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#3778 + (16) - X January 11, 2022
<qt> okay a xorn is the worst pet ever
<qt> he eats all the loot
<qt> "oh, cool, what's that unidentified helmet?" SCHNORK, it's an unidentified lump of scrap metal in the xorn's fat little belly now
#3777 (15) X January 11, 2022
<Itadez> How do I fix "Slime"?
<Muad> fire
<Muad> (zap wand of fire to self, read a scroll of fire, step on a fire trap i guess)
<Muad> prayer, too (but not in Gehennom)
<Itadez> And if I don't have any of those handy?
<Itadez> Amulet of Life Saving to the rescue
<Itadez> Holy crap, RED DRAGON TO THE RESCUE
<Muad> haha! nice
<aosdict> draconis ex machina
#3776 + (18) - X January 11, 2022
<qt> i did send someone mail the other day and she clearly had never gotten mail before
<qt> she curse tested it, dropped it on an altar, tried price IDing it
<qt> and then just put it in a box unread
<qt> then died
<Shadow_Rider> lmao what a ride
#3775 (19) X January 4, 2022
<Andrio Celos> You are blasted by Excalibur's power! Excalibur is delicious!
<Andrio Celos> Screw you, sword
<aosdict> that yummy artiblast flavor you just can't get any other way
<Andrio Celos> I like spicy food.
#3774 + (15) - X January 4, 2022
<qt> The fish hits you. The poisson was deadly...
#3773 + (19) - X January 4, 2022
<BilldaCat> engraved Elbereth with finger. You read: "Elbereto". i am spanish
#3772 (11) X January 4, 2022
<raisse> after I complained about lawful gods giving me nothing but Demonbane, they started giving me Sunsword. (and in one case Snickersnee)
<raisse> I'm an archeologist, Quetz, don't you understand I do better with a saber than with a sword?
<Croesus> [EU] Raisse (Arc Dwa Fem Law) had Werebane bestowed upon her by Quetzalcoatl, on T:2222
<raisse> okay, that's a saber
<raisse> not exactly the saber I wanted but still
#3770 + (12) - X December 18, 2021
<the_eternal_paradox> engraving a todo list on the ground
<amateurhour> todo: ascend
#3769 (9) X December 18, 2021
<NetSysFire> what does a samurai say when he defeats a foe that attacked him first with bow and arrow?
<NetSysFire> right back at ya
#3768 + (15) - X December 18, 2021
<Kes> Longstanding todo that I'm throwing out here so that I remember to do it: Reach out to gurr about merging his mobile port into SpliceHack
<K2> part of your plan to take over the world
<K2> excellent
<Kes> The splice must flow, K2. The splice must flow.

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