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<shel-> The voice of Huan Ti thunders: "Thou durst call upon me?"
<shel-> "Then die, mortal!"
<shel-> He sent down a succubus
<shel-> & a major demon (succubus of Huan Ti)
<Jmadman311> ahahha
<lament> Then have sex, mortal!
<snowy> Die... of SEX!
<shel-> I'm not sure how I'm going to die, but I don't want to imagine it.
<shel-> Time stands still while you and the succubus of Huan Ti lie in each other's arms...
<shel-> You seem to have enjoyed it more than the succubus of Huan Ti... You feel good enough to do it again.
<shel-> This is the worst "death" ever. I seem to be gaining stats instead.
<shel-> heh, he sent down an incubus this time

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