reading through my commits with a good mug of tea and either the mindset of a) "ahh that aosdict what a swell guy, I just love his commits so much I reread them for fun" or b) "heh heh I'm going to meticulously pick through everything aosdict ever wrote and expose all the bugs"
<aoei> qt: how did you notice the bug
<qt> i just noticed some marker impossibles from a couple months ago in the vanilla paniclog
<qt> and then when I looked into it i realized it was also deducting a charge per engraving attempt
<qt> of course i also sometimes sit back in an easy chair and peruse aosdict's commit history, but this is an unrelated find
<stenno> i like to think that they just read through all the commits from everyone
<mobileuser> light bedside reading
<stenno> they read it for their kids to fall asleep
<stenno> 'and then nhmall said: "Guidebook date bump to reflect most recent update". And line 38 in Guidebook.mn was updated to July 21'

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