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#3868 (6) X May 16, 2022
<krm26> k2: i'm really tired of getting stealth-cursed items from the gods. a cornuthaum for a non-wizard? come ON
<nabru> wear it! the gods want to see you using it
<krm26> the only fing gear i have is an amulet of esp, so i can put it on, lose a charisma, and have my amulet blocked
<krm26> isnt even +5 what a rip
<krm26> every bit as good as giving my tortle a suit of cloth armor
<K2> krm26 I feel that you have whined enough. I will do a thing so this doesnt happen in the future
<krm26> that is an excellent april fools joke
<K2> i'm not joking
<K2> i'm for reals
<krm26> waaait wut
<K2> yeah
<amateurhour> krm26: I would like to extend a formal invitation to join Team Whinge, we need successful complainants like you
#3867 (7) X May 16, 2022
<Not-9244> [EvilHack] k21971 pushed 2 commits to master [+0/-0/±4]
<Not-9244> [EvilHack] k21971 073b26c - Eating the Hand of Vecna is bad for you.
<aosdict> aw dang, I was about to go to press with my new book "Diet Benefits: the Hand of Vecna and You"
<hackemslashem> Mmm, Kentucky fried Vecna
#3866 (5) X May 16, 2022
<nabru> !#?&* elf kibble! The sasquatch wakes up!
<nabru> they heard me complainin', they wake up
<hackemslashem> Now that's attention to detail
#3865 (5) X May 16, 2022
<cryogreg> It smells like chickatrices. Eat it? [yn] (n)
<cryogreg> i've lost my appetite.
#3864 (10) X May 12, 2022
<aosdict> I wanted to pick your brain a bit about valk quest redesign ideas
<qt> who, me? i don't have any original ideas so i don't know how helpful that will be
<aosdict> you could be a sounding board, or a rubber duck
<aosdict> actually not a rubber duck, a rubber duck can't tell me my ideas sound dumb
#3863 (9) X May 12, 2022
* Umbire (~UmbireThe@user/umbire) has joined #xnethack
<Umbire> 'lo
<qt> Umbire: Job 13:1 KJV
<amateurhour> is that a nethack status line qt? what variant is it?
#3862 (9) X May 12, 2022
<jonadab> YASI: extra_paranoid_trap setting, that causes the game to prompt you any time you would've stepped on a tile where you don't know if there's a trap or not.
<nabru> extra_extra_paranoid_trap, that causes the game to prompt you for everything
<nabru> "Do you really want to play this game?"
#3861 (10) X May 12, 2022
<stella> is it June yet tho?
<K2> yes
<K2> just now
<stella> :o
<K2> ... and its gone. cya next year
<K2> :P
<stella> darn
<stella> that happened fast
<K2> it was the luxidream version
#3860 (8) X May 3, 2022
<Umbire> role, race, alignment, gender?
<tjakway> sadness and despair.
<tjakway> race: meat
<tjakway> role: human sacrifice
<Umbire> ...and alignment?
<tjakway> edible.
<Umbire> ty
#3859 (8) X May 3, 2022
<FCpakalolo> just so you know, i'm hothraxxa using my discord id from my other life
<K2> @FCpakalolo prove it. say something only hothraxxa would know
<FCpakalolo> historic uncursed thoroughly diluted unlabeled greased fixed very magic marker named for the great yendorian novel... nah i'll write some genocide scrolls
<K2> 'sorry' would have also been accepted

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