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<Looksfar> I just named Sting, and was surprised when a couple of elves showed up to claim it. I don't mind giving it up, but since I'm chaotic, if I defend myself against them and kill them, is that abusing my alignment?
<qt> actually i bet that does abuse your alignment
<qt> because they are generated peaceful, then peaceful is just set to 0
<Looksfar> Nuts. And no way to give it up peacefully?
<Looksfar> I'm not sure if there is a way to give it up. If there is, it's not obvious.
<qt> remember in the hobbit how bilbo named his dagger 'sting' and then a bunch of elves jumped out and decapitated him
<Looksfar> ...no?
<qt> i guess that was only in the secret director's cut

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