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#4036 (5) X November 29, 2022
<dragonmaster> sigh. gta
<jetjaguar> gta?
<Umbire> Grand Theft Amulet
#4035 (7) X November 29, 2022
<raisse> You are caught in a bear trap. Where do you want to be teleported?
<raisse> ... out of this bear trap please?
#4034 (7) X November 28, 2022
<Announcy> NetHack GitHub Pull Requests: A couple fountain things
<aosdict> use after freeing when soaking and dipping / randomly cursing when quietly sipping / water takes grease off but no message sings / these are a few of my fo-untain things
#4033 (12) X November 15, 2022
<Hecubus> [hdf-us] [evil] bouquet (Ran Cen Fem Neu), 5899813 points, T:80792, ascended
<K2> whoa bouquet congrats \o/
<bouquet> yay
<bouquet> strangly easy game despite the painful lack of good scrolls and potions.
<K2> what was easy about it
<bouquet> for one, rodney didn't show up an obnoxious times and he never had MR so I could wand of death him to death
<amateurhour> this is ur team whinge union representative speaking: do not say anything that could lead to the game being made more difficult
<amateurhour> oh too late now he will show up guaranteed every few turns :(
#4032 (10) X November 15, 2022
<crunchbubba> wow. probably half the rings in the jewelry shop are cursed
<Andrio> Oof
<ChrisE> Perhaps there was a leak in the unholy water pipes.
#4031 (9) X November 15, 2022
<Furey> i hate the way a plain egg identifies as 'egg'. If I find an egg I often just eat it or throw it at a wall.
<NetSysFire> throwing an egg abuses wisdom
<NetSysFire> so dont do that
<qt> it does?
<NetSysFire> oh its only when you throw it at monsters
<qt> very wise teens throw eggs at houses all the time
<qt> unrealistic to associate throwing eggs with a lack of wisdom
#4030 (9) X November 15, 2022
<amateurhour> not caring about work anymore is unlocking the rest of my brain capacity, including the psychic parts
<amateurhour> what if we could use 110% of our brains
<mobileuser> master mind flayer
<K2> so 100% of yours + 10% of someone elses?
<qt> that's where the mind flaying comes in
<qt> to acquire the additional 10%
<K2> heh
#4029 (3) X November 13, 2022
<@kapak44> So I burned Elbereth with a fire wand, but it doesn't work and the soldier ant kills me in one go. Jesus! Did I so something wrong?
< cbus> was it blind?
<@kapak44> Nope
<@Croesus> [US] [D]: wizard44 (Mon Hum Fem Law), 8628 points, 3263 turns, killed by a soldier ant
< Umbire> Did you type it right?
< Umbire> $lastgame wizard44
<@Croesus> Umbire: [US]
< Umbire> What do you want to burn into the floor here? Elbreth
<@kapak44> Oh dammit, I mistyped it
< cbus> F
<@kapak44> EPIC fail.
#4028 (9) X November 12, 2022
<@K2> I have myself as my deathmatch opponent
<@K2> barbarian me vs healer me
<+rld> <@TheYOUNGster> To be or not to be
< HalNovek> You will win either way! :)
<@K2> lol HalNovek
< jetjaguar> K2, hah, good luck to you and you.
< Furey> may the odds be ever in K2's favor
<@K2> i'm not going to fight myself just yet. my weapons are +1 / +0
<+rld> <@nabru> Who will win, K2 the barbarian or K2 the healer?
<+rld> <@nabru> This sounds vaguely philosophical
<+rld> <@nabru> Which side of you wins?
<@K2> barbarian me will win (that's what I am playing right now)
<@K2> i haz teh stormbringer
#4027 (7) X November 12, 2022
< HalNovek> what a stupid! XD I've lost an insane amount of time to get my artifact gift, and there was an ice box full of corpses in the adjacent store XD
< Furey> shopkeeper: this is great, i'll make so much money selling corpses for the worshippers.
< Furey> shopkeeper: why is that cheapskate bringing his own corpses? is 4 gp too much money?

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